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RE: Big List of the Best Writing Job Boards

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Heyho! This is really good list @arbitrarykitten! Lot of freelance writer would need to bookmark this blog. Hehe. I wish I can be a writer but i write so bad and I'm also not good at time management. haha :D


You Sir are a far better writer than you give yourself credit for- true story. Remember- I found you ;) That post was what, six months old? And you've certainly grown in that time with just your work here on Steemit.

To be completely honest with you, I suck at time management! I think everyone does, that is until they learn the skills and fine tune a technique. It's definitely not something we're born with! If you needed proof just look at a class of kindergarteners ;)

I have a feeling if you were to decide to be a professional freelance writer now, you'd be cashing in your first writing check by New Year's Eve.

You have the dedication, drive, and talent. You just need a good editing app and honorably fluffed CV. ;)

I would like to hear more about tools editing apps and particularly more of your positive encouragement for a guy that retired from corporate life and moved to Alaska to become a writer.

Well first of all it's wonderful to meet you!

It would be my pleasure to share info :) I offer a lot of advice, tips and info here on Steemit, and I'd be happy to share more with you. Specifically, do you have something in mind to start?

Heads up: I am currently testing out a new editing app which is looking like is going to be amazing. I'll be reviewing it here on Steemit in about a week when I'm finished checking out all the features.

Time management, when you are your own boss, is a make or break point.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to be able to identify that it's an issue for you though; a lot of people don't do that.

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