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Hello all!

My name is Robert Carter, an American living in Cebu City, Philippines. This is my second account, created specifically for my witness server. My other account @rcarter has been inactive in blogging, as I have been focusing on becoming a witness.

I am 36 years old
Served in the Army for 6 years, with 2 deployments to Iraq (19D10)
I ignore news, religion, and politics.
Live a humble, and conservative life. I save 90% of all my earnings, and reinvest in myself and others.

Why do I want to become a witness?

My biggest reason for wanting to become a witness, stems from the past elections we had in USA. (back when I was following the progression of one of the biggest political upsets of our lifetimes). During this time, I noticed a lot of media censorship-As well as a lot of fake and misleading reports, blogs, and articles on the internet, TV, and radio. Once I found Steemit, I realized this was the platform of truth that the world needed. A place where the community isn't censored, and polices themselves. Where we are held accountable by our peers, and benefit from creating original content-No matter how controversial it could be.

From here, where?

As a witness, living in the Philippines; I see a lot of people struggling to make ends meet. The minimum wage here in Cebu is 400 pesos per day (less than $8). Living here for 5 years, I can say without a doubt, that every Filipino I have ever met, has been gracious, and kind to me. I would like to give back to them, through Steemit education and support.

What do I intend to do about it?

I would like to make it my mission, to develop community teams here in the Philippines. In the military, we followed a chain-of-command, and I would like to implement groups that can adopt this leadership style. By having smaller, more efficient groups, it will ensure;

  • Better Communication

  • Keeping Steemit Underwhelming

  • Synergy Between Members

  • Increasing Productivity

  • A Familiar Support Network

For instance here in Cebu (to start), there could be one voted chapter Cebu Team President, one Secretary, 3 Regional Leaders, and 6 Provincial Leaders. The 6 Provincial leaders would be in charge of their teams consisting of no more than 10 active Steemit friends/family members. They would be responsible for holding weekly meetings to spark creativity and to promote Steemit in their communities through sponsored events.

What would my role be?

Since I already receive a fair salary from my investments, I intend to roll 100% of my Steem into SteemPower, and use that to kick-start these smaller groups by sponsoring coffee shop talks via giftcards. As the smaller groups become self-sufficient, I will be able to focus on another group. Eventually delegating the main Team Presidents, my SteemPower, so they can be in charge of using it to grow their communities.

If I can humbly ask for your support, in voting me for a witness, it would be very appreciated. No matter how many votes I get... I still intend on keeping my server online, to secure the Steemit network.

Step 1; open this link-

Step 2; type my name rcarter.witness and click on vote :D xd.jpg

_Robert Carter

A special shout out to @someguy123 who helped me setup my Steemit server on @privex


You know I will support you! Thanks for your help in sponsoring the upcoming Cebu Convention ;)



mishuhuuh girl!!! san ka na? punta na tayo ng Mars!!
I will support @rcarter.witness turuan natin sya "Gorabels" keribels" pak ganern!
Upvoted followed!

@sunnylife natawa aq sa comment mo. Thanks for making my night.

hehehe ok olrayt! :):)

Awesome. I'm new here and I'm just learning about this witness thing and how it works. I'm voting you nonetheless. All the best!

I appreciate that, I have been helping behind the scenes for awhile now... And am now hoping to get more attention, to become able to help on a larger scale.


I wish you all the best. I've voted you for witness. Keep up the good work. Thanks for replying.

We will always support you! upvoted you as a witness :)

Thanks for the vote :)



Great post ! :)

oh wow!! I will support you!!!

Thank you :) You are in Spain right?


Hi @rcarter.witness!! Sunny is my good friend as well!!
As I said before, you have my vote!!

oh wow!!! thanks Papa Bear!! muaa

yes that's correct:)
I voted you last night:) good luck!

Thank you.. I just posted to start thinking about setting up a witness.. id you start with the 16GB version or the 32GB version? I also want to do it for the community, but also to break even after some months... What do you expect to get per month after 3 to 4 months?

32GB is preferable to most, for upcoming changes that may stress the network a bit. Future proofing, I guess.

I paid for a 64GB on Privex (since they allow payment in SBD), and then I paid @someguy123 to set it up for me. A bit more than one would need so soon, but it was in a budget that I was comfortable paying.

If you will do it yourself, @someguy123 has a good guide here;

Best of luck!


Oh, and TBH... I am not sure on the return-on-investment. I jumped in now, since I loved the recent whitepaper Ned posted.

Ok great, I hope you will receive a lot of votes.. I hope you would share some details with me after some weeks... I cannot afford a loss each month by running a witness.. So I want to do it but also need to have some value.. I just started 3 months ago on steemit.. and don't want to powerdown just for a witness server..

I understand that :)

We have to always help ourselves, before helping others.

Ask me in a month or so, and I will let you know how my server worked out for me.


Thx rob.. I will.

Looks good @rcarter @rcarter.witness :)

Good luck good luck @rcarter.witness and @purepinay!

Thank you @dreamiely,

Did you vote for me as a witness? I could always use more support :) (If you scroll down, and insert rcarter.witness and click vote)

Thanks again!


