Me a Top 20 Witness = ~$200 Every Day Spent on Ads for Steem! #6

witness update 6.png

As a top 20 witness, I will spend 80% of my block reward earnings to advertise Steem on Facebook, YouTube, and Google every day! With each top 20 witness receiving about 250 Steem Power every day, having me in any top 20 witness slot will provide ~$200 to $600 a day for our Steem advertising campaigns at $1 to $3 Steem. $200 a day is enough to advertise Steem on Facebook, Google, and YouTube to hundreds of thousands of people EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When we show this many ads every single day, we are guaranteeing a significant increase in the demand for Steem on exchanges over the coming months. We can also expect 100 to 1000 new users EVERY DAY from the ad signups and word of mouth marketing follow up! Review what we have already done together on the Steem advertising budget spreadsheet which shows all the posts related to these ad campaigns!

To be clear, these results are possible because of our combined efforts. The ads themselves and the work I do with them is worthless without the service of thousands of active authors posting and tens of thousands of curators upvoting every day. We have made a community worth advertising which is why the ads work.

Now is the time to devote a serious advertising budget every single day to help the billions of users spending time on free social media platforms to discover a better way here with us! All it takes is a few more witness votes to move me from 29 into the top 20 at along with an invitation to any existing top 20 witness to pledge some of their nearly $300 a day earnings to our advertising campaigns!

Incredible Returns!

As the price of Steem increases, my pledge to give 80% of my block production rewards as a top 20 witness will automatically increase our advertising budget. For example, at $4 Steem price, this will equal $800+ A DAY in ad spend which is enough to show about a half million ads daily. The coming $10 Steem price will equal $2,000 A DAY in ad spend good for millions of people to see ads for Steem every day. Even at $0.50 Steem, we still would get $100 a day in ad spend which would guarantee an increase in the price over time! The snowball effect of all these ads will be absolutely unbelievable!


The ads running and results of the ad campaigns are already and will remain visible to anyone at any time on the budget spreadsheet. Every week I will record payments from the 80% of top 20 witness blocks as I have already done with every other contribution received from author rewards to wallet transfers. Would any other top 20 witness willing to contribute some of the rewards simply send me the Steem with a memo "Steem ads" because then I will add this to the budget spreadsheet in the same way I have already added the wallet transfers?

To make the payments, I will do a partial power down starting when I am voted into the top 20 that will allow me to withdraw almost exactly the 80% of the witness block producer rewards every week which I will then add to the budget spreadsheet for the exact amount I receive in USD from selling that Steem on an exchange. All of the withdraw and cashed out Steem will be used for paying the bills to Facebook and Google for our ads. Posts reporting ad results will also continue to add to the budget with this new system.

Witness Server

If you are curious about my witness servers being prepared for a top 20 slot, here are my current specs for my witness server, seed node, and backup server.

2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3
2x 240GB SSDs
1Gbit/s connection

To summarize, I have missed one block in 3 months out of around a thousand received. I have a sever, a seed node, and am almost finished setting up 1 backup server while also planning to get a second backup server. Every single server is capable of handling a block every 63 seconds indefinitely. I am preparing an automatic failover system with conductor that will allow automatic switching of servers when just a few misses are detected to minimize blocks missed and provide the best user experience on Steem. If this is not finished before I hit the top 20, I will make it top priority and have it online within 48 hours of being voted in. For version updates, I expect to be able to switch servers between blocks without missing a block or having to disable!

New Ads Featuring More Authors!

To verify the effectiveness of the ads in the last three months, I have almost exclusively promoted my Steem account in the ads I have done so far. At now over 15,000 followers in just 4 months and with about half or more of those coming from ads, we all have clear proof that these ads work extremely well to bring new signups and all of the incredibly valuable actions each new user takes from there.

With receiving the 200+ Steem a day as a top 20 witness, the majority of the advertising budget will be spent promoting users that are not me along with features, apps, and Steemit generally. This will allow us to bring in every type of potential user as we each have the chance to explain the value of Steem and then have ads run directly to our post. In other words, this new budget and approach empowers me to work behind the scenes to promote the best of what is happening on Steemit every day. I have already started this with the Smart Media Tokens ads and am ready to expand into posts by hundreds of different authors!

