Heat Stroke

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The earth started grumbling
All over
The world shook
The trees moaned and spoke to you
Cracking and snapping
It seeped into the news of dramatic upsets in nature internationally
The fish where all dying
The world was drying out
The air felt hot
Heavy air
Then it started happening outside your door
The glass would shake
The birds would disperse all of a sudden
You would feel the floor falling beneath you
People screaming
Disaster suddenly felt looming
If you thought the police could save you
Or the armies
Or the man in charge
Or god
You where wrong
You can't fight heat
Or the world from spinning
The only way you are alive is because you where already underground- when it happened
You didn't wait in your homes for further instructions
You just found a hole and tried to survive in the hot dark
Heat slowly creeping in through cracks

The first where the elderly and the very small ones
The hot air withering them like flowers
Just sweat
and panting
and tears
Long sleeps
Deeps sleeps
Panting, sweaty sleeps
Little babies first
Then grandma
Then grandpa
Soon you where gasping for air and sitting in freezers
If you survived the first heat wave
You saw a lot of dying
You probably where dying too
The second heat wave killed you
You died at least before your skin melted
Before you turned to ashes you watched trees burn
You watched your home burn around you
You watched the world light up
You watched reports of smoke taking over the planet
You heard the death cry of humanity
As you held on for some hope
Some savior
Some exit
But you can't fight the heat or the earth from spinning my friend

What happened?
Well in layman's terms...
The earth started spinning funny
Started moving a little too close to the sun
All of a sudden it turned into a rebel planet
Slowly growing speed
gliding threw space at an accelerated rate
As if a moth to a flame
We all headed for the sun
This grassy rock felt a little cold maybe
All I know is that most of the scientists are probably dead
Most people are probably dead
Heck if you are reading this I am probably dead too
Because what's underground?
I can't grow anything here
I have no food
I have no more water
I just inch away from the heat with the last of my strength
I lay completely still and listen to the earth squeak and twist
Above and below
It all moans
It all quivers and quakes
I can't focus on my thoughts
The sounds penetrate everything
My bones shake and vibrate with the sound
As I pray for air
As I pray for food
As I pray for humanity
And a little sanity
As I pray for all of life on this planet

It was nice knowing you
It all kinda happened rather sudden
I must admit
I didn't prepare a speech
I just scribbled out a poem
Between shaking
Between crying
Between dying

The paper will probably burn up
or be crushed into the moving earth
Just like ash

Dust to dust and all that

I wish we could have gotten along a little better
I wish we hadn't hated so much
I wish we cared about things a little more

I wish humanity well

If there are any of us left

With the next heat wave
With the next quake
...Well I pray it takes you gently and it doesn't hurt too much

Pray for me too
If you are reading this
Pray my soul found a better spinning rock next
Because that is the only hope I got
And since it's my last one
I hope you honour it
Pray for me
And I will pray for you

Maybe it will be humanities last prayer

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