Done! Yay, happy to support you, too. Have you met @cloh76.witness, @steemgigs, @precise also?

I voted for them, but have not met them. I will pay for their flights, and hotels here in the Philippines... If they make the time to speak at the event.


And thank you... Witness voting is 100% free, and you can always pull your vote if the witnesses you voted for, aren't following through on promises. :)

Oh wow, that is quite generous of you! cloh is in the US though (I think).

How was the (was it Thailand?) crypto conference you attended recently? Read your post on it and the 'dad' bit was quite hilarious. playing with 'em coins again

Oh, I thought @purepinay said he was in Manila.

And it was great, thanks for asking. I will be going back to Thailand with @purepinay in 2 weeks :)

I am sure she will have some blogs about it. Will you be attending the Cebu conference?


Cloh flew back to US recently. Terry and Precise are both here though.

I'm not sure about the Cebu conference on November yet. I'll let you and @purepinay know once I've finalized my schedule. I know it would be awesome to meet the Cebu steemians! ^_^

Sure. And I am sure, if you needed a place to stay there will be many Cebu Steemians able to host :)


Interesting plan for the Cebuanos. Upvoted and resteemed. Will vote you as a witness once I have access to my desktop.


Thanks @st3llar,

Although I would love to help on a larger scale, it is just impractical to try and help everyone, in a country with over 7,000 islands :)

I appreciate your vote!


If anything for the benefit of Cebu community, I will support! :) You have my vote @rcarter.witness ! :)

I appreciate that @jassennessaj

Helping me, to help others. As I mentioned in my first blog, I will always use 100% of the SP received on this account to give back to my witness projects.

Hope to see you at the conference!


Glad to have you as a diligent supporter of Cebu community. I also have mine, you might wanna check it :

All good for Cebu! :)

Nice job.

I think smaller groups for Steemit always work best. I love a big community, but think it would be more productive if this community split into smaller 10 person groups... Holding larger meet-ups monthly.

Even a Steemit/Cebu/Engineers could be a team.



Sounds like a really nice plan, good luck. :)

Thank you, and also for your vote. I appreciate it.


hey @rcarter.witness sorry for getting to this so late. It's great to see another PH Witness - I have moved back to the US, but I plan on continuing to visit the PH every 3 months since most of my work is there. I will probably move back there eventually. I have upvoted your witness account using my account(s). I hope I get the chance to meet you at the Cebu or other PH meetups. If you get the chance, you can also join the Steemit PH discord channel at I have been a bit busy lately getting re-settled, but I'm back on now.

Hopefully we can work together on some projects in the future!

Hey Cloh,

That sounds good. I will cast a vote for you as well. If you are in Philippines in December let us know, would be great to get you to speak at the Cebu conference, and to reiterate to all the Filipinos why witnesses are important.


Followed and voted you as witness.. Thank you for your help to cebuanos here on steemit. Keep it up!

Thank you for your vote. Feel free to always keep me in check :)


You're welcome. ;)

I need to remove my proxy so I could upvote you and I did. I would like to join the convention to meet you, @purepinay and others. Hope to see you guys soon. If I can lend a hand to make this convention a success, even if not financially, I'll be happy to do it.

I replied to you on @purepinay's post.

I do appreciate the support, and really hope you do attend :)

Don't even worry about helping financially... It's a beautiful gesture, but I would love to see you buy more Steem instead :)


@rcarter.witness yes. I learned about how important steem is. If you saw my latest post, you'll see that it is one of my primary focus as of the moment and I started to use 100% power up for my posts. Thanks.

Im also from Cebu sir you have my support 😀

Thanks :) Did you vote for me as a witness?

I appreciate your help... Every vote counts!

Mabuhay, from Busay :)


Do you know how to speak bisaya language ?

No :)

Everywhere I go, Filipinos only want to speak English with me :P

I have lived here for over 5 years.


Ahh whos with you in cebu ?

I have a Pinay girlfriend. @purepinay on Steemit. She also helps the community... Although, a bit overwhelming for her since its a huge task to keep up with everyone :)

I see , I know @purepinay she recently visited our school for promoting the steemit


Yeah, she did.

You will come to the Cebu Conference she is planning, right? Make sure you spread the word... Will be 100% free, and you will benefit from all the information.

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Hello Rob...
My name is Greg and I am also living here in the Philippines near Cagayan de oro.
Kudos to you friend for you efforts to help support those Filipinos here stuggling here to earn a living.
Although I have been into Bitcoin and Cryptos for a couple years my wife and I are fairly new to Steemit.
Not familiar with witness, but have voted for you.
Please follow my wifes account as she has just started too @fairyanneschoice

Let us meet up Greg! :)

hey @rcarter.witness sorry for getting to this so late. It's great to see another PH Witness - I have moved back to the US, but I plan on continuing to visit the PH every 3 months since most of my work is there. I will probably move back there eventually. I have upvoted your witness account using my account(s). I hope I get the chance to meet you at the Cebu or other PH meetups. If you get the chance, you can also join the Steemit PH discord channel at I have been a bit busy lately getting re-settled, but I'm back on now.

Hopefully we can work together on some projects in the future!

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Hi :) I supported you, thanks a lot
Hope to visit Philippines soon

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