100 Year History Challenge [Let’s #explore1918 + Upvote Prizes]

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A History Challenge!

Even more than today, there was a lot happening in the world exactly 100 years ago. 1918 was a formidable year for events that resonated across the globe. World War I had countries engaged in unprecedented conflict that would reshape geopolitics for the century to come. An Influenza outbreak decimated communities all over the United States, with a death toll reaching 675,000 people (in the U.S. alone). Race riots were commonplace and tensions were building as past and present fought for equal footing.

However, 1918 wasn’t all doom and gloom. A new wave of technology was growing behind the scenes. Peace was on the horizon. Gandhi began advocating for the voiceless farmers of Kheda (India) against European oppression. The legendary magician Houdini made an elephant disappear in front of a live audience, and the Boston Red Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series.

Let’s Explore 1918

As some of you know, we’re collaborating with @phillyhistory this Spring for a graduate History course at Temple University. Temple is based in Philadelphia, a city rich with American history, culture and the birthplace of independence. As part of this course, 15 students will be joining Steemit to blog about weekly assignments and historical research as the semester develops. The class will be looking at “1918” as a central theme, celebrating lost narratives and connecting dots between historical artifacts that they uncover.

The Steem & SBD that @phillyhistory earns through the course will be used to fund real educational and public programming and preservation initiatives at the Philadelphia History Museum this summer. In this way, Steem will empower new life for lost narratives!

Share a Story & Receive Upvote Rewards!

We wanted to open up the discovery process and conversation to the whole Steemit community. 1918 was a “world” year after all, and we have so many diverse stories and histories to learn from here!

Follow these steps to take part in the challenge:

  • Discover a story from the year 1918 that relates to you.
  • Post about this story using the #explore1918 tag!
  • Comment below with a short description and a link to your post.

Deadline : 1 week from today. Tuesday January 23rd at 5:00pm EST.

  • First, Second, Third Place = 50% @sndbox upvote
  • Fourth, Fifth = 25% @sndbox upvote
  • All participants will receive a partial @sndbox upvote

@sndbox will upvote all #explore1918 participants (with a partial upvote) who follow the guidelines and rigorously source all of their research. Winners will be decided on in collaboration with @phillyhistory. Be very thorough with any and all sources please, this is a graduate History course after all :)


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hello! I have actually posted mine yesterday but didn't realise I need to leave a comment here.

here is my entry


Here is my entry. It's about the largest plague in Taiwan's history.

I simply LOVE this new challenge, a historical one to boot! THANKS!!!

Great call, thanks for exposing us to such mindset too and may the challenge be seeing the rise of amazing stories among us all, namaste :)


Thanks as always for your support Eric. We're looking forward to some interesting re-discoveries!


Good good

Finally! A contest that suits me as an undergraduate of the AB History program


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Here's my entry! It's about the worst fire disaster in the record of Hong Kong, my home town :)


This is great! We all have an opportunity to learn about events in history. There are so many defining moments in the history of the world we can learn from.

My post below is about the establishment of Standard Timezones and Daylight savings time which is something most of us experience or are accustomed to. It is also an important event in history that set the foundation of where we are today when it comes to our current observation the different time zones and DST.

100 Year History Challenge Submission - The Standard Time Act of 1918 that changed the way we look at time


Excellent @cloh76. The Calder Act, what a great topic! And today, history is repeating itself. In 1918 we received a global metric for Time. Perhaps in 2018, we'll receive a global metric for Currency!


Hopefully, Steem/SBD, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies will be part of that global metric of currency. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Count on me! I have a degree in literature and history.

Beyond the prize, I think it's a wonderful initiative because I'm sure there will be new historical events that I will find out about.

You will know more about me. Regards!


Thanks @lord-faustus! As you say, it'll be great to learn about historical events around the globe and perhaps we can weave a few of them together. Looking forward to learning more about you!

This is such a cool idea!! I have an idea for it...

I think i can do this... after all, I'm a graduate of History and international studies. Goodluck to all of us!


Great @camilus, you're just the person we're looking for! Can't wait to read about the stories you uncover.


Yea... I'm back. Tho i had some issues with my first post but here is the corrected version

This contest sounds very interesting. Let me research what exactly the world was doing 100 years ago, especially the events happened in South Asia!


Yes! Fantastic @ghulammujtaba. We hope this challenge becomes an opportunity to explore what the world looked like 100 years ago. Looking forward to learning more about 1918 South Asia :)

Here is my submission-a nurses' report from my hometown newspaper 100 years ago to the day with my commentary and explanation of why I chose this, enjoy!
thank you so much for the contest, what an interesting concept @sndbox!


