The best writing advice I can give is to write every day.

The second best writing advice I have is to write for you, first and foremost.

If you are not writing for you, you are not writing from the heart. If you are not writing for you, you are not writing what you love.

The audience can feel you through your writing. If you are bored, or scrambling with focus on writing for them, or irritated, it comes through the computer screen, or the page if it's handheld.

If you are happy, or excited, or having fun, the reader feels your passion as it truly flows through the screen into their awareness.

Write what you love, what you have a passion for. If you write it they will come :)

Yes, I agree with it all, but judging by my writing here they have not come

@wales, you can't judge from your writing here. What you do on Steemit is creative writing. Most of these jobs boards are for professional writing gigs, and that requires a different mindset. You have the skills. You just have to find a niche you believe in and learn how to acquire clients.

One day I may have a camera again, and if I'm not too old by then I am going travelling to the most exotic places I can afford; maybe that will be something to write about with pictures

That would be awesome. You can start in your own neck of the woods. What interesting places are there to tell about? Do you know of any regional magazines? Just about every state has a cultural magazine. Learn how to write a good query, send it to the editor, and, if accepted, write the story. You can do that a few times without a camera. Work your way up.

I wrote this comment for another conversation, but I believe (especially the second half) it will resonate for you :)

You would be amazed what other people want to read. Over the last 12 or so years that I've been a freelance writer, I've written about 70 odd topics and got paid for them. I definitely go through slumps like... well... right now... or the last year since my mom died I guess.... It been rough, which is sort of why I checked out his post... but largely its how I've raised my kids, paid my bills etc. Well, that and tarot reading!

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