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💜 Happy Wednesday Steemians! Today I want to share with you a new contest I will be running every Wednesday. 💜

You may or may not know that I have been a little down lately, and when I was reading @morkrock's post about the land appropriation issue we are having in SA, I may or may not have had a slight wobbly in the comments . My lovely friend @soyrosa had the following to say:

Take extra care of your mental health while delving into these topics <3 Even creating a small habit like writing down one good thing that happened every day might help you in the long run.


SOOOO! This inspired me to think of a few happy thoughts, and in turn think up this #wondrouswednesday contest! Yay!


💜Write a post listing ten good things in your life, or ten things or you are grateful for, or even ten things that make you happy, or a combination of these things
💜Make sure you use the hashtag #wondrouswednesday and also tag me (@princessmewmew) somewhere in the post so I can be notified by my awesome Steemify app!
💜Make sure to use the words Wondrous Wednesday Contest or something like that in your post title


💜I promise to read ALL the entries that meet the requirements (using the tag, and the correct title) and I will reward 5 steem to the winning post.
💜AND! (But wait, THERE's MORE!) I will give the winner my 100% upvote (currently 26 cents at this low point in Steem price history! 😦) by adding the winner to my auto voter for a week!




now there's something to be grateful for!!


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Aaaaawwwwwww - I've been under a blanket all day feeling shit and buying tons of @steemmonsters cards so I would feel a bit less shitty, but this just made me SMILE BIG!

YES for doing this contest, YES for sharing lots of things that make you/us happy and YES for giving me the first item on my list in the form of letting me know that my modest comment inspired you to do this <3

You're an amazing woman and I'm counting the days till our meeting at SteemFest :D


ah noes! why you feeling shitty?! poop to that!

thanks babe! We can only take life one day at a time, and hopefully one happy day at a time. I'm excited to support some minnows

I also can't wait to meet you at Steem Fest!!


Have you ever seen The IT Crowd? Because 'Aunt Irma' is visiting today :')


Hahahaha this looks hilarious! Definitely gonna check this out. Hugs babe


Aha, will this be steemfest bonanza??? Awesome!!!

Cool post, @princessmewmew , I will totally think about a nice list what to be grateful for, because there is sooooo much to be grateful for actually!


Yay! Awesome, thanks. I will look out for your post

Mewmew!!! I love the fact that @soyrosa inspired you and that you're giving back to the community in yet another way! You're awesome gurl!!! I love you both!

I will send you 2 STEEM and add it to the prize pool. Give it to the winner or if you want, give it to the second placed person.. I don't know, it's yours now, share it haha <3

See you soon! ;)


ahhh YOU LOVELY HOOMAN! I will give it to the runner up! You are so kind, thank you xxx and yes @soyrosa is just so nnniceee and sooo coool!! 🌸




gazillions of them! :D

resteeemd for more visibility, hope you get some good entrants!


thanks my guy x

I sent this to my dude, I have 3 posts I need to get out, am trying to juggle and do this ...it's a fabulous post


Thanks babe! I’d love to see an entry from you!

You still have a while til the contest ends 💓

Hey princess it's very very interesting contest and i am going to participate this awesome contest.


That’s great! I am so glad to hear that x

Excellent idea to drain bad thoughts since the whole world is convulsed by many problems and my country (Venezuela) does not escape from it, so I decided to do your contest and it was really nice, I liked writing good things and especially see images beautiful, it refreshed my soul, I thank you, today is a good day. Greetings and here I leave my homework: https://steemit.com/wondrouswednesday/@dbora/10-positive-things-of-my-person I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


thank you so much for your wonderful entry, i really appreciate it!

Definitely don't be sweatin the small shit baby! Glad you back in better spirits now :P


lololol at that gif!

This is a great idea, well done for inspiring it @soyrosa! It's always a good idea to try to find that silver lining. Actualizing and realizing good when faced with bad will help to give perspective and pull your life's focus towards the good.

Just saw this in the alliance post promotion. Of course, it is the last day - but I am grateful that I saw it in time 😄
I love gratitude type challenges. It really gives you a different outlook on life when concentrating on the good stuff. I too, can get pulled down easily when thinking about all that is wrong in the world - so focusing on the good makes a huge difference!


Thanks Marianne! There is still 24 hours!

Just reading some of the entries makes my heart warm! So Much positivity xx


Just posted my entry :)

This is such an awesome contest. Love the focus on Gratitude—it makes such a difference. This world can be a rough ride, but if we keep remembering what we have, and keep gratitude in the forefront of our minds, it can be a game changer. Much love, from one princess to another. ;)


thanks so much babe! You are absolutely correct there! Positive mindset makes a YUGE difference!

