World Wild Flora contest – week no. 17 – the prizes

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Hello dear WWF friends,

Another week has passed. For round #17 of our contest, we have three entries and only one winner.

In the table below, we have the winner and the prize of the @worldwildflora weekly contest. Congratulations!

Prizes of the @worldwildflora contest nr. 17

@nikv, for the photography
Lopholaena coriifolia 0.330 SBD
These were the winners of WorldWildFlora contest #17. Now it's time for round #18. Read carefully the rules and do not forget to upvote this post. Good luck!

The prizes

Due to the crypto market being so unstable, we can no longer sustain the sbd prizes we had so far. But we won't give up. Therefore, until the crypto market returns to normal, the prizes will be as follows:
  • 1 prize (the best photo of a wild plant) – 50% SBD and steem made by this post;
  • 1 prize for the best article – 50% SBD and steem made by this post.


  • Your entry into the contest must contain: an original photography of a single wild plant (you can add multiple photos but keep in mind, they must have the same protagonist, aka the same plant).
  • The name of the plant in Latin, English and your native language.
  • A brief scientific description (you don't need to write an entire encyclopedia, just the basic information related to your herb) for the articles aiming at the scientific prize.
  • If the plant falls under the medicinal or edible category, you can describe how it is used. If you wish to enter some recipes, it would be great...we might consider bringing a culinary judge.
  • A description of your photos (camera, lens, exposure, iso etc.). This is a photographic contest after all and a special guest will be judging the quality of your photos every week.
  • References for the information presented in your post. We want to give credit to those who shared with us their knowledge and we do not tolerate plagiarism.
  • One of the tags must be #worldwildflora.
  • Upvote for the last winners announcement posted by @worldwildflora
  • Put a comment with the link of your post in the winners announcement so we don't miss your entry.
  • You may enter as many articles as you want...the more the merrier.
  • The winners will be announced each Sunday and the prize will be distributed on Monday.
  • Lastly, have fun! Give a funny, serious, whatever note you wish to your entries. Make them catchy as you don't want to disappoint your peers.


The contest is sponsored by @rbm, @roxy-cat, and their friends.

Many thanks to the delegators and sponsors: @ade-greenwise, @alexdory, @alexvan, @laviniatherapist, @lishu, @mejustandrew, @photovitamin, @sorin.cristescu, @unacomn, @vonaurolacu, @cristinaaa, and @ruth-elise.

For those who want to sustain this project, you have some predefined delegation links below.

10 SP | 20 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP

WoldWildFlora Discord server:



Thank you! Where have all the plant people gone, I wonder?

Hi Catlady :)

Some are on steemSTEM, if you are able to step up your game a little and bring more information about flora in a more scientific format (see #steemSTEM for examples), then I can probably help you more.

Doesn't have to be all rigid and boring: - since you like cats.

See you!

Hi Alex

Thank you for your comment. This is a contest and according to its rules the entries must contain a scientific part along with the photo.
We used the #steemstem tag as we believed we might get some support. The WWF project is aiming to turn people attention to the wild flora and the tremendous potential plants posses. We encourage people to add more information to their posts and the according bibliography. But for the contest announcements...this might be difficult. 🙂
We will no longer use the tag for this contest. But some scientific articles will follow this Autumn and you will see us again. 🙂

Nice article pointing to the obvious: you must have cats in your many as possible. 🐈

Hey @worldwildflora
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Please use it. I support it and I think it's one of the good projects out there, as @alexs1320 pointed out in one of his articles.
This is why I personally support this project, I would like more people to contribute.
My message was for @nikv, I was urging her to include even more science in her posts and then use the #steemstem tag. It has nothing to do with you :D

Thank you @alexdory. Your cat article is great!

I can do science on plenty of subjects but unfortunately my little project of photographing what I find behind my house has such obscure subjects that besides names and descriptions, many of these don't even have common names, since they are frequently small and your average person is plant-blind. Most also haven't been researched in any substantial way. I include all the information I can find but there's too little out there to make a proper article so I decided not to bore my few readers with scientific descriptions of plant morphology and keep it light and photographic.

But I will bear that in mind and maybe try a few STEM-type articles

You are more than welcome, @nikv.
I believe the infamous HF20 withered the participants desire for steem/sbd. 😂
Hopefully things will return to normal this week.

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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