@theprophet0 Steem Witness - Youngest Steem Witness at 15 Years of Age - [100% OF THE FUNDS FROM THIS BLOG WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY/ORGANIZATIONS LISTED IN THE BLOG]

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Brief Introduction

My name is Nolan Jacobson, I live in a crime-filled city, Rockford, Illinois, I am fifteen years young and I am a sophomore in high school!

Ricardo Goncalves, @thecryptodrive, a very good friend of mine has told me plenty of times that I am very enthusiastic and those are words that really mean something to me in my heart. Smooth, @smooth, has also told me in Steemit.chat, "you are one of the most positive and inspiring community members. really great that you are so active." To go along with Ricardo's kind words, these are words that help me grow exponentially every day!

In all honesty, I have found who I am as a person just by being an active member on Steemit and from building relationships on Steemit and Steemit.chat. Moreover, I have gained so much knowledge from reading blogs to talking to millionaries on a daily basis!

One of the reasons I really enjoyed Steemit when I first started was because there was NO AGE LIMIT! To be honest, I thought I was going crazy! I thought I was going crazy because on nearly every website I have ever found where you can make money, you have to be over 18. While looking for jobs this summer, nobody would hire me because I was under 16 years of age. Steemit provided me with my first real job and I have made over $2,000 in a short amount of time which is super awesome!

You know what is really cool? If you're on a blockchain, AGE DOES NOT MATTER! With that being said, an 8 year old could trade cryptocurrencies or become a Steemer and become a millionare before they turn 18! That is just so crazy and frankly, I love it!

All in all, I have to say that this was the best summer of my LIFE! Steemit really helped me in many different ways and now I have made the choice to step up my game and become a Steem Witness!

Witness Node Specifications

8-core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz

Seed Specifications

8-core Intel Core i7 @ 2.67GHz

My witness and seed nodes are run in Hetzner, Germany in a secured data center.
My price feed is reduced from 10% to 12% in favour of a stronger SD peg!

Why Should You Vote For Me?

There are numereous reasons why you should vote for my witness! As reminded by a whale, @smooth, I am a very active member within the Steemit community! I am a daily writer for @steemsports, I enjoy curating content on a daily basis, and I want to do my part and help Steemit improve!

Additionaly, I love to market and advertise Steemit! Hence why I liaisoned with @steemdrive for a Steemit Billboard! Ricardo, @thecryptodrive, and I have many more projects coming up in the near future to advertise Steemit! You haven't seen anything until you see what we have up our sleeves!

Not to mention that my username is @theprophet0 and a prophet is a person regarded as, or claiming to be, an inspired teacher or leader. As mentioned by @smooth and others, I am told to be inspiring. This really makes me want to strive for greatness as others will if I will! Also, I absolutely love helping people out. With that being said, with great pride, every single liquid fund (SBD and Steem) will be donated to the following charities/organizations I will list below.


To be fair, each charity/organization will receive 33% of the liquid payout.

The Garden of Eden

We are the Garden of Eden, a sustainable eco-community in Texas. We fed 40,000 free meals last year and saved 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, and we achieve a negative carbon footprint. We are dedicated to building a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world for ALL! It is our greatest dream to see all of humanity living peacefully, joyfully, abundantly, and responsibly!

Yet this reality shall exist only when we as individuals, en masse, are ready and willing to take full responsibility for aligning with it at the depths of our beings--that means truly loving ourselves, truly loving our planet, and truly loving one another. ​From that place of true love, all decisions made will be made for the benefit of all.

We are revolutionaries in every facet of life. We offer truly ethical merchantry, sustainable housing, and honorable food production solutions to one and all! We exist to showcase how easy, abundant, joyful and sustainable life can be!

Please visit their website and look into buying some of their wonderful products!

Garden of Eden Website

The Garden of Eden has agreed in gratitude to show how they utilize my donation towards the highest good of all in a Steemit blog!


The main idea of SteemFund is to Crowdfund projects using community votes. Projects are organized and the identity of applicants is verified to provide safety to the backers. Steemfund then promotes a campaign to raise funds for the cause and, if successful, holds the applicant accountable for the funds raised.

SteemFund also has agreed in gratitude to show how they utilize my donation towards the highest good of all in a Steemit blog!

The Water Project

The water crisis is real. It’s affecting women, children, families and farmers. Women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa are spending hours a day fetching dirty water which leads to illness and disease, robbing entire communities of their futures.

Lack of access to safe water and proper sanitation limits education and food production, it harms health and leads to a cycle of poverty.

We want to help our neighbors and we know you do too. When you support The Water Project, you help bring clean water through new wells, rehabbed wells, sand dams, rainwater catchment systems and/or spring protections to schools, medical clinics and villages.

