Big List of the Best Writing Job Boards

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Find well paying full-time or part-time writing jobs, freelance assignments and gigs, contests, grants, and resources easily with these websites.

Whether you are a professional freelance writer or just getting started, one thing remains constant- you must be able to find the jobs!

If you’ve ever done an online search for “writers classifieds”, “writing help wanted ads” or “writing job boards” you know there are many. Unfortunately, the quality of the quantity of sites is inadequate for a number of reasons.

I spent years scouring the interwebz searching for well-paying gigs, and am inspired to compile a list of my favorite job boards by @themadgoat and share the best with you! As we ease out of 2018 and welcome 2019, now is the best time to set yourself as the writer you envision. Good writing job boards will not only assist you in finding great assignments (and even permanent, full time jobs) they will also save you time. Time you can devote to the actual craft of creating and writing.

The criteria of what I determine are “the best” sources for writing gigs:

  • Quality of leads and ease of searching

  • How well and consistently their leads pay. By well I mean at or above industry standards. I realize new writers may need to feed from the bottom of the barrel at first, and even accept non paying jobs until they have a decent portfolio and have “proved” themselves as a consistent writer who turns in quality assignments on time, it doesn’t hurt to apply for jobs above your league. Like they say: Reach for the Stars!

  • How often they update listings

  • Ability to work remotely from home

The following five are not writing niche specific; i.e. they post jobs from all industries. However, I have found them to be a valuable resource and consistently find writing gigs from within their sites. Scroll down for writing specific job boards.


Flex Jobs


ZIP Recruiter

Simply Hired

Writing Specific Job Boards

Funds for Writers

C. Hope Clark has worked tirelessly to create one of the best writing resource website out there. I have been a subscriber since 2010. She compiles two job market lists each week and sends them out via email every Friday. One is paid- for a mere $12 a year you get at least double the leads. But I subscribed to the free newsletter for years and will honestly say that if you cannot afford the paid subscription, the free one is still amazing and full of info. Hope finds leads from the furthest corners of the web- her newsletter is valuable and by far my #1 favorite place to find writing gigs. You can find jobs, verified contests, grants, residencies, gigs, and almost anything you could possibly want to know about being a freelance writer.


The site is easy to use and has new postings daily. When you find a job you are interested in you will submit a proposal stating what you are willing to be paid to do the job. The only con I can find is that there are many people clambering for the same job and your proposal seems to be what the clients look at first, but I have received a few jobs from the site and they are high quality.

The Write Life

The Write Life offers a huge amount of freelance writing info. From articles on how to start freelancing and what amount of pay you should ask the client, to niche specific markets and help with legal questions.

We Work Remotely

This site posts jobs from several areas, including programming and design, but every job can be done from the comfort of your home.

Bonus: You can create alerts for specific jobs sent to your email inbox so you do not have to search the site daily.

All Freelance Writing

Used to be All Indie Writers
All Freelance Writing offers a directory of paying freelance gigs. There is a link under each job to the guidelines so you never have to guess what the client is looking for.


Postings for writing and editing jobs in media, education, social media, brand marketing, and magazines.

The Writers Job Board

I have not checked this site in a while as I began a full time writing job as a game narration designer several months ago, but apparently you must be a paid subscriber to search for jobs on their boards now. It's $6.99 a month, however they do offer a free trial so you can check out their marketplace before you commit. When I was using The Writers Job Board I did find gigs. I was impressed. I reccomend taking advantage of the free trial and checking out what they have to offer to see if it's for you.

Freelance Writing Gigs

If you search Craigslist and Backdoor for writing gigs, you might want to check out this site. They scour those (and more) massive classifieds for freelance writing and editing gigs for you.

Pro Blogger

Posts paying opportunities from bloggers who do not have time to write for their own sites. Sometimes there are not many but there can be a lot. But the most important thing is they are checked and they do pay at or above industry average.

