Word Poetry Challenge #6. Theme : "Time" | English Edition

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Hello Steemit Poets!

We had an exciting "Word Poetry Challenge #5" and received a lot of entries. Word Poetry Challenge is a contest that exhibits the beauty of poetry created by fellow Steemians and at the same time reward their excellent works published on the Steem blockchain. This unique contest utilize the creativity and talent of Steemit users with a theme. The theme will be selected by "Words" and will be the subject of the poem created.

This contest runs every week with different "Themed Word" which will truly be exciting for the partipants.

How to Participate in this Contest?


It's so Simple, create a poetry post that matches the theme of the contest (Time). The themed word should be the main topic/thought of the poetry. Right now our Word Challenge is Time. The following guidelines should and must be followed :

Guidelines | Rules

  • Title of the entry must start with : "Word Poetry Challenge #6 : Time"
  • Your first tag must be #wordchallenge
  • Entries for this contest must be in English
  • Comment your post link on this post to make it valid.
  • Maximum of ONE Entries is allowed.
  • Everyone can participate in this contest.
  • All contents must be original and not posted on any sites (Automatic Disqualification if proven plagiarized).
  • Photos used should be properly credited or Original photo of yours.


Winner - 5 Steem Dollars

1st runner-up - 3 Steem Dollars

2nd runner-up - 2 Steem Dollars

End of Submission of Entries will be June 29, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT +8). Late submissions will no longer be accepted.

Winners of this contest will be announced on June 30, 2018 along with the prizes sent.

Judge will be : @reewritesthings

Thank you to the Sponsor/s of this contest :


and @surpassinggoogle for continuously supporting/upvoting those entries.

How to Support this Challenge :

  • Create and submit an entry for this contest.
  • Upvote on this post.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Donate for this challenge (in any kind)
  • If you wish to suggest a theme, contact me at Jassennessaj#9609 or email at ijassenn@gmail.com

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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mau kay naa kay guest judge para di maglabad imong ulo.hehe good luck to @reewritesthings


Thanks miss @junebride! Excited na gani kayko!!! Dream jd nako magka poetry contest arun mag judge2 unya broke man kog sbd haha. Maki hitch nalang kos lain contest hahahaha. <3

I am so excited! I hope the participants will have a great time writing their entries! :)

Hey there! This is the first time I take part in this contest.
Here is my entry:

Thank you @jassennessaj, for this opportunity to make known the poetry we are writing in these forgotten countries hehe ... Here is my entry:

Sure this is a commendable challenge and good for steemians with poetic strength. I want to believe @olawalium is aware of this contest already because of his poetic prowess. Good job.


Wow! Just seeing this for the first time brother. Thanks a lot for the mention, means a lot.

Thanks for organising such a beautiful contest..i also want to be a participant here. Upvoted and resteemed this post..

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Hi. So, I made an entry and I hope you guys like it and this is a cool contest. Kudos to those behind it and to others like me who are participating, aja!