BIG HUGS to you for spreading positivity and encouragement on the blockchain! You are nothing short of awesome! 💖



no, YOU are awesome!

Thank you so much xx

I love this idea and contest. To focus on the blessings and have a thankful heart 🤗 that keeps a happy ❤️
I will try this contest... Might not be able to do it today but I will do this. My kind of contest.. Lol
I hope you are having a wonderful week lovely and I'm sorry you've felt a bit low... No fun when that happens. You are amazing my friend and does much for others. Much love ❤️🤗❤️🌹


you have a whole week mah darling! thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comment, I have no idea how you always have so much time for your steem fam 💜

lots of love to you xx


<3 <3 <3


Your a great inspiration sweetie ❤️

I love this idea, @pincessmewmew! It is inspiring and healthy (thinking about nice things is good for your health). I think we've been complaining about the bad things lately without really valuing the good things. One must be thankful for the blessings to multiply. I will be happy to participate! A hug


thank you so much Nancy! can't wait to see your entry x

This is such a lovely idea, to find 10 things could be small challenge for many including me in these times but the just the thought of doing it will count as one already ;)


hehe me too! And that is why I am doing it 😇

Sounds like an awesome contest which I will definitely put an entry one of these days, so thank you for creating this beautiful contest, since it is so important to be grateful daily for all the small things in life and look for all the good things in our life instead of all that is negative.


thank you very much! I will look out for your entry x

I am so freaking on this, you won't believe. Did you know that there are at least 100 motorcycle brands in the world and every one of them makes me happy? Easy peasy.

Oh, wait. Not? Well, I'm really glad to see this. That Soyrosa should have been a psychiatrist. I'm glad you are bouncing back big!


haha you get an upvote, aand YOU get an upvote!


:') Big Tom's top 10 motorcycle brands will be shared on the blockchain! :')

I'm a psychologist, does that count? :D


My bad. I couldn't remember which one. Of course it counts!!

Awesome contest ... thank you for this splendorous idea ... couldn't resist to enter :)

Have a sunny day!!!

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Great contest @princessmewmew. I will have to think about 10 and post to my blog

Great initiative friend @princessmewmew, I will be happy to participate. God bless you



awesome babe! Looking forward to your post

Hi Princess, don't let the problems in SA get to you. I live here as well and quite honestly, my whole family talk incessantly about this and there is far too much anger. So your Wednesday challenge is brilliant and rather focus on today, and find happiness in the here and now. Blessings

What a lovely Wednesday it is..We have so many to be grateful indeed!!

Id be glad to list a few.. hope I make it before closing time.. Weekends are coming, my hands and feet are full.. 😀

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I can't wait to see your entry

This is a great idea. I bought a little book a few months ago when I was feeling down for this very reason. The cover says "Good things are happening, A journal for tiny moments of joy" It's good to think of all the small things that make you happy, they add up fast when you stop and think about them.


thanks so much! I hope you fill that journal right up!

Hey @princessmewmew!

I have to say that this contest was one of the most positive, uplifting contests on Steemit and I absolutely loved writing a post, listing all the things that make me happy/I'm grateful for.

Thank you for this awesome contest idea and I hope more people will join in for the good vibes! :))

Have a great day!


thank you so much girl! I am so glad it brought you some good vibes, that was the full intention of the contest!

I like this positive contest, on wednesday i will do it ^^ Nice idea!

I love this!
Oh yeah!

I don't know if I actually made it in time, but I really needed to take the time to focus on some positives today anyway, so thank you for the challenge! It was a very uplifting post to write!

Wow sis ❤️ I'm going through a bad time in my life too... 😭 But I'm gonna give this a try 😍 I feel just seeing your purple hearts made me feel a bit better .. love you sis...

Just under the deadline, I finally got my post out. Thank you for the opportunity!

Hey Kettbutt!

I just thought I should leave a public remark, that despite accepting the request from Malos to write an entry under your contest premise, that I didn't follow up in actually "entering" it, because as a witness, I don't feel right participating in steem contests run by users like yours here. I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to the community as a witness and community leader to get into things designed to help our people with the the chance to be seen and boost their wallets and all.

Also, the post I wrote for this, is the longest I EVER spent on a post, and in my case, it was the hardest one I ever took on, because coming up with 10 non-ridiculous things was really, really hard for me.

I enjoyed this exercise. Thanks for the prompt.