These are my favorite writing job boards that I have counted on time and again over the years. Do you have a great resource not on the list? Share in the comments! We freelance writers gotta stick together :)

Write on my friends!

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This might be for me if only I could just sit down and write something that someone else wants

The best writing advice I can give is to write every day.

The second best writing advice I have is to write for you, first and foremost.

If you are not writing for you, you are not writing from the heart. If you are not writing for you, you are not writing what you love.

The audience can feel you through your writing. If you are bored, or scrambling with focus on writing for them, or irritated, it comes through the computer screen, or the page if it's handheld.

If you are happy, or excited, or having fun, the reader feels your passion as it truly flows through the screen into their awareness.

Write what you love, what you have a passion for. If you write it they will come :)

Yes, I agree with it all, but judging by my writing here they have not come

@wales, you can't judge from your writing here. What you do on Steemit is creative writing. Most of these jobs boards are for professional writing gigs, and that requires a different mindset. You have the skills. You just have to find a niche you believe in and learn how to acquire clients.

One day I may have a camera again, and if I'm not too old by then I am going travelling to the most exotic places I can afford; maybe that will be something to write about with pictures

That would be awesome. You can start in your own neck of the woods. What interesting places are there to tell about? Do you know of any regional magazines? Just about every state has a cultural magazine. Learn how to write a good query, send it to the editor, and, if accepted, write the story. You can do that a few times without a camera. Work your way up.

I wrote this comment for another conversation, but I believe (especially the second half) it will resonate for you :)

You would be amazed what other people want to read. Over the last 12 or so years that I've been a freelance writer, I've written about 70 odd topics and got paid for them. I definitely go through slumps like... well... right now... or the last year since my mom died I guess.... It been rough, which is sort of why I checked out his post... but largely its how I've raised my kids, paid my bills etc. Well, that and tarot reading!

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I don't use job boards too often any more. One of the ones I like, however, is Pro Blogger. There's another one at Freelance Writers Den, but you have to be a member. The beauty of it is, Carol Tice teaches writers how to make a living from their writing. She teaches them how to market themselves, get clients, network for business, find a niche, and everything a writer needs to know to position himself for maintaining a viable freelance writing business--even how to charge customers and raise your prices when you're ready. I highly recommend her membership site. It's cheap compared to the alternatives.

Sounds like a valuable resource, thanks for sharing!

Dear kittie,
thanks so much for this valuable list of resources. Your article became the first bookmark for me as I have a feeling this will come in very handy when the time is right.
Much love to ya and your family

Hey hun! I'm so happy you find this list valuable! Yes, please keep it for future reference! I hope it brings you great prosperity in the form of awesomely fun and profitable writing gigs <3

Heyho! This is really good list @arbitrarykitten! Lot of freelance writer would need to bookmark this blog. Hehe. I wish I can be a writer but i write so bad and I'm also not good at time management. haha :D

You Sir are a far better writer than you give yourself credit for- true story. Remember- I found you ;) That post was what, six months old? And you've certainly grown in that time with just your work here on Steemit.

To be completely honest with you, I suck at time management! I think everyone does, that is until they learn the skills and fine tune a technique. It's definitely not something we're born with! If you needed proof just look at a class of kindergarteners ;)

I have a feeling if you were to decide to be a professional freelance writer now, you'd be cashing in your first writing check by New Year's Eve.

You have the dedication, drive, and talent. You just need a good editing app and honorably fluffed CV. ;)

I would like to hear more about tools editing apps and particularly more of your positive encouragement for a guy that retired from corporate life and moved to Alaska to become a writer.

Well first of all it's wonderful to meet you!

It would be my pleasure to share info :) I offer a lot of advice, tips and info here on Steemit, and I'd be happy to share more with you. Specifically, do you have something in mind to start?

Heads up: I am currently testing out a new editing app which is looking like is going to be amazing. I'll be reviewing it here on Steemit in about a week when I'm finished checking out all the features.

