Ah, yes- Elance is the former name of Upwork! Thank for reminding me- I was driving myself insane last night while finishing up this article, trying to remember what it used to be called! Granted I have a brain injury but I used to use it back when it was elance many times a month! Lol, so thankful for easing my troubled brains ;)

I used both Elance and Upwork, @goldendawne and @arbitrarykitten. Not being based in the US that was a challenge. Then Upwork blocked me, no, threw me out. I still don't know why. They said I'd contravened some policy - and couldn't tell me what. I was doing nothing different in my bids. Anyhow...

I also found it really hard to bid against other non-first world bidders who's rates were so low that it would have cost me to take the work. I am going to look at these you have suggested, @arbitrarykitten because I would still like some writing decently paid writing gigs. One you haven't mentioned, and where I did get some work was Guru (
Thanks for the tips :)

I never had an issue getting the assignments, but once they did "ban" me for something when it was still elance- that was years ago. It was a sordid affair and left a bad taste in my mouth.

Upwork us merging of elance and odesk.

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