Bring it on - Primary and Secondary Witness Servers

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For the last 1 month I was running a secondary server without any keys to test for the stability. In between I also took 12 day vacation. I had an issue with the price feed which was due to an unexpected auto-upgrade and restart. Apart from that the Primary and the Secondary server worked perfectly fine. So its time to make it live!

Primary & Secondary witness servers


So, here is the current setup of my primary and secondary. There is nothing fancy here. The servers are geographically separated to avoid network events, natural calamities etc. The monitoring using condutor tool is in 2 locations as well. In the future I plan to setup a proper heart-beat instead of just the simple monitoring using conductor.

The servers are of identical configuration.

Future plans.

If the witness project becomes financially self sufficient, I plan to start running a public seed node and also enable proper Geo-redundancy & basic high availability setup. As of now CPU, RAM & network is monitored using plain old Nagios.

Declaration of Confidence

We all know that a lot of events are happening and there are discussions about all sorts of outcomes. I hope this action acts as a declaration of confidence in the Steem blockchain's future and its technical capabilities. I am sure that we will all find ways to work together and create productive results.

All hail Steem!

Steem witness Appeal

If you think I can add value to the chain, please do consider voting me as a witness. Every vote counts and this month I am hoping to pay the infrastructure bills with the revenue. Thanks!

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Where are you running these servers, and since because of the hivemind the public seed node literally needs a lot less functional specification so can the seed node run on the secondary witness server?


(1) not familiar with hivemind. Planning to explore
(2) since hivemind can be expected to get huge traffic in an unpredictable manner it’s not a good idea to run it on the witness server IMHO

Great to see your confidence to the platform!

Great job outlining it clearly for the public.

Thanks for boosting us with so much of confidence Bobby. I also have a feeling that even though there are so many discussions happening, at the end everything will end positive and let us continue to stay optimistic.

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Good effort and I like your future plan.

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