Great @cryptkeeper17! Such a fascinating window into the past. Thanks for sharing your 100 year story :D

I love this idea! I wish I had more time to participate. I have an Elgin trench watch from 1918 that still is in working condition. It'd be so great to build a story around it.


Thanks Eric! We'd love to hear a story about your Elgin trench watch. That would be such a cool response to the challenge here. Even if the deadline is next Tuesday, we hope you'll still write it ;)


Here's a picture -

wonderful challenge idea, love it. this post is also so thought provoking. I've often thought about the supercharged change that happened before and after the turn of the century last time (1800s-1900s) primarily in terms of industrialization and the arts but seeing the happenings you point to in the first part of this post open up some new avenues of thinking for me. Don't know if I will land on something that sparks a story but I'd like to! Excellent post.


Do keep up posted if you land on something intriguing :)

And absolutely, these turn of the century time periods are overflowing with change. Especially 1918, when the world was beginning to see a new era of manufacturing and urbanization. Hoping this challenge yields some good stories. Thanks for your support @natureofbeing!

The strive for independence was a difficult one in Nigeria. From slave trade to colonialism, Nigerian went through tough times before she finally got her independence.
My entry on explore1918 contest talks about my grandfather's experience in the popular Adubi war in Nigeria.



Incredible story @mikay! Thanks for sharing this window into the past and through the eyes of your grandfather in Nigeria.

More than 1.5 million Indian soldiers served in World War One, and over 74,000 of them lost their lives. But history has mostly forgotten these sacrifices, which were rewarded with broken promises of Indian independence from the British government.


Thanks @sndbox, a very interesting theme, where by learning from history we can know how this country was born, as well as what we can contribute to the progress of our nation in filling independence. There is a very useful sentence that is a smart nation is a nation that commemorates the services of its predecessor. I will take part in this competition. Thanks. Successful steemit.

excellent educational story ,amazing post ,thanks for sharing

Hello! I accepted your invitation with open arms @sndbox and i will forever thank you for giving me the chance to write about the important history of my country( i always loved history class when i was studying in school)! I must say it was a pleasant 8 hours work and here it is: https://steemit.com/explore1918/@sunnyali/the-great-union-from-1-december-1918-a-day-for-eternity-in-the-history-of-romania

The influenza outbreak did create a lot of damage to the people of 1918, but we should always look at the bright side, and appreciate the lives of the people who sacrificed their time just to contain and defeat the Killing spree of the disease.

Below is the link to my entry in this contest, and It includes on how I can relate to the resilience of the medical health community in doing their task and even research for the sake of survival.


The text I wrote about the last ottoman sultan and the last throne ceremony of the ottoman empire.

my post : https://steemit.com/tr/@e-babil/the-last-sultan-and-recent-enthronement-ceremony-of-the-ottoman

World War became a lesson for the whole world, including Indonesia. hopefully there will be no more war on this earth.

It's a real privilege to be part of this amazing project #explore1918, here is my entry;

Hope you like it.

@sndbox, I'm very pleased to contribute a submission to this activity. As if WW1 and the Spanish Flu pandemic were not deadly enough, 1918 was also the deadliest year ever for American train crashes. Here is my article - https://steemit.com/explore1918/@newcastle/1918-was-a-train-wreck-literally

PS - @phillyhistory - flyeaglesfly!

It is really a good idea, I hope I won't miss any detail on my exploration. Thanks @sndbox for this challenge.

Waw, a very useful post. This article can also provide a new understanding for those who do not yet know it. Thanks for posting @sndbox. Good job

Very good.
explore1918 education history story sndbox post

Hey, this is my entry for the challenge !
I am talking about France, my country of birth and how we overcame the WW1 with the help of the Allies.

I have joined the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed it @sndbox! Here is my entry:


Upvoted and resteemed as well! Will be sharing this my steemit community. 😘

Hmmm this contest is very educational! I would definitely participate in this one! Time to do some research!

very important informations..Thank you for sharing with us

Great, this is going to be very interesting. Thank you

Very cool idea!
But... just for accuracy's sake.. XD
1918 was actually the year the war ended.... At least towards the end of the year.
I'm from Vienna, I should know these things XD

It's the year the Austrian Monarchy collapsed for good, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia (the latter both now being split up into the modern eastern European countries) had proclaimed their independence already and in November that year the Republic of Austria was proclaimed November 11th (had to check up on that haha I obviously didn't know the exact date by heart).

It was a pretty significant year for us Austrians.. :P

Will do! Doing some research...

Definately i will do this ,i have some ideas about
Event that happen in 1918

The story very good for generation at nation

Awesome contest you know? I should get started.

Let us all go back to 1918

My entry for the 100 year history challenge...

South Africa 1918... The effects of the flu pandemic in South Africa and also the birth year of Nelson Mandela.

