"Berceuse" - Chapter X

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That house where she lived, was built by the hands of someone that all his life preferred to live alone. A stern man, but with a calm demeanor that didn’t quite had the love of other people, but that had won their respect, because of the meat, the skins and the herbs he brought from the woods and the mountains.

Little was known of him other that his parents, natives to the region, died long ago and him, for some reason, insisted on living outside the borders of any major settlement. That hard-faced man was tree and animal, part of the nature that surrounded them, and he never established a close connection with anyone.

The only surprise he ever gave, was that day when he came with a bundle in his arms, one that moved and made very familiar noises. He never told anyone were that baby came from, but all the gossipers said that it was his child with some nymph or spriggan.

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