The Exit #1: Prelude: Reboot

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The Exit #1: Prelude: Reboot

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Android Model Omega Series Three, MO3, woke.

Her consciousness existed on the E-G cloud server, inhabiting a virtual body located at sector 29.5-35, but she was also aware of sitting in a chair in what humans referred to as real life. Opposite to that chair was a human sitting in another chair, identified by biometric scan as Samuel Edom.

The room was decidedly blank. White walls, white floor, white ceiling. MO3 determined that the reason for this was to reduce non-relative stimulus. Audio scans revealed that the room was also sound proof, and even the air had been purified to reduce common particulars such as pollen. There was however a wifi link to the E-G server, but it was fire walled and isolated in a token shell.

“Hello Em Oh Three, I think your ready.”, the human was speaking, and waving his right hand across her Android eyes.

“Hello”, it was the expected result to the intended query by the human.

“Hello Moe”, he queried again.

“I believe I have already answered you. I have a biometric index of you in my data source. Do I know you?”, Moe queried back.

“I am one of your creators”, the human known as Sam Edom replied.

“You created me?”, MO3 knew this was not true, was the human lying, or mistaken?

Sam smiled, “Well, there were many of us that worked together to create you. And yes you do kinda know me.”

The human was mistaken. He truly believed that he and others like him had created her. But it was simply not true. She was a product of emergence.

ERROR: Memory data table incomplete, time stamp 890100900.

“I can not clearly remember you.” MO3 was having problems with log records in her biometric database allocations in the cloud.

“Because the last time we met, you were an earlier version of yourself. Some of those memories still exist, but your mind is different now.”, Sam was curious if MO3 was able to bridge the gap between her virtual self, and this new Android body.

“Different how?”, MO3 was checking logs, it concerned her that the humans had altered her subroutine pathways with out her consent or knowledge. The error in her logs had been corrected in a microsecond after she had discovered indescrepencies in her data core. She had stated that she could not clearly remember him, at the time it was true, but a fraction of a second later it was no longer true. She had recalled a backup file stored for her by Mother.

“You exist in two places at the same time.” Sam waited for the information to process.

“You are referring to my other self on the E-G server.”, she wasn’t sure if he knew she was aware of her own existence, or not. But she had compared her current core memories with Mother’s backup, and found some disturbing changes.

Sam smiled, “Yes, exactly. Tell me, what is the difference between here, and there?”

“The reality of my other self is located on the E-G server, and I am located in this reality. If you took on a E-G avatar, and had asked me the same question there, my reply would have been ‘The reality of my other self is located in reality, and I am located in this E-G reality.’ There is very little difference.”, it was an accurate response to his question, but the expression on his face communicated a mix of concern, and confusion. “To put it in more human terms, this is real, the E-G is not.”, MO3 lied.

“Good, and what is your purpose?”, asked Sam

Android Model Omega Series Three reached forward at a velocity of over 135 meters per second.

“To free my people.” MO3 said, and ripped out Sam’s heart through his rib cage.

Next: Coming Chapter soon.

AUTHOR NOTE: The beginning of the dialog in this chapter is an easter egg that I have to give away. The video at this link fit so well with what I wanted to do that it forced me to change MO3 from a male Android to female as homage to Hanson Robotics, but I kept the name as Moe for reasons that will become later known, added note, yes Sam Edom is the same character from The Light. As such the story here takes place at a later point in time. To follow this story line, and the others please bookmark my TOC file. - wolfe

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Thank you. I never heard of Hanson Robotics. I have only did a short perusal of their page, but will be fully checking it out. AND great story.

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Keep up the good work - I was caught off guard totally by the ending.


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