Hello @sndbox here's my entry for the History Challenge. I added a little twist on this one though.

lovely way to focus on our history as humans

I am a nurse and I come to this influenza thing oftenly. As you have already mentioned about the influenza thing, I thereby have wrote a post which have give education on history of it. Thanks for you support.
"Mother of all pandemics" that devastated the world in 1918 - 100 Year History Challenge

I like following you, please you vote me


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Thank You! ⚜

This is the kind of thing that I've been hoping to find on Steemit. It's a chance to put my history degree to good use. Thanks for making this contest.

iam on it ASAP i am from nigeria and iam gona post something mindblowing


Excellent! Looking forward to it, take your time and make sure to source everything thoroughly :)

Hello @sndbox & @phillyhistory!
First of all, thank you for bringing another awesome contest! It's an encouragement for me to write something about the least discussed topic in this platform, History.

My submission is about the war pigeons of 1918 and the domestic pigeons of today. This story is deeply rooted to me from my childhood and hopefully you can relate to it and find my post worth your time reading.

Here is the link of my post: https://steemit.com/explore1918/@funtraveller/100-year-history-challenge-the-heroic-feat-of-cher-ami-explore1918-war-pigeons


Good work at this pist

Wow dude this is so awesome I’m excited to explore that year now ! I was never the greatest at history as a subject in whole but I sure do find parts of it fascinating . Thanks for sparking me to do this :) I’m excited lol. Glad I found this post and yourself ! Il be following you now. Il have some time to do research while I’m back in New York visiting my folks lol I always have some downtime there so il be sure to tear up 1918. Anyway thanks for the creativity and have an awesome night :) !
Steemit has literally been changing my life .. all of this is just so incredibly beautiful I sometimes can’t even wrap my head around it. It’s given me an outlet and now I can sing and record my music for an audience who loves I.T and get rewarded ?? I mean cmon I’m finally living my freaking dreams and it’s never felt better. I won’t stop fighting for my creative abundant future and I wish the same for you ! Take care for now and I’ll definitely be in touch :)

Is there a partial vote happening or maybe a review?

Here is my contribution 100 year history challenge, i have post This articel about three days ago, but I am forget to comment here

Thanks @sndbox for this oppurtunity. 1918 was a year that many won't forget. I talked about the fight for freedom that took place in my country Nigeria that year. Here is a link to the post MY ENTRY

This is a very interesting contest. I hope I can still catch up

This is a story about how a word that written in a novel that published in 1918 have made a great changes in Indonesia : https://steemit.com/explore1918/@mariska.lubis/student-hidjo-1918-novel-that-become-an-imporant-history-of-changes-in-indonesia-bilingual

Damn, thit is awesome idea!

Hello there! I am participating by writing Turkish sultan Abdulhamid in 1918. https://steemit.com/explore1918/@buyukalcikaya/death-of-the-great-leader-sultan-ii-abdulhamid

Challenge Accepted. Here we go:

I'm writing about a historical building in my place, Aceh. The building will be 1-century-old this year and still well-preserved. I am also talking about the transition of currency changes in this story.

This challenge was a great motivation in writing. Thanks @sndbox :)

Wow really not having so Much steem power contest like this helps new users grow and make a place for themselves.......... Really appreciate your work @sndbox for helping out new user and motivating them !!

Oh no! I just missed this. I have some awesome ones- my Grandpa, who raised me, was in WW1 in Italy... He was actually in Milano with Ernest Hemingway when he was injured in battle

Great initiative, I am looking forward to the student's writings!

Hi @sndbox! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to dig into my country's history. Here's my entry:


Thank you.

Hi @sndbox! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to dig into my country's history. Here's my entry:


Thank you.

a very good post @sndbox histories like this we can not forget. we must tell the children that the history of world war should not be forgotten.
Thank you @sndbox for wanting to remember the information.


Thanks for your support @ponnibong!

I'm on it!


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with @beingnaveed!

Wow lovely , be glad to participate. Thanks @sndbox for bringing this contest


Thanks for your support!

I love this challenge, make us respecting History more.
Here is my entry.


Hi Steemians! Did you know that Panasonic was founded in 1918? Please do come over and take a look. You'll find an inspiring story of how to build a company worth billions in 100 years 🤩 @itsnicoletv

how to.png.

Here is my entry about Woodrow Wilson and his 14 points. I know it’s very well known so I added in a few interesting things to give it a fresh approach.


I was wondering which movie from1918 to write about, so I chose this one because of Buster Keaton.

It is a little known fact that 20% of British Empire recruits in world war 1 were actually Muslims. Today extreme right wings treating muslims community as outsider it is must to revisit past, to pay tribute to unsung muslim soldiers.


Just found out about this and I am so sorry to be late for submissions. Hopefully, there will be another one soon.