Steemit Workshop at Temple University in Philadelphia

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Exploring Impact

2018 is setting up to be a big year for visualizing Steem-powered impact in the real world. One of the biggest initiatives that we’re excited about is being spearheaded by @kenfinkel, a Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. For this Spring semester; History 5151 + MLA 5220 will be exploring Steemit as an avenue to empower educational research, funding for community programs and as a forum for students to collaborate and discover with one another.

For the Spring 2018 semester, Temple University students, faculty, followers and friends will have opportunities to access extensive collections of artifacts and archives throughout the city’s history institutions, with a special focus on the Philadelphia History Museum. The course will mine lost narratives embedded in historical holdings and will breathe 21st century life into vintage collections.

The Philadelphia History Museum collection consists of more than 130,000 artifacts including furniture, paintings, prints, photographs, books, signage, tools, clothing, maps, architectural models, scrapbooks, clocks, carts, etc. In teaming up with Temple, the PHM is exploring new strategies to enliven and enrich its massive holdings, a collection that is largely curated behind closed doors and locked drawers. 1

A Forum for Education and A Catalyst for Attention

History Class has begun! @sndbox will be in Philadelphia on Wednesday (tomorrow) for a Steemit workshop at Temple. Our incubator has been busy on-boarding graduate students who are currently using Steemit as sounding board for their historical research. Behind the scenes, @sndbox has generated Steemit accounts for 15 students and 2 new communities. Here they are, say hello!

@hourofhistory, @dduquette, @engledd, @jfeagan, @cheider, @charliehersh, @tmaust, @chelseareed, @johnesmithiii, @gvgktang, @yingchen, @connellgregg, @xiaonanli, @peartree4, @landy-yinan, @phillyhistory, and @phillyculture.

Each of these students are currently using Steemit to blog, document and share their ongoing research for the course. A community account, led by Prof. @kenfinkel [@phillyhistory] is being used to compile student research, share it with the wider community and accrue funding to support a series of grants for the Philadelphia History Museum and programming for historical research institutions in Philadelphia. The precise criteria for these Steem-powered grants are currently being debated and will be decided by entire class over the next few weeks. 100% of @phillyhistory’s Steem and SBD will go towards this program. You can read the full mission here.

@sndbox is a supporter of this initiative and is not charging @phillyhistory any monthly fee, similarly to how we support community initiatives like @myach, @steemph.cebu, @tach, @indo-community and @stach.


Workshop Goals

As part of our Wednesday workshop, we’ll be introducing the basic of the Steem blockchain to the class in person. The presentation will cover some of the basics while also profiling Steem Park as a proof of concept to help students visualize what their posts can become as the course vision develops.

How You Can Get Involved!

Follow @phillyhistory! And say hello to the new students aboard the blockchain.

@hourofhistory, @dduquette, @engledd, @jfeagan, @cheider, @charliehersh, @tmaust, @chelseareed, @johnesmithiii, @gvgktang, @yingchen, @connellgregg, @xiaonanli, @peartree4, @landy-yinan.

Take part in our History Challenges!

We just wrapped up our 100 Year History Challenge, inspired by the @phillyhistory post on the significance of 1918. There was a lot going on in the world exactly 100 years ago, and where better to explore the fabric of global events than through Steemit? We asked Steemians around the world to share a century-old story that relates to them and their hometown.

We’ll be experimenting with more ways of engaging the Steemit public to discover, empower and collaborate! Stay tuned as the semester develops!

@phillyhistory is a Philadelphia History Initiative. This crypto-experiment conducted by graduate courses at Temple University's Center for Public History and MLA Program, is exploring history and empowering education. Click here to learn more.

Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel!


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Great to see you doing this @sndbox! It is so important to bring new people in to the platform and show them how to use it.

I am currently slowly bringing in Some users to Steemit and running a "Journey to steemit Success" series to show new users the basics of doing well, based on what I did to earn almost $1,000 worth of STEEM in three weeks. Would really appreciate your support on it!


Thank you for your support Luke! And thank you for sharing your Journey to Steemit Success, full of great tips for newcomers to cryptocurrency.


Thank you, glad that you like it! Trying to share it with as many newcomers as I can. Thanks for your support!

Great work @sndbox is doing. Good to see steemit doing better that providing income for authors but also serving as a research ground for students.This inspires me to ensure i keep dishing out quality contents. Thanks @snd for funding community programmes. Following you and hope this outreach gets to my own hometown, someday


Many thanks for your kind words @adoore-eu!

This is a nice initiative.....keep up the good work @sndbox


Thank you for the support @branks20!

Wow What a Wonderful initiative but I'll suggest moving your YouTube channel to Steemit dtube aswell

amazing post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you

It's so impressing when you earn doing what you love and even more impressing when you learn valuable things for free but actually arranging research for students is totally awesome. You're a blessing to the community as a whole. Even as a newbie. I've been evangelising the good news to my friends. Steemit is bae😘😘
Keep on the good work


Thank you!

Upvoted , keep on posting .

One of my favorite projects on Steemit!!!


Thanks for your continued support @normalbro :D

wow great post, just knowing how our community has expanded inspires newbies like me to do our best.. keep steeming

Great mate we need things like this and people like you to take steemit platform to the top keep going

This is really good..... Keep going the great work

Wow ! this is great initiatives !! Great effort by @sndbox !

I hope to succeed on this path

This a nice one @sndbox. This is a great avenue for all.
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