To empower this expansion, I will be launching writing contests which reward our authors for writing the best “Welcome to Steem” posts and curators for finding our best existing posts that I can directly use in ads to promote us which will allow me to shift the majority of the ad budget away from promoting me and over to promoting you and your friends! I hope to have hundreds of these posts being promoted every day in the coming months to help authors on Steem build a following and users online to instantly see why Steem is amazing and how to get started! I will provide example posts for reference and welcome posts of all types! For example, here is a post I think is ideal to promote to cryptocurrency investors in Google display network ads: Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Steem!

Given that video ads have proven the most effective for promoting Steem, I will also be opening the video ads to any YouTube channel along with collaborating to make videos with authors, curators, investors, and anyone else that is willing to help us share the value of Steem! If you would like to do an interview or recommend someone to interview, would you please ask or nominate in the comments along with suggesting a theme such as “what I love most about Steem” or “my Steem story” because this will help me start reaching out to make connections and do video ads for more of us!

I also have several new video ads planned which promote Steem generally in short formats which should help attract a lot more investigation and word of mouth marketing without spending 90% of the video showing my earnings and posts.

Let’s Do This!

The voters that can make this happen the very fastest are @steemit, @misterdelegation, @steem, @blocktrades, @ned, @val-a, @mottler, @databass, @dan, @jamesc, @michael-b via proxy @proskynneo, @val-b, @minority-report, @ranchorelaxo, @thejohalfiles, @ben, @smooth, @xeldal, @abit via proxy @abitmore, @arhag, and @jamesc1 because nearly all of these voters has an open witness vote and/or a vote for a disabled witness on a million dollars or more worth of Steem power!

Thank you very much to @freedom via proxy @pumpkin, @clayop, @hendrikdegrote, @roadscape, and @tamim for already voting me to rank 29 to make this launch to the top possible along with huge proxies from @craig-grant, @nikez452, and @onealfa!

To secure a huge and ongoing increase in funding indefinitely for our ads, would you make a vote for me as a witness or set me as a proxy today at because 80% of the rewards from my top 20 witness spot worth about 200 Steem every day will be spent to fund our ads together indefinitely?

Vote Jerry Banfield Steem Witness Rank 29


Set JerryBanfield proxy

Thank you for reading my sixth update as a full time witness and empowering me to be of service here with you in building our community!

Jerry Banfield


Wow, great work - keep that momentum. Here is my blog extremely pro crypto and loving steemit:

@greenman thank you very much for voting for me as a witness and supporting me here with your comment!


"Greenman got me through some hard times, man, but I'm done with it."



good post

You sure this is the right place to post this?

Nothing wrong here besides @steemcleaners only attacks the little fish

Is this actually the case, and does having a $5 vote constitute being a big fish?

What are you on about

Pretty clear question.

Is your claim actually true?

What is a "little fish"?

In my eyes yes

Could you provide any evidence that Steemcleaners ignores abuse from "big fish"?

I think you may be confusing prejudice with the fact 99% of abusers are little fish, low reppers.

Why not? He can write and upvote where he wants. It is better to take a look at Pepe.

Oh nice art

nice get her done

You've my vote Jerry.

@klye your vote means a lot as one of the top 20 witnesses yourself and I am very grateful for your support!

<3 No problems my man. Hope to see you join the top 20 for your efforts soon. Rootin' for ya.

I like your plan Jerry . One of the things I post on is Steemit page Views and they have been falling over the last two weeks . I believe Steemit needs people who will take the steps needed to make this platform great and I think you are one of those men . I just gave you a witness vote

@me-tarzan thank you very much for adding me to your witness votes at and mentioning about how our page views have went down! I noticed this also within just a few hours of having the idea to devote the majority of my earnings as a top witness to ads because we need to keep those page views rising and ads are very good at doing that!

