Write Club Turns 4 with This Prompt!

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Write Club Celebrates Its Fourth!

Prompt. And I'll be the one coming up with it. They lost their minds when they gave me the keys to this castle.

Let's Jump Right In

My prompt is inspired by a story I read a week ago (about a week ago [week ago]). The Cousins by Charles Baxter was a story I found in The Pushcart Prize Best of the Small Presses Volume 35 from 2011. Originally printed in Tin House (check it out it's wonderful), The Cousins was not only reprinted in The Pushcart collection, but also, The Best American Short Stories collection. Finally it was reprinted by Charles Baxter in his Gryphon: New and Selected Stories. Unfortunately, The Cousins isn't available for free consumption, but you'll just have to trust me - it's worth a read.

So, according to the rules of the contest I can't use The Cousins as my inspiration for my prompt. So I broke down the prompt concept from the piece at its core and (OMG they're going to hate me) it is "Unreliable Narrator." Then I went out and found the quintessential unreliable narrator story that's available at no charge online.

Edgar Allan Poe's Tell-Tale Heart


Thanks Pixabay

What a wonderfully wicked piece. I love the Tell-Tale Heart. I think I might even try to emulate Poe at times (though I am terrible at it) because this piece grabbed me when I first came across it and it's never let me go. A man's words say that he is sane and cunning, but is he? Does it all add up in the end? You be the judge.

Your Task

The Tell-Tale Heart is a rather short piece and I suspect most if not all of you have read it. It is but one way to attack the 'unreliable narrator' prompt, so if you have the chance - I would have you read the piece by Baxter. The Cousins is a very different take on the unreliable narrator. It is subtle. Either way your task is simple, my fellow Write Club members. You must use the unreliable narrator concept as inspiration for your story, between 1500 and 7000 words. Can we trust your narrator?

note - it is okay with me if your narrator is reliable and you only make me think they are unreliable.
note two - I cleared this prompt with our fearless leader, @jordan.lesich. So hah!

Reference Section

I am excited to present a condensed history of the Write Club! Here is a reference guide for any reader that is brand new to Write Club and is walking in on our fourth session:

Write Club is Announced and Explained

The Sacrifices are Named

Write Club Prompts Will Follow This Format

Session One Prompt
Provided by @tanglebranch
Inspired by The Gift of the Magi

Session Two Prompt
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Session Three Prompt
Provided by @jayna
Inspired by The Riddle


Community is the basis for everything we are doing. We are not alone. We don't want to be alone. We are stronger together. Join the community that birthed Write Club and realize your potential. I almost made a pun and said Poetential. Aren't you glad I didn't put that in your head?


OMFG! Tell me you're kidding.

You guys must really hate each other. If not now, then soon, and most certainly by the time it is all done and they're counting the bodies.

The hate is real. No idea what I'm going to do with this......geeeeez man. :P

Ha. I feel with you, but I love this prompt actually! Interesting also to notice how some prompts make me blank out almost immediately, and others inspire me from the start!

And the shoe drops! Oh, this is good. I think we will have immense fun with this, @steemitgraven. In between bouts of fear, trepidation, and deep-seated feelings of insecurity, of course. Let the writing begin!

I’ve definitely got some ideas for this one. Thanks for a dope prompt!

good writing, but better if the hobby can be a job

Well. I'm doing Write Club to hopefully make my writing hobby a job. If I can keep writing as much as I am and focusing as much as I do on the quality - maybe someday I can do it for a living. If not - I'll still be happy doing it. It brings me a lot of pleasure to do it. Thanks for reading the post Ahmed. I appreciate everything you're doing and am glad to call you a friend.

You are welcome friend, I hope what you dream of it will come true

It's the comments that take these Write Club posts to the next level. Nice work with this prompt @steemitgraven29. John may complain but secretly he lives for prompts like this. ;-)

bacaan yang sangat menarik tuan @steemitgreven29

Thanks for reading this @herryazmi11. I hope to see you around the discords.

I'm already on discords

I know :)
I hope to see you there. That's all I meant.