Introducing Students of History5151 : The Great #explore1918 Crypto-Experiment Begins

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We’re off and running.

5151 - Student Group.jpg
Some of the students in Temple's Center for Public History. Source

The students of History5151, excited participants in the #explore1918 experiment in Temple University’s Center for Public History (learn more here) have logged on at Steemit and are beginning to dip their toes into the crypto-digital world that awaits. I’m proud to introduce:


“When people ask me what I do, my answer depends on who is asking. Most commonly, I tell people that I sing for a living—because I do. …I began singing jazz because of a love for history.” An activist, @chelseareed points out “museums claim to be spaces for public history, but they often only cater to a specific public. To combat this, we need more inclusive programming, both in content and in cost.”


works as “Education Coordinator at the National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH)” and recognizes that “everyone approaches a particular narrative or artifact from their own personal standpoint and collection of experiences…” He plans to explore 1918 “as a major turning point that drastically changed immigration policy for the next hundred years.”


“worked as the Organization of American Historians' LGBTQ+ Heritage Initiative intern on the National Park Service North East Regional Office's LGBTQ+ Heritage Initiative in Philadelphia” assessing and documenting relevant and under-interpreted sites for potential nomination to local and national historic registries.

Students - Grace, Chelsea and Ted.jpg
@gvgktang, @chelseareed and @tmaust. Source


In addition to being a graduate student in public history, @engledd is also an artillery officer in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. His interests include military history, especially in colonial America, but also in the ancient Greeks and their neighbors. His thesis: Evaluating “the history of firearms displays in American museums and how current displays could be improved.”


Besides being an experienced educator moving into the field of public history, @hourofhistory produces a podcast called Hour of History. Recent episodes have focused on China, Russia, Fake News, Bacardi Rum and the Scottish Fiddle. He’s also a fiddle player and an avid birdwatcher.


is devoted to the idea and practice of accessibility. Her research: “understanding the role of contemporary media--especially film and podcasts--in historical education.” @jfeagan went to a small college in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida—“a magical, strange place” where “most people don't wear shoes.”


is dedicated to public history, baseball (The New York Yankees) and works at Temple University’s Special Collections Research Center in the Paley Library on digitization projects. He points out their great collection of World War I posters.


Only a year ago, @gvgktang was working on a paper: “the First Wave of Queer Activism, 1867-1824” that subsequently won a major award. We look forward to hearing more about the deployment of discomfort as an educational tool, a method "to subvert canonical conceptions of the study of identity through the use of ‘inappropriate’ evidence and language.”


In the past, @tmaust has worked at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, as a tour guide at Eastern State Penitentiary Historical Site, and as an intern at the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks. Now, at the National Park Service Northeast Regional Office, he’s working on a project “to help historic houses at NPS sites freshen up the stories they tell and how they tell them.”

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks as we explore 1918 in depth and begin to delve into many other aspects of Philly History and the city’s historical and interpretive ecosystem.

100% of the SBD rewards from this #explore1918 post (this account and all student accounts) will go directly towards the support of the Philadelphia History Initiative.

Please follow, upvote, resteem and keep track as the course progresses.


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Looks like a great team of people!!

Welcome @phillyhistory students! Great to have you all aboard this platform. Looking forward to learning from each of you and the windows you provide into the past. Steem on!

Thank you for the introduction!


Thank you for being part of this exciting group and project!

Well, what a nice team you seem to have gatthered there folks!! looking forward to see more post of you guys, I'm starting to follow you !

New to steemit! Looking to connect in with philly locals and expand my network! Looks like a great group to be apart of!!!

Hi @phillyhistory. I am a professor at Community College of Philadelphia and am attempting a steemit experiment with two of my classes. I will follow to see how this works for you.

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Welcome, historians. Three tools if you don't already know about them:, ,

this is awesome! I'm a student at Cabrini University just outside of Philadelphia. Let me know if there is any way I can get involved with y'alls project. I would love to help (i have videography, photography, and video editing skills)