Everyday Steem's Communities Statistic - Sun, 21 Jan 2024

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Wiki as a meeting place. Connectivity symbol (Wikimedia)

Determined from the preceding one week blockchain's input (sometihng like 8163 articles/2358 writers and 25009 comments/1117 writers), we derived some stat of Steem's Communities works as about to be mentioned.

Thriving Communities

Communities that are flourishing.

CommunitySubscribersPending RewardsActive PostersWeekly Posts
Food Hai everyone! Today my m
Today The sun is like the ult
I have linked my Twitter to
The Naughty Bear
Their Brainy Monster
A Worrisome Woodpecker
Check my latest fight ! servelle vs The Goverment
Check my latest fight ! redwarrior vs The Goverment
Check my latest fight ! renewal vs The Goverment
Steem For Bangladesh2,031$1,295275204
SEC-S15W1: The Wonder of Science
SEC-S15W1: The Wonder of Science: Franklin, Fleming and wheel
SEC-S15W1: The Wonder of Science
WORLD OF XPILAR23,955$1,895206199
The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #153 - 14STEEM in prizes! - Submissions post
The World of XPILAR - CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #189 - 14STEEM in prizes! - Submissions post
Nostalgia in making - A gathering to remember!
Macro photography Challenge - Week 24 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Golden Hour Photography Challenge - Week 24 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
Architectural Photography - Week 24 | "Capture, Click, Compete!"
SEC15 WK1: "Life on Social Media"
SEC15 WK1: "Life on Social Media"
SEC S15 WK1: "Life on Social Media"
Tron Fan Club2,805$85949154
NFT-ART: abstract art
NFT-ART : abstract art
Tron Fan Club "Bitcoin price change factors prediction contest" - 1500 TRX up for grab - Contest No 3
Close Call - Super Bunny Man
Positives And Negatives Of The Spot Bitcoin ETF (10 Years Of Waiting)
The Masquerade
It is situ...
The city f...
It is know...
Steem Entrepreneurs7,292$1,255250120
Steemit Engagement Challenge - Season 15 / Week 1 : How I Make Money From Home
SEC - S15/W1 - How I Make Money From Home.
SEC - S15/W1 - How I Make Money From Home
Beauty of Creativity9,820$70764112
Morning Views of Lut Tawar
Butterfly on green leaf || 10% to @beautycreativity
Photography of pink chrysanthemum flowers || 10% Beneficiary of beautycreativity
STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE9,634$1,02115798
A visit to Kelaniya Temple | Embracing New Beginnings in 2024
My Application for Community Curator February 2024
Steemit meet meet up at my place.14/1/2024.
Steem For Ladies2,013$55116197
CONTEST & Winners! Choices! What will it be? #41
Contest! The Diary Game – #23 & winners #22: Share your day with us!
Journey Of A New Dolphin
Project HOPE9,985$2746495
Importance of knowing how to evaluate a favorable cryptocurrency environment
The crypto market continues in free fall bad or good?
The importance of making transcendental decisions in companies part 2.
Application for Community Curator || Month February (2024)
The Diary Game (15-01-2024) || "Hot tea gives me relief in winter."
Winners Announcement || "My favorite Movie of 2023"
Steem Kids & Parents6,925$42016691
Another milestone reached 55K sp achieved. Congratulations to us
Win 100% upvote from Steemkidss as we celebrate 55K dolphin
Food challenge contest week #96|| For kids and parents| Teach The Kids/Kids Food Challenge| share Your Food Diary With Us

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