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How much I hate this Trump guy! I cannot even tell what a prick that is!


Now, why are you making this silly sound?

I am thinking how it must be to be walk in his shoes.

Yeah, surely he walks all in Prada or shit like that! Or no! Crocodile Dundee style sneakers. Bet he walks all soft and comfortable, this f-cking idiot!

You almost sound like him. Actually ... a little worse, I would say.

WTF??!! But I am not him!

Then why do you behave so trumpish? Admit it, you admire him a little, don't you?

Nohhoohh ... oh, nooooohooo. You don't know me. Not at all. You think you do, smarty pants. But you don't!
I hate this guy, did I say that? How can I admire someone I hate so deeply? But no, I'm not asking you that, delete it. He is going to ridicule the whole world! He is embarrassing, all the intellectuals feel ashamed to be named Americans now. Gosh, what a pimp he is!


Is that all you want so say?

Well, yes. At least I am allowed to ask a question?

I know I will regret that. But go ahead.

Is he right now the worst human example on your mind? Or does someone else trump that?

HaHaHa! You are so funny!
No, I can't think of anyone whom I hate more than him! Argh ... even this face always on the news. I want to punch into the screen! He makes me so aggressive!

Wow, how much energy you've got. ... What if Donald would invite you for having a beer with him? At his private bar, let's say?

I have to vomit right away. Lift a beer with Donald? Never!

Pretend that you don't have a choice. What would you ask him?

Nah ... but well, ... okay. Just pretend he sits there with me ...yuk ... I'd ask him why he is doing what he is doing.

You think you'd get a satisfying answer for that one?

Then don't ask me such a stupid question! I don't want to sit and have a beer with this devil!

Does he have children? Do you think his children hate him?

For sure, they do!

And his wife?

Hates him, too!

And relatives?

Everyone hates him, probably. He makes the whole world hating him!

Wow. What a powerful guy that is.

Now... wait a minute! Do YOU admire him?

No. But he serves well as the bad guy. Everyone gets what one wants, no? Perfect deal. You get a Trump, so you don't have to bother with yourself and he gets half of a nation to not look at himself. But ... sorry, I got carried away. What I actually would like to ask: What if there would be no Trump? Who would be the second worst person you choose to hate?

Don't think that you can provoke me! I am not this simple minded person you think I am! I know that I can be bad at times! And what does that mean, I "choose"? You don't choose to hate someone! It happens! Just because of what that guy does!

Aha? Interesting ... But who'd be the second worst person then?

... Dunno!

Do yourself a favor.

Oh, you ... you ... Okay! ... Putin, I guess...nah... I can't think of another one. This yellow hair and tanned face just always comes in the way! Man, he is like Hitler of some sorts. Not to erase from the plane anymore!

Well then. ... Why don't you decide to think about Trump every day at eight o'clock in the morning, twelve o'clock at noon and six o'clock in the evening, and to hate him hard at the same time? As hard as you can?

Are you nuts??!! Why should I do that?

You are doing it anyway, no? So it would be a bit channeled and you would have a Trump free mind for the rest of your day, wouldn't you?

Aha. Apart from the fact that this is an idiotic idea: what is that supposed to do?

Having fun.

Okay. You clearly are out of your mind. I wanna be freed from that Trump guy! I want to get rid of him! There is no fun involved thinking of him!

Than why don't you free yourself?

Gosh! Why am I even talking to you?

Cause we are sitting at my kitchen table?

I don't talk to you any more! Let's just sit.

Alright. Let's sit.




In all earnest? Eight in the mornin?


END ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Picture: from Of this SVG, Roland Geider (Ogre); of the orignal,Noe,

I am going to post in this feverish producing mood as long as it lasts.
While having fun with it.

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This is excellent. AND refreshing. Everytime someone speaks to me about Trump I go voluntarily deaf. Something similar happened in Venezuela with Chavez. It's impossible to put an exact number on the amount of money spent on making people hate him, on not letting people take in his words by themselves. People this big, powerful and relevant in the media are not monsters, they are made into monsters for someone's sakes, and that someone is not themselves, but someone in the back pulling the strings and writing the checks. It angers me that people don't realize they are being played with.

Great insight. I bet you are a good counsellor if you can keep your face straight (and your hands to yourself) through a conversation like this.

Thank you, I take this compliment gladly. Especially for the refreshing part, as it was intended to see the message while smiling.

