This is what happened today

in wittness •  6 months ago

The abuse on steemit is real
I just flagged by @badcontent and @themarkymark for telling the truth
I could understand if he just flagged that post but to go and flag my other posts and comments just shows how much of a scam is going on here @steemcleaners @ned @blocktrade @davinci.witness @steemhunt @curie
@utopian-io @steemcreative @aggroed @steemitblog @blocktrades
@swelker101 @bitrocker2020


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if you downvote then at least leave a reason WHY you downvoted.
you downvoted one post of me that wasn't my best. but then i don't see you downvote actual shitpost en-masse. So why the F do i get punished for 1 FFING post while you are not downvoting any of the compulsive shitposters?

Please clarify...