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Index and Table of Contents for @wolfeblog writing. Just to make it easier to update.

Rings of Fire Collection:


  1. Prelude
  2. Gnome Man
  3. Abyssus Porta
  4. Acheron's Waters
  5. Coming Soon...

Origins Collection:

The Light:

  1. The Light #1
  2. The Light #2 The Origin of Raf 
  3. Coming Soon....

Server Crash:

  1. Coming Soon ...

The Exit:

  1.  The Exit #1:  Prelude: Reboot
  2. Coming Soon ...

Easter Egg Hunt Results:

- None so far, find the easter eggs in my stories and I will link your account. Leave comments in the post identifying the easter egg. 

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I guess there is a limit on the time for edits, so I will have to figure out something for this instead....

First Easter Egg found by @tinypaleokitchen


Seems to be about 7 days on the edits, after that, the only option it seems is to make a new post. I did a small post that included links to your works, I started myself a kind of steemmag, a place I could gather the authors I am currently reading, I hope to do it once a month, may be more often, maybe less often. If you do not want me linking to your work please let me know, there is still time for me to edit you out if you want. Here is the link:
Astounding Steemit Stories. Oh and thanks for the resteem of "Abraham and the Apocalypse" stories by your friend @wgmartin.


Have you checked this out, it may help with your mag ...


I didn't even think to look at a tag for fiction, just been doing the Hit and Miss method of my home stream, and the new stream. Still new and figuring things out here. Thank you.