I was surprised to see an ad you made on YouTube for the Smart Media Tokens. Very well made! It was plainly explained even to the laymen. I don't usually view ads but I finished your 15 minute ad from start to finish. I've been enjoying your Udemy videos for awhile now, and the energy you infuse to your videos is really magnetic. I have already voted you for witness the other day, but this whole update has just solidified my choice. Great work, Jerry!

@jedau thank you very much for watching the videos on YouTube at and voting for me as a witness also! I appreciate you taking your time to share how you experienced the ad and where you found me from Udemy!

Thanks for presenting the plan of advertising.
I support you.

Thank you for supporting me here! Would you please add me to your witness votes at because your vote will help us get my witness to the top 20 to start the funding?
You might replace me with @arhag because his witness is disabled!

You are going all out on the marketing, you add a lot of value to the platform, thank U Jerry!

It is a joy to do my part here Luis! Thank you for noticing!

I appreciate your efforts to expand the Steemit community and your commitment to reinvesting your earned STEEM into further Steemit awareness and expansion. This is a good lesson for all of us to be aware of that Witnesses strengths don't necessarily have to be in coding and server maintenance necessarily. Thank you, Jerry!

You're welcome it is my pleasure to do my part to help us grow and to know each of us are doing the same!

Just voted for you as my witness! Not sure how to prove that to you, though.


Hi ,
Thanks for sharing

Jerry, thank you. i am here because i am also following you on youtube and was very interested in why someone would have their eggs in one steem basket. lol. now i am starting to see the picture. i have decided to become a denizen and will be investing shortly. i need to figure out how to best apply my funds on the platform first. i did not realize there were actually three ways to buy in here. what i do realize is that with people like you promoting this full force as you are, there is a very good chance for an overwhelming success here. let me get my feet wet here and i will be right behind you. thanks for the heads up about this wonderful project! richard.

Richard thank you very much for joining us here and commenting right away on a post! I have almost everything in Steem Power which combined with upvoting and posting makes for a consistent return! We appreciate you planning to invest here which makes an equal contribution with what the rest of us are doing!

Nice initative @jerrybanfield, you got my vote ! I am part of the infantry spreading the idea of the Steem blockchain to the masses through word-of-mouth.

Seeing as word-of-mouth is a force of nature and Steem being an idea whose time has come the future is truly looking bright! :)

Thank you very much @reko for voting for me as a witness at

The pleasure is mine @jerrybanfield!
I'm thankful for you showing me the way here, it was love at first sight and the feeling just keeps growing stronger! :)

@reko I just checked and it looks like you just did an unvote on it because having it be blue after a refresh shows an actual vote! Would you double check it again to make sure after a refresh the checkmark is blue because that signals the vote is active? The system is confusing and I hope Steemit will update it soon!

Thank you, you're right, fixed it now! :)

@jerrybanfield What countries do you typically advertise in and do you target income levels of individuals? I would be interested in looking at the demographics of your advertising campaigns if you have that available. Average cost per click can vary widely depending on countries and target market so it would be nice to see that info.

That is really kind of you to support Steem advertising with your block rewards, wish i could have option to vote more than once for witness.

Thank you for noticing @hms818 and consistently giving us positive reinforcement in the comments over the last several months!

Very generous pledge, Jerry. I look forward to it!

Good on you for including the accountability section.

Thank you for the upvote @lexiconical and for your ongoing support!

Hello @jerrybanfield, on my Youtube channel you can find promotional resources like this one, You can use them freely. They are created by me for the community.

Very nice Carlos this is exactly how I plan to use the expanded budget with promoting as many of our videos like this as possible! Thank you for sharing yours with us!

Wow, nice concept in bringing more steemit communities !

Sam thank you for making the first comment within minutes of me making the post!

i joined after watching your facebook video .

Dude you should be, as you know it values steemit directly and indirectly you :P

Already voted for you Jerry. I'm sure you will do a fanastic job of bringing more people onto the Platform, well I'm here because of you :)

Steve thank you very much for your witness vote for me at !

