What to Post When You don't Feel Like Posting?

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OR "What to create when you don't feel like creating? "

First thing you are thinking and want to comment is: "You don't have to post/create!" And I'm gonna answer to that comment first so we can get it out of the way. I do have to create and post, this is at the moment my only means of making a living, and I have set myself a limit that I have to post at least twice a day, no matter the price. Sure I could take a couple crappy phone selfies and call it a day, but I don't want to lower the quality of my posts, even when I'm busy or not feeling up to creating something awesome.

This is the problem, at least for me, with creative freedom, that I am the only one who tells me what to do and when to do it. And if I don't feel like it, then shit will start falling apart. I truly am responsible for my own actions, not like in a regular job where you basically just go in and even if you do a shitty job, you would still get payed. Mind you, I always did a damn good job, others, not so much, and that is a big reason why I never want to work with people again.

I have had a few unexpected busy days this week, for days that I had schedules to be days where I had time to be alone and create a lot. I don't plan and most of the times I don't have material waiting so if my creating time is taken from me, I have to scramble something together from scratch. I hate surprises and obligations that ruin my alone time, though if all goes well, those surprises will end up in something super nice. You will be the first ones to know if/when that happens!

Inspiration and Motivation

I don't want to create if I don't feel the inspiration. I know you shouldn't just wait around for a masterful idea and motivation to do it, but I do. Sometimes I try to push myself to take pictures, even if I don't feel like it, at all. Nine times out of ten, it ends up with me having a temper tantrum, my apartment being even a bigger mess and the pictures turn out like shit. It's_not_worth_it.

You can usually tell when I'm lacking time and/or motivation, when I do a lot of writing. Photography is the main focus on my blog, but if I don't have good new material, I resort to writing, like now. In a way it's really good to have these times where I don't have pictures to post, because it pushes me to practise writing. When I first started my blog, I didn't write much, it was just about the pictures, because I've never really felt any interested towards writing. I've been slowly getting more into it, mostly because it's an added layer and a different type of way for me to express myself.

I get bored easily with doing the same thing all the time, I like to have options to create in different ways. Even though there is endless opportunities in photography, I don't always want to do that either. I just went out to get more polaroid film because I have to take my Sunday Polaroids in advance. I will be travelling most of Sunday and I won't take my polaroid camera with me to London.

I have no idea yet of what the theme of my polaroids will be, but it'll come to me, I'm sure. I think I'm gonna pack most of my stuff for London now, and wait around for inspiration. Often it's the light that calls out to me to take photographs, and this being a dull grey day, the light is still silent. I hope it comes out to play later.

To answer to my original question for myself: Write about what you are doing and feeling, right now. The inspiration for other stuff will follow later on.

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You should write what you know about and are familiar with. It was a good choice to write about your lack of inspiration because that's what you're having to deal with right now like an unwanted guest. Lack of inspiration is topic everyone can relate to. Don't worry it'll come back to you. I guess this is an opportunity to take a little break and let your mind reorganize itself.


I'm trying not to stress about it because I know I will have lots of inspiration when I get to London in a few days. Endlessly new material, all I need to do is keep snapping!


Whereas now it would be a good idea to keep napping so that you won't be sleep deprived to begin with when you get there.


I wish it would work like that but it doesn't! I'm a fucking baby and I need lots of sleep.

Or you can dig up and old photo with a short story.


Haha, check out my previous post and you'll know that this is exactly why I did it 😝


Good idea! Maybe I can use that when I lack inspiration?

Yeah, we all have days like that eve. Honestly, i don't know how you manage two posts a day - i struggle with one a week sometimes lol. Looking forward to see what you visit in London - hope you have a great time there :)


The Kew Gardens, I have to go there this time!


I'm sure you'll love it. I hope you make it there!

There really comes a time when you wanted to write something but your minds just becomes point blank! Sometimes we need to find an inspiration to allow the brain to work again.

But you are right, if you write whatever you are feeling at the moment, everything else just pours in. If nothing else matter, get away from the keyboard. Give it a rest, as so should yourself.

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Thank you so much for this post, it's so relatable! I find your posts pretty inspiring, keep it up:)

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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

My posting habits definitely are a bit weird. Right now I basically post regular photo updates until my piece is ready for coloring. After that I only post the end result.

when I start a new piece at times I still don't know what exactly I want to do. So I just sit in front of plywood and move pencil in the air without even touching the surface. I try some ideas and pick the one that I find most exciting.

Right now I am in an awkward situation. I do not consider my current piece finished. I want to try new things and hopefully add more life into my art. But to make that happen at first I must wait for a friend of mine to come with a camera and take better pictures. Waiting for something I can't control is the worst. I do not have the motivation to start a new piece because I am still thinking about current one. So for now I am rewriting one of my books to pc.

Just start it.


hi @eveuncovered

I think your mind is blank, so take break and start with fresh and cool .
if you are felt bored go to far of places and you will with full zeal.

Thank for sharing your thoughts.


My mind is never blank. never.

Hi! Hey, i love ur post! My lovely partner of life @mariamsinn, talk a lot about this topic conversation. In her blog and here in steemit, she fight for find anwsers about the inspiration, and i reblog your post cause i wanna she see you.

Sorry my inglish, i hope you understand me!

Peace, very thanks for the inspiration!