Ze Write Club Session Five (With Your Host, Cap'n Gimpy)

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Greetings! Mother Earth says hello!

And The Oscar Goes To...

No one. Awards shows are rigged. HANS ZIMMER SHOULD WIN EVERY YEAR.


Anyway, this session I have the distinct pleasure of coming up with the prompt, and after clearing it with General @jordan.lesich, I will now present this image that has something to do with the story that inspired said prompt (or, to be more accurate, it identifies the author)...

Image Source

That's right. H.P. Lovecraft has helped me 'craft' the prompt! Muwahahahaha!

Story: The Beast in the Cave

Prompt: The Lost Protagonist

Your main character must get lost in some way, whether that be emotionally, mentally, physically or otherwise, subtle or obvious.

I chose Lovecraft's "The Beast in the Cave" as the focal point because, well, for one, it's impressive that he wrote it at fourteen and got it published. Two, it's a great depiction of man vs environment (and more subliminally, man vs self). I'm a huge fan of Mr. Howard Phillips, and so it's only fitting he be integrated into Write Club somehow.

Good luck, Cadets, and may Cthulhu guide your way!

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Reference Section for Write Club:
Write Club is Announced and Explained

The Sacrifices are Named

Write Club Prompts Will Follow This Format

Session One Prompt
Provided by @tanglebranch
Inspired by The Gift of the Magi

Session Two Prompt
Provided by @jordan.lesich
Inspired by Chicxulub

Session Three Prompt
Provided by @jayna
Inspired by The Riddle

Session Four Prompt
Provided by @steemitgraven29
Inspired by The Cousins by Charles Baxter


Feel free to follow along with the prompts, and, if you so desire, join @thewritersblock on Discord so you can submit your pieces for some stellar editing and/or feedback.


This sounds do-able. Thanks Xander!

I'm excited about this. It's going to be a lot of fun to see what comes out of it, as always! And of course, non-Write-Club members can use the prompt if as well and participate informally. Thanks for the inspiration, @xanderslee!

Can I submit something I've already written? And how do I submit it?

You can join The Writer's Block on Discord for feedback/editing if you wish.

I would carefully read this site beforehand: http://www.writersblockcentral.com/

I messed up and thought that The Beast In The Cave was the prompt for the whole of our audio conference yesterday. I was like, I'll fucking nail that! And then found out that it is in fact, The Lost Protagonist.
My dissapointment was total. I was all Cthulhu'd up and everything :(

I love it! I think we'll have a lot of fun writing for this prompt. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Thanks!