New Year/New Me - Get On It

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Today is the 29th day of the year 2019. The year is 28 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes old. What was your plans for the new year. What did you set out to do? Have you achieved them, are you achieving them, or you are yet to start. What was your new year resolution? Or, is it too early into the year? Should I stop disturbing you and allow you to take your time?

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It's often said time waits for no man and whenever a new year is about to begin, lots of people have high hopes and expectations for the year. Most times, people resign themselves to the usual crap around the second half of the year because nothing has changed in their lives. Even if there's been some changes, it's often in the negative or nothing to write home about.

2019 started just yesterday but it's been 4 weeks already. What did you set out to do and have you accomplished them? If you have, congratulations. If you are still on it, I wish you the best. If you are like me and yet to start, I think it's time we started. There might be more time in the year 2019, but tomorrow isn't yours. Today belongs to you, so make the best out of it before it passes.

Thatpodcast? Launch it That blog? Start it That book? Write it That idea? Flesh it out That app? Develop it That gift? Use it That life? Live it.

Time now is 08:15 GMT. We have 336 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes. Same way the first 4 weeks went by pretty fast, if you do nothing, or mismanage your time, this will also pass you by. Get up and do something. Doesn't matter how slow your life goes, but you shouldn't stand still. Always strive to improve yourself on a daily basis.

Have A Great Year, And Happy New Year Again.

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