Time management, when you are your own boss, is a make or break point.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to be able to identify that it's an issue for you though; a lot of people don't do that.

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This article arrived at the perfect time for me. I’ve set a goal for myself to purchase s new laptop, using only money earned from writing! A tough big hairy goal for a new writer... but I’m looking everywhere for possible gigs. Local, regional and online. I’ve been slow to pull the trigger on sending proposals though... Your article is a big help encouraging me to get started ahead of the New Year! Thank you!

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I'm so happy you'll find great use from this list! I think it's a great idea to get started ahead of the New Year :)

Thank you so much!

A great post...very useful information.

In a couple of decades - when I can actually write a coherent sentence, I'll check them out.

Hope you are good!

Just one coherent sentence Patriot? Hmmm... I haven't yet come across a job on these boards that calls for one coherent sentence, but there's always hope.


I'd like to give it a go, actually - but I just don't have time at the moment.
( ie, I'm lazy. Cups of coffee and staring into space doesn't happen all by itself!)

It's like, a proper job and everything....(and that just makes me feel a little

Eegads yes- lifting that mug of coffee takes a great deal of wicked muscled energy. Not to mention the masculine stamina exerted by having to crook the pinkie finger just so.

....not just lifting - I have to walk to go and make it, also, though I try not to complain too much...

That's good. Complaints are not very becoming.

Great article.

I started years ago on oDesk, which has since merged with elance to become Upwork.

Even with the change I have made some pretty good progress on there and had some very large plants. I think total on that site has made over $10000. It's a relatively easy site to use and it's simple enough to build-up your reputation so that you can get decent paying contracts.

That being said I think some of the most important thing to tell new freelancers, are the habits that will be needed to be a freelancer versus where to find work. Ultimately, while a list like this is helpful for sure and should be bookmarked for reference... work in the end, is easy enough to find... To be successful you need to be able to well yourself, your ideas, services or products, and even ideas.

In many new prospective writers will need to invest in both their business and (sometimes more difficult) themselves. Since developing the habits can take years sometimes, the earlier you start choosing ideal habits the sooner you can incorporate them. :)

In any case, I have to go back through some of your other post and see what else you have here because you obviously have valuable information. Experience goes a long way in this industry! So, thank you for sharing. :)

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I believe training yourself is the most difficult part. I once read somewhere that many people have stellar book ideas, but the ones who actually get famous and make money are the ones who actually write the book! Which is a little less true with the state of publishing today, but still holds much value.

Great post, @arbitrarykitten! Really useful info here. I check regularly for writing submissions, but many of these are foreign to me so thank you for that! :D

My pleasure :). So glad you'll find great use from this!

UPwork (elance I think it used to be called) was the one that I used a lot many years ago. Some times I had more work from there than I could keep up with.

Ah, yes- Elance is the former name of Upwork! Thank for reminding me- I was driving myself insane last night while finishing up this article, trying to remember what it used to be called! Granted I have a brain injury but I used to use it back when it was elance many times a month! Lol, so thankful for easing my troubled brains ;)

I used both Elance and Upwork, @goldendawne and @arbitrarykitten. Not being based in the US that was a challenge. Then Upwork blocked me, no, threw me out. I still don't know why. They said I'd contravened some policy - and couldn't tell me what. I was doing nothing different in my bids. Anyhow...

I also found it really hard to bid against other non-first world bidders who's rates were so low that it would have cost me to take the work. I am going to look at these you have suggested, @arbitrarykitten because I would still like some writing decently paid writing gigs. One you haven't mentioned, and where I did get some work was Guru (
Thanks for the tips :)

I never had an issue getting the assignments, but once they did "ban" me for something when it was still elance- that was years ago. It was a sordid affair and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Upwork us merging of elance and odesk.

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This is great info. My favorite site for many years has been Upwork. It takes a little time to build visibility and credibility, but then freelancers who do that are sought after.

Yes, that is one thing about Upwork, but it is worth it!

