My First Time

in poem •  last month  (edited)

The hairs stood
When my legs barely could
I carried my old black guitar in a shabby looking case
Along streets with interested eyes

I had my first song in my head
Humming the lyrics with each step
While my body hummed right along with excitement
Nerves a mess I made my way to the pub

My face red
My cheeks warm
Today I knew I would get up
I knew I would take the mic
I would take center stage

I was ready to fail
I was ready to bomb
To listen to my voice quiver
Or my hands cramp
I was ready for the worst

The worst never came
As the light came down on my face
The room was a roar of noisy people
Then my fingers started plucking

The fear dissolved, as I heard the melody
I heard my voice play up to me
The back corners of the room filled up with my song
The people got quiet
They got transfixed

Heard a lady from side stage say
"Hey this one ain't half bad."
I filled the room
With my music
My presence
My story
My song
For the very first time

A virgin audience
A virgin voice
All the fear fell away
The minute I started to play

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