We believe local in-country solutions, through local national leaders, can help end the water crisis one partnership at a time. We can’t wait to bring you into the heart of their stories.

I recommend for anyone who is reading this to donate some funds to one or more of the projects I just mentioned. All of them are going towards a great cause and coming from a fifteen yearold, it feels amazing to give!

Steem/Steemit Dedication

Over a month ago, my dad @theprophet, got the Steem logo tattooed on his skin and it will be there until he dies! My dad was inspired by @craig-grant magic glass bead necklaces he made for me then my dad as well as by what I have accomplished on Steemit and therefore he decided too get his second tattoo ever of the Steem logo! That's dedication folks!

Current Projects I Work/Help Out For


SteemSports was born out of a community need to power up the masses of users to promote user retention through an alternate use of the platform for gamification in attempt to harness the global sports and sports betting communities, worth trillions of dollars to support the growth of Steem. This "free to play" project could very likely have its own frontend and sidechain in time, to further enhance functionality and create a niche platform while still contributing to the market cap and growth of the Steem blockchain.

I am a daily writer and editor for @steemsports.


@steemdrive a global marketing initiative for marketing the Steemit platform on spectacular size outdoor media, showing the world the power of the Steemit blockchain community and how "big ticket" items such as billboards are more than possible to crowdfund and thereby providing tangible credibility of Steemit post reward payouts.

On @steemdrive, I was honored to serve the role as a liaison and with help from Ricardo, @thecryptodrive, we were able to put up the first Steemit billboard in the USA!

First of all, I wanted to thank @npl77 for introducing me to my safe haven - Steemit. Without you, Nick, I would still be gambling and loosing money on a daily basis. Nick, do you realize how much I have accomplished just because you told me about Steemit? It real is crazy if you think about it that way... Anyway, I just wanted to give you a proper thank you coming from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you @thecryptodrive for becoming a very good friend of mine. You hae such a positive influenece on me and it carries over to my daily life!

Thank you @ervin-lemark for being one of my first followers on Steemit! When I look back, you have probably upvoted and commented on all of my blogs... Very very cool!

Thank you @rainman for being my first 'whale' upvote! You really gave me the confidence to blog more!

Thank you @smooth for all of your kind words and encouragment! It really does affect me in real life!

Thank you @jamesc for the upvotes and from following you on Facebook, I found out so many things I didn't know beforehand.

Thank you @kushed and @lafona for all of the wonderful support on my blogs!

Thank you @kyriacos for the GFX you made for me! You are a truly talented graphic designer!

Thank you @berniesanders for the conversations and guidence!

I would love to continue to make friendships from Steemit! You can find me on Stemit.chat as @theprophet0!

How to Vote For theprophet0 Witness

Step 1 - Click Here

Step 2 - Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and type in my Steemit username - theprophet0 -

Step 3 - You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key may work also. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness! Wohoo, Thanks!

Please vote for theprophet0 witness! When you vote for me, you are voting for the Steemit community!

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Wow great opportunity for u ...........congrats bro

no need to ask for parental consent ☺


Wow, great post! Thanks for the shout out. I never believed limiting opportunities in our youth! I'm really happy you're doing this.. I feel very fortunate that I can help support you and your awesome ideas!

I once got a tattoo though. I wish I hadn't done that ..


Haha! Thanks @jamesc, no problem! I hear ya 100% on not believing limiting opportunities in our youth! I am happy I decided to do this too! Defying that age doesn't matter on a blockchain! Thanks for all the support man! Haha but I bet you didnt get a Steem tattoo! ;)


Hahahaha yes indeed!
Wise words, as the youth deserve just as much access to opportunity as adults and yes tattoos are not the wisest choice as once you get em you can't get rid of em!
I also appreciate your support and guidance here on the Steemit Platform @jamesc you are without a doubt one of the most supportive whales of developing steemit accounts!
Best Regards~*~

You're electric kid, you have a bright future. Great to see such positivity. Upvoted, followed and respected @theprophet0
P.S. Props for your writing on @steemsports

Congrats! Resteemed. It's wonderful to see how there are so many various ages and locations of Steemit users. Some people show that the daily users are flat or sometimes down a little. I think those who are here are becoming more solidified and that solid and dedicated user base will grow with time. Great site and still in beta.


Thank you very much! I agree with you 100%! Steem ON!


So glad to see you in the newspaper!! As it should be!!


Very awesome! Will check it out now! :)

Thank you for supporting @steemfund , I wish you the best of luck as a witness


Indeed, hopefully my donation can help someone out!! :)


Very Cool.

Good job @theprophet0 .