You nailed it. Shortly after T.s election I wrote a loooong article on my other blog, which was more of a reflective exercise for me where I said that people create the evil and like to have a visible character to project on it in order to avoid looking at the own shadow. Yes, it's a huge media effort and it works quite well. Fortunately not for everyone buys it. It's just not that sounding and therefore people could think that sanity does not have strength.

HaHa! Yes, in my counseling I often deal with place holders, in fact, you can take "Trump" and substitute with any other bad name which comes to mind ("my boss", "my colleagues", "my ex-wife" etc.) - During a session I go through many stages where I judge inwardly, recognize this, say goodbye to it and turn to what strengthens and encourages my client instead of confirming his supposed powerlessness. Mostly, it succeeds but sometimes I lose it.

During this recording I had to switch between the roles, that was the most fun part for me and I enjoyed it a great deal. This sudden transition from one perspective to the other is a really good exercise.

I've tried to record myself telling stories for youtube, but the sound of my own voice makes me nervous. Funny, because I was at a radio show once for two years (I didn't have to listen to myself, though, it was live) It takes guts to do it your way. Congratulations on that :o)

What kind of radio show was that?

I would love to make radio, in fact. Talking to people, doing Interviews ...

I am listening to my voice for quite a while now and got some practice in diary recording and pretending that I give lectures. lol --- that made me erasing the insecurities and "uhms" and uncomfortable breaks in between sentences or getting embarrassed not finding the right expressions. But I am so far from being a pro (I read that one actually needs an actor education to become a good speaker). Takes years ... so I must bring milage behind me through autodidaction ...

It was about culture, books, philosophy, that kind of thing. It was not very good, but it provided very interesting experience. There are many tricks to speak better (right distance from microphone, speaking with a pencil between your teeth, etc...) I'm working on that milage myself!

Looks like a dialogue between Socrates and one of his disciples. I like your format, easygoing but stimulating at the same time. Everytime we define ourselves for the hate toward someone or something, forgetting to build an alternative, we also lessen ourselves. What you wrote happened in Italy with Berlusconi. There were journalists that, apart from criticizeing him, wouldn't have known to say.

My ego jumps up & down and throws kisses. :)

Joke aside: What a nice comparison. @agmoore already made a comment in this direction and maybe I caught up on her encouragement. Credit goes to the buddhist monks/nuns/teachers who are a source of inspiration so big, if known and listened to by more authors, this realm here would probably explode.

Yes, it's true. I felt it all the times that I lessen myself in subscribing to the one dimension of hate or disgust or anything of this sort. Even publishing all the curse words and taking them into my mouth during this work caused me some discomfort ... and I thought for a while if I really should publish it. Though I felt the pull of them and the momentarily relief of having so much energy. :)

So that is, why your comment is so important to me as I was not quite certain how to look at my piece.

Every nation/group gets once in a while an own Berlusconi.

Go on with your format, it's a gust of originality on steemit. I can't stand the amount of shitposts that you can find here.. God bless a steemian that fosters critical thinking. Sems that several nations are experiencing a populist-nationalist direction.. I welcome this as long as it will also be able to build something in the name of people (and against financial lobbies) other than just talking to the people's bellies.

we know for sure that even some posts within the contests are getting loyalty or just randomly cared votes no matter how cheap the content is produced. What can you do?

In my entire stay at steemit I not once received a vote by a curie curator (except within my SteemSTEM articles but that is another game). Guess, it's not to the taste of curators what I produce.

I am aware of the fact that I do not sail in the popularity waters - of course, it bugs me some time. But it would bug me more if I would only write for the tastes of the current.

As far as nationalism is concerned, I think it is a phenomenon due to fear of globalisation.

we know for sure that even some posts within the contests are getting loyalty or just randomly cared votes no matter how cheap the content is produced.

Not in mine. Never. Or else it would trash the whole contest concept.

SteemSTEM articles

Curies are curies. I dunnow why you didn't get one for fiction writing, your works are good. It's an empiric process and first or after I'm sure you'll be on a curator's radar.

Not sailing in popularity waters sometimes is a positive distinctive mark. Otherwise we should be (whale)asslickers who talk through empty emojis, pretend to be best friends and shitpost every day, twice a day.