I do pretty well on fiverr with my fashion product descriptions and occasionally get good work with textbroker (which only pays well at level 5 (professional)) I'm brushing up on my German to make myself available to another market. I'll have a look at these sites you mentioned. Always looking to diversify!

I've heard fivrr is good, especially for those who got into it at the beginning. And for people like you who have a very specific niche. Fashion product descriptions? That sounds super interesting!

Thanks for sharing! I'll be checking out textbroker too :)

At textbroker you take a grammar test for your initial placement (levels 2, 3, or 4) and advancement depends on ratings after that. After completing some assignments at level 4 you can contact them to be considered for level 5 . Note for their test--they use Chicago style, so they don't want Oxford commas. That pained me, but I adapted just for them.

Good to know! Thanks again :)

Cool @arbitrarykitten this is most useful information, many steemians want to make some extra money freelancing. Im resteeming this!


Soo glad you found this useful!

Thank you :)

Thanks for this article. There is a great deal of very useful information. It's nice of you to share it with us!

I'm happy that you find this article useful!

Wow there are a lot of references and curated information to look at. I just retired from a 40 year career in computers to become a writer, singer-songwriter and poet. Your efforts will help me find some gigs I am sure. Thanks

Oh wow, that's so cool! What part of Alaska? And where did you move from?

Oh wow, that's so cool!
What part of Alaska? And
Where did you move from?

                 - arbitrarykitten

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ha! Clever :)

Thank you, I really needed this.

That's wonderful to hear! I'm happy to help, thank you :)

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Wonderful resource...resteemed. It's a public service :)

Well played my friend ;)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for this list. I'm going to be spending all day combing through these.

You are very welcome! I'm happy I can share some of the hard earned knowledge to help good people :)

great list! followed, upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you kindly! I'm glad you find it useful :)

hello that good educational post, I congratulate you friend, I wonder friend if you are going to continue with the writing contest about Steemit, greetings and success.

Thank you! And yes, I will be continuing with the contests. As much as time allows between medical and designing :)

And please what advice can you give to people who wish to develop their speaking skills

One of the first things you should do is record yourself speaking. Play it back and see where you need more work- if you paused, ramble, etc. Refine and repeat.

Next, speak in front of a supportive audience like your family or friends. Sure your loved ones will sugarcoat it and tell you you were better than you were, lol, but this helps you gain confidence speaking before people.

Then, start out with a small audience. Grow the audience as your confidence grows :)

I never knew here was so many option to work remotely on writing. Need to Resteem this so I don't forget.

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Great list. I don't use job boards very often any more. I've found that contacting potential clients directly works best, and I get paid more.

That said, Pro Bloggers is one of the best ones. Another good one is Freelance Writers Den, but you have to be a member to use it. And you get the added benefit of learning how to freelance from one of the industry veterans.

So nice you had to say it twice ;)

ha ha. I didn't see it post the first time. I thought it disappeared. Sorry. :-)

Lol no worries! It gave me a chuckle :)

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Glad to see so many opportunities for writers. Many, many people need these services. In fact, I suspect that there should be more opportunities out there than there are.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

Great source of genuine information. upvoted and resteemed

Thank you so much! That means a lot :)

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What a fantastic post! It's so well laid out, I love it. I don't think I could ever write for others, I seem to be good at writing fiction, but I can't imagine I would be even close to up to snuff when it comes to writing typical copywriter kind of things. Still, I do have writer friends and I'm going to share this with them. Thanks for putting it all together so well!

You put together some pretty nice Steemit posts, and what are they if not published articles similar (in style, layout, and even content when you consider lifestyle blogs) to all the others across the web (but better than three quarters of them!) I think you're selling yourself short here :)

Thanks for sharing with your writer friends <3

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Thanks. Really detailed info here

You are very welcome!

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Good list bookmarked this for future reference, and I should subscribe to "funds for writers."

Yes! Funds for Writers is invaluable!

Thanks :)

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