Your welcome :)

"Now is the time to devote a serious advertising budget every single day to help the billions of users spending time on free social media platforms to discover a better way here with us!"

That's what I'm talking about, Let's Go!

@stackin thank you for sharing your support here!

Excellente post .you are the best .

Gloria thank you very much for sharing these kind words here with us!

I do not speak English. but you are always my example to follow I admire you a lot. my goal is to be like you thanks for giving me a vote in my post.

Keep up the good work! SteemIt has to get more publicity. It needs to get better known. We need more Steemians. Glad you're trying so hard.

Love the way you are re-investing. Proud to say I voted you as a witness. Wish I could give more votes your way to that.

Keep up the greatness ... going to buy more Steem in the next few days / Peace !!

Wonderful thank you for continuing to invest with us! I bought all I could stand to over the last month!

Now this is what I'm talking about!

Thanks for answering my questions in your other post and proactively sending this transparent message to spell out your actionable commitments that will exponentially help this community grow.

Giving back 80% is a steep commitment, but you're putting your money where your mouth is and will be providing evidence of this incredibly generous game plan. You've proven your character here.

I am now a fan. I just locked you up as a witness on my list. Please follow so we can keep in touch. See you at the top once I graduate from minnow school.

Thank you.


You're welcome Matt! I appreciate your reply here to let me know you saw what I posted and thank you for having me on your list of witness votes!

Do u have a youtube channel

Thanks for taking time to upload videos everyday on youtube. Your contribution means a lot to the Steemit community. Your effort will be rewarded as our community grows.

You're welcome!

@jerrybanfield I would like to express my gratitude
you've worked hard
I am amazed at your work, you have created the best surver.
and I will vote for you (vote for you)
thanks for sharing

You're welcome @abudar and I am grateful for your comment here!

It is work like this that really shows that you deserve to be in the top 20! You do an awesome job and keep up the great work!

@fury123 thank you very much for your support here! Up to #28 already within 24 hours of the post!

I have voted for you as I believe you will do a great job. Quick question, for the posts that you would potentially use for ads, must it be English only? Thanks

Susan thank you very much for voting for me as a witness and asking a question I had not thought to consider yet! The ads will be able to be in multiple languages if the author of a post reaches out to me and explains the post.
I can do display ads on Google AdWords if the author also includes a copy/paste ad text for me to use to make the ad!

Hi Jerry, thanks for responding to my question. As far as I know there are many Chinese authors whom have written some very good tips that would be good for the ads in my lens. But most of them are in chinese. I believe there would be some other languages from other countries too. So if multiple languages are accepted, it would make the ads more powerful, inpactful and global. I can share your post with my Chinese group. And I believe that’s you may also are familiar with a lot of them. Esp the dolphins and whales. If you want to reach out to them directly it would work too. We share the same goal of promoting our community. Best

@jerrybanfield, thanks so much for what you do for the Steemit community. I believe STRONGY in Steemit, and Steem. Together, we can all make this something incredible. Actually, it already is, but it just needs to mature. I think in (5) years, Steemit will be dominate. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter can play the role of MySpace. lol

If (when) I start making some money on Steemit, I'd love to donate something to your advertising campaign, as new users and growth will benefit the entire Steemit platform.

Keep your passion going !!

@rip-youtube thank you for consistently sharing your thoughts with us on each post and for the positive reinforcement here!

@jerrybanfield You're very welcome, and I value your interesting, and very inspirational and informative content highly.

A great idea, which helps the whole community, thanks :)

Amazing job promoting this platform

Keep up the good job!'s great you do detail post to inform people specially about steemit and how to make the best of it

I'm glad I did vote for you Jerry you are doing massive work ..

Dude you seriously rock. I signed onto my FB only to promote steemit... 2
The red pill gives moxie.

Just voted for you!

Hi Jerry why didnt you mention my name as top voters you need? hahaha anyway have voted already for ya...feel free to see my post and send in your support.

Hey @jerrybanfield it looks to me a witness in the top 20 get 17000 blocks a month at approximately 20c a block, thats $3300 a month, call it $100 a day. Where am I gooing wrong?