I've been digging these dialogues, and this one especially made me smile and think. The idea of scheduling special intervals each day to hate Trump is hilariously clever commentary! :D Also, thank you for making a video to go with it! I enjoyed your performance, and I spend so much time looking at screens that it was nice to have something I could sit back and listen to instead. Kudos!

Thank you so much for mentioning the paradoxical intervention. That is actually my favorite sentence in the whole dialogue and I am delighted that you see the value in it.

I learned this paradoxical method during my education and found it quite fascinating for intervention use. This has the name "using more of the same" and I was laughing a lot during our sessions and wanting to come up with special "more of the same" scenarios to give clients a perspective on their issues with one another. These new systemic approaches in consulting people remind me a great deal of asian wisdom and their narratives.

What the Trump hating schedule does is the following: You set your alarm and then start to hate intentionally the hated subject. In this course (preparing the alarm, intentionalizing the process etc.) it becomes clear that this act in itself is absurd. Which leads to further contemplation or reflection about the whole sensibility of hating a person. It already alters what comes to the conscious mind. It requires of course the willingness of the person who asks for advice to actively work on himself.

Isn't that wonderful?

Yeah, I also was hoping for being of service for the lazy reader or watcher.

Happy that we met!

I’m happy we met also! I’ve wasted more time than I’m proud to admit hating on people for ideological reasons. Eventually I came to realize how pointless and disheartening that is. It’s one thing to oppose an agenda or fight for a cause, but to just sit despising someone leads nowhere. Next time I catch myself doing that maybe I’ll set aside a hating schedule. :)

I made this promise to myself, too:)

Thank you for the smile while I sit here and eat my bowl of soup! Felt like I was sitting at your kitchen table, privy to the Trump dominated converstaion!

You are so much welcome, Kimberly. I like that you tell me you had my company while eating a soup.

Wow, how much energy you've got. ... What if Donald would invite you for having a beer with him? At his private bar, let's say?

I would love that, especially if his pal Kim joined the fun!

I knew you would comin! :-)


My daughter traveled in Europe this summer--when people learned she was from the US, one of the first things they (Europeans) wanted to talk about was Trump. It was like a divining rod they put out--had to find out if she was pro or con. Interesting times we live in.
Your exercise is bound to get a rise out of a few people. Very creative.

Oh, I can imagine that! People here also got all excited about T. as the media/Internet covers a lot. We Germans (I guess other European countries as well) do follow the U.S. elections and the foreign policy.

HaHa, "divining rod", that is good! Hard to avoid an answer or a topic while traveling :) Hope, your daughter had some good trumpless encounters.

Thanks for commenting, dear American friend ;-)

The classic saying... one finger pointing at someone else, three pointing back at ourselves...

👉 👈

👆:) Hey, what a surprise to see you on my blog.

Indeed, it's classic yet always good for a laugh as it invents itself anew.

I have been trying very hard lately to not think about Trump. Sometimes I just want to leave the country until he is out of power. It is hard to escape hearing about all of the asinine things that he does! I already got rid of my TV but you can't escape it.

It must feel wonderful to be a Trump supporter right now. They get to laugh it up while I watch my country fall apart.

Turtle asks: Isn't Trump as good as any other hated subject and gives an excellent practicing example for dealing with pain?

Though he presents himself on the plate to get THE most attention a human being ever can get.
I guess it's not so wonderful to be a supporter as one finds oneself to be thrown into the same pot and must deal with being bad named and stuff. That's a hard path to walk, I would suspect.

Keep being the last man standing even when things fall apart next to you. It saves you, no? :)

P.S. thumbs up for throwing out TV. HeHe. One needs at least some shielding.

Yeah, it would be best to just ignore him, and move on with life. But at the same time it is hard to just do and say nothing when you have this guy ruining our country and its standing in the world. It hurts when I travel to another country and people give me dirty looks when I say that I am American.

HeHe... That was actually a funny conversation...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Then why do you behave so trumpish?
Hahahah, great, now we are making adjectives ! I guess there is an admiration after all :p

HeHe. Couldn't resist it, it was offering on the plate :)
Admiration I can find in many things even the worst as they serve perfectly a mirror.

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Making this totally irrelevant stranger a familiar guest in your mental space is the name of the game. Attention is the divine currency, and there are parasites who want it even more than your bank notes. I have had times in my life when I was more successful at being careful with my attention, but at least on the Trump thing, I've got it under control. I have nothing to say about this guy. He's just another fictional character on the TV screen, and not part of any story I'm interested in.

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