I have 4 old bitcoin miners (servers build in 2013) in my apartment, and I could set them up for being witnesses, but I think that the electricity bills will be too high - maybe I am wrong?

Good to see a 15 years old being a witness of Steem!

Steem on!


Hey friend, well done on your witness post ... no-kidding about being an overachiever lol :) I was like you when I was young, I do wish for you that you will never lose your sense of wonder and ability to dream, I lost that for a very long time and Steemit helped me find it again. Suddenly magical things are possible with the help of a fantastic community. Best of luck and shout if you need anything!


Hey Ricardo, thanks my man! I know ahhaahh! I do hope I will not lose my sense of wonder and ability to dream! And if I do lose it, your right... Steemit will help me find it again! Thanks again man!


Great to see your successful relationship with each other. May it continue to be more so every day!
Full Steem Ahead!

Of course you have my witness vote bro and great introduction! ✌


Thanks bro! Good job on @steemsports! You are very talented! Very cheerful as well!

I like what you're doing on steemsports. I also like several of your chosen charities as I am a practicing survivalist/prepper. You got my vote...keep up the good work!


Thank you so very much! @justusagenstum and thanks for all the upvotes on SteemSports


Not a problem @theprophet0 I just resteemed this for you as well. Good Luck!

Wow!!! What an amazing little guy you are!!! I'm floored!!! I'm not only voting for you because you are an incredibly generous guy and the @gardenofeden will be receiving your blessing, but also because you are so focused and dedicated and on top of things at such a young age. You are going places!!!! What a delight to have you in this community!! We are ALL blessed!! Thank you so much for your generosity and seeing the good in the Garden of Eden. Go @theprophet0 Upvoting, Resteeming and following you!!!


I am honored to be able to have the chance to donate to such a wonderful organization, The Garden of Eden! Thank you so very much @everlove


You're incredibly inspiring and I'm grateful to "witness" the greatness you are already bringing to Steemit.

This is great. I wish I had this much drive when I was your age - instead I was fighting and being a moody teenager!


Haha, I hear ya man! Steemit is such a great place to get away of doing stupid things!

Voted for you! Congrats on everything you're doing man.


Thank you so much for the support! @full-measure

Awesome Post!
Congratulations and I wish you a successful future here on Steemit and in life!
I have been following you for a little while now as I could sense your potential and healthy mental posture. I have now voted for you as witness and support your success with that as best I can!
Blessings Brother~*~


I am also grateful to see your recognition and support of @gardenofeden !
A truly noble cause~*~

Dear Nolan, you have my full support and will always have it, 100%.

You are an example for all of us. Your passion is contagious :)

All posts? I must have missed one or two :)


Haha, Thanks!

I think you might have missed 2 max!

Steem On ;)

Thank you so much for your generosity, @theprophet0! You truly are driven and inspired--it's incredibly motivational to see your excitement and passion shine through on Steemit! You're obviously highly intelligent with high aspirations. Looking very forward to following your rise, and wishing you all the best!

You have my vote for witness.

@thecryptodrive recommended that I vote for you earlier.

I had not heard of you yet, but I like to encourage and to be encouraged, so I'll be following you now.

Keep it up @theprophet0!


Thank you so very much @papa-pepper I really appreciate it! :)

Followed and Upvoted Bro! Good Luck , i will be keeping up with you!


Thanks bro!

upvote for you as a witness the future is in the youth (even if I'm not old) great post. Thanks for all you do for Steemit and the community ;) I love that!

Congrats on the witness!


Thank you smooth! I appreciate the upvote as well! :)

Unbelievable wisdom coming from such a young person. We could all learn from this kid! keep it up.


Thank you so very much @christoph3, means so much to me!

you are not the youngest, I got a friend from mabinogi to join up yesterday. she is 14. not sure if she quit already though. so your not the youngest. :P

I upvoted! Awesome post! Awesome work! Keep it up and I look forward to collaborate with you in the future!

Great post. And of course I have voted for you as witness! :)

There is a little mistake in your post. You have quoted SteemSports under SteemDrive, too.
Good luck for your goals!


Thank you so very much! I fixed it now!

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I have no words for how proud i am of you Nolan "WOW" you have grown so much as a person and you make me more and more proud everyday ! keep it up

I like your attitude kid! I voted for your witness, and am following you now. Please look over my Blog, and if you like what you see (and I am pretty sure you will), please follow me as well--resteeming those posts you deem good content. You should look at my introduction first, and then anything that catches your attention. ~Cheers~

an outstanding and inspiring post - well done

@theprophet0 you got my vote. My pleasure running into you. Wish you all the luck with your node.
PS: I will hit you up once I start setting up mine :)