Hi @jerrybanfield I am following you and also upvote you as a witness ..
But i don't know whats the benefit for voteing any one as a witness ..
I also follow you on youtube and facebook ... you are great and making good informative videos .. thanks for that ...

I have just voted you as a witness. I don't know why I didn't do it before. I can be lazy sometimes haha.

Wow, great work keep that work on

thanks Jerry for contributing so much to the community! I voted for you as a witness

Wow, great work!! Here is my blog extremely pro crypto and loving steemit:

Love the articles! Thank you!

Thank you Jerry! We are super thankful to have those ads getting the word out! You the man :)

Bravo Maestro, this is your investition for future...

I'm in Jerry! Thanks for your cool Steem tutorial that was posted at StackSkills. It's what got me into this cyrpto platform!

Though I am a newbie here but I may assume that it's great work .........

Jerry is the heart of the Steemit network

Great work! You got my vote!

really i am impressed with you @jerrybanfield

Already voted for you @jerrybanfield. If only i can vote twice. Lol :)

Yes! This is a great idea / use of funds, you have one of my votes for witness. One suggestion I have for ads is not to emphasize holding a token but rather taking part in this great experiment with a great community. (Though I guess appealing to crypto enthusiasts will definitely help too, so maybe both :)). Actually on rereading the post it looks like you have that covered too. Excellent :)

Very good concept. Keep getting the community more interested. Not to mention more people=more money ;) hehe really good though lets make Steemit grow!

This post has been ranked within the top 25 most undervalued posts in the second half of Oct 04. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $85.25 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Oct 04 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Finally took the time to vote for you as a witness. You do such devoted work to the Steemit community. You deserve some empowerment. Go for it Jerry! ;-D

How about twitter?

A lot of folks who already know what bitcoin is, is on twitter

of course they will tell you steemit is a centralized scam.

create an educated post to them on why it is not right now and compare to mining pools of bitcoin and ethereum

Ok Jerry, I finally got around to vote for you.
Hope you make it to Top 20.
You are doing a great job in promoting steemit and helping minnows, thank you.

Nice and Cool Stuff Dear.
Make Sure To follow me I will Follow You Back Thanks @hakeemshah96

Growing the community in any way possible. Love it, Jerry!

Thankyou for sharing @jerrybanfield

My witness!

great stuff thanks

Further promotion of steemit is of the essence. You have my vote .

I think adding you to the top 20 was the best thing to ever happen to this community. The value you provide here is unparalleled, the contribution you make to the growth of Steemit is priceless. Great job @jerrybanfield

Re-steeming for exposure.

Another great blog Jerry thanks

Great job @jerrybanfield, you got my vote. Keep up.

So Nice. Keep it up!

You are an inspiration Jerry! I have been following you since your gaming vids 😁

Привет!Отличная работа!Интересный блог!Ты профессионально к этому подошёл.То,что ты делаешь поможет многим.Надеюсь оправдаешь надежды многих.Успеха в дальнейшем!Дерзай!

Thanks Jerry so cool how you're putting resources back into the system. 😀 😃 😄 😁 Have a wonderful day!

@jerrybanfield I select or set you as a proxy

Wow this sounds really amazing! Keep up your good work!

You look like Sheldon Cooper. :) great video!

You've earned my witness vote, Jerry. Though I may not always agree with your methods, it's clear to me you deeply care about growing this community, and you're putting your money and efforts behind that which I think is fantastic. I hope you continue to be a positive ambassador to this community we love so much.

Do a have a youtbe channel

I'm reading a lot of documents about being a Witness, and read most of your post.

I'm looking forward to make my Witness server live very soon.

Thank you.

Keep up the good work @jerrybanfield

Now that is what I call a plan to action!

Ok.. i voted you for witness. Goodluck brother..

@jerrybanfield - do you have any 300x250 banners ? I can put them up on some of the RTB bidding that we do as the passback tag. (Normally the pass backs get close to 50K impressions per day)

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