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Over at the Minnow Support Project, we're getting bombarded with users complaining about the bandwidth problems. Turns out it's not just a UI issue, as @personz figured out.

Many users are unable to use their accounts without additional SP injected. They're terrified it's turning into a "pay to post" system.

A simple fix can be applied by the top 20 witnesses, which is increasing your block size to 131072. This will provide double the bandwidth, and help out the minnows affected by the bandwidth issues.

In the mean time, check out @neoxian's post. He's giving away SP to those with <10 SP to help resolve the bandwidth issue for new users.

I have been using 131k block size for over a month now, as a few others have too. See @timcliff's post for more details.

update_witness "yourname" "your-witness-post" "SIGNINGPUBLICKKEY" {"account_creation_fee":"0.020 STEEM","maximum_block_size":131072,"sbd_interest_rate":300} true

I highly recommend witnesses start to use the 131k block size ASAP, to help alleviate the bandwidth issues.

In other news: SBD and STEEM prices are both falling. I recommend adding a BIAS on your feed to help SBD recover to $1 through arbitrage of the internal 3-day market. I am currently using 10% BIAS, some witnesses are using higher such as @abit.

Do you like what I'm doing for STEEM/Steemit?

Vote for me to be a witness - every vote counts.

Don't forget to follow me for more like this.

Have you ever thought about being a witness yourself? Contact me on STEEMIT.CHAT, or just ask in the witness channel. I'm happy to guide you! Join in shaping the STEEM economy.

Are you looking for a new server provider? My company @privex offers highly-reliable and affordable dedicated and virtual servers for STEEM, LTC, and BTC! Contact me on STEEMIT.CHAT for more information.

This post is 100% powered up.


Agreed, I've have upped my up yours!

Word up it's upped.

Thanks for the mention @someguy123, I've now done this, as little of an effect as it is 😅

Other witnesses, get on board! Think of the minnows.

Also shout to @rycharde for noticing the current_reserve_ratio had completely bottomed out and getting me active on this 😊

Props for locating and looking into this issue.

I've been doing this for over a month too...

Me too, my witness has been running with 131072 since day one of its setup (2 weeks now).

would it be possible to send all users 1 SP to help? An allocation could be sent aside daily to be used every few months.

I tried delegating 100SP and it changed nothing, so I think no, that will sadly not help...

I am new and have 46 SP (27 in parenthesis - used to be 25 - not sure how it increased). I've been having the issue on and off for about 24 hours. If this is the problem, someone with less than 10 SP would have it worse, I guess.

Yeah the less SP you have the easier it is to hit the limit. Hopefully the other witnesses react quickly.

That makes sense. Thank you for the answer :)

I don't even get what Witness is! Could you tell us more on what it is? But thanks for the information! :)

Witnesses find blocks for the blockchain. We are the backbone of the system.

I set my 30 votes up for my witness but I didnt see what I was getting out of it! It it a reward system? Also what else do I need to do once have allocated my 30 votes! Thanks

with your votes you can decide who represents the system. Like a government election, only that it is happening all the time.

I will check it out soon. Thanks!

Just to confirm. All I need to do is set my voting on witness and that all I need to do! A y reason why I carnt use the top 50 on the witnes page? Also what do you get out of the witness voting element? thanks for any help! @Williams858

You have 30 votes that you can give and take whenever you want. When you vote for a witness, you give that witness support, so that their voice on decisions that affect all steem is heard louder.

The top 50 witnesses can be voted immediately on the page, all other witnesses (like me f.e.) need to be inserted with username to vote for them.

A witness earns some steem every time they produce a block. And they get to produce more blocks the more you vote for them. So your vote decides which witnesses get to earn your share of the witness pay.

Happened the same here...

Yes I just read it! So just to confirm I need a server running 24-7? Just trying to get my head around it! ;)

Yes, or u can rent server space, make sure it gt backup power in case power go out.

Is there any tutorials on how to set it up? Thanks for the reply btw

Agreed. Ours was changed to 131K a while back and is needed by the top 20 witness's now for it to take effect. For a quick fix

I'm glad to see that people are increasing their blocksize.
Hopefully that mitigates the problem.
Thank you for your work @someguy123

@someguy123 A new user @ck-cake may have found a work around that should be looked at for clues on why this is happening. Here is her post. I haven't had a chance to test it since I'm in.

Unfortunately, as of around 3:30pm Central, the issue still isn't solved

Screenshot (224).png

I am running with 131k block size limit. Cheers.

HEYYY?!!! I faced the same issue today :O :(

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Thank you for the heads up @someguy123! I'll be going to 262,144 for the time being until the top witnesses get going and change their settings.

I have gotten this notice twice now since yesterday. I have 140SP so I'm not sure how much someone would need to have do this doesn't happen. I hope it gets fixed soon. I have resteemed to get this post circulated!

Thank you so much, I'm learning every day. I understand better.

@someguy123 - I am glad to see that you have been able to find a fix for the 'bandwidth issue' which was plaguing many minnows. I hope the witnesses are able to take the action you have recommended ASAP. Thanks for your sincere efforts. Upvoted and followed you. Also voted for your as a witness.

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I have the same problem, thank you for this post and being considerate n helpful. I already voted for you last week as a Witness but I don't think I informed you, sorry for that and thanks again @someguy123

Agree @someguy123

I've used double the blocksize since @timcliff mentioned it and I haven't had any issues with this. But we need the top witnesses on this, they dictate the overall consensus.
I will most likely change my bias today to help the SBD recovery, it's been dipping under $0.85, and the declining and unstable BTC price isn't helping.
I've been waiting this a little to see how it goes, but I've decided to act on this now and follow your way.

Thanks for your notice on this!

I hope the TOP20 will change it fast, it happened this night to me.
c-c-c out of vest.JPG

The funniest part is: or power up Steem while trying to power up =)

Great post! Lets get witnesses to make these changes quickly so the Steemit train can keep rolling. Way to be proactive in the tech-support!

Nice to see a I've witness! Thanks for working for the common good. Keep it up! Resteemed and upvoted

I agree because i experience it also. Bandwith problem.

Good content, but I agree this must be fixed! Looking foward for when the problem is sorted out

Anything that can be done to alleviate the problem is very welcome. PALnet has been inundated with questions regarding this issue. Resteemed

Resteemed as well now that I can actually resteem. From one person in the PALnet community thank you for all that you do gmuxx. Have an upvote as a little encouragement!

Why thank you. I can't take all the credit, I am part of a great team at PALnet

I know but you seemed to need some cheering up this morning! Besides every upvote for you is a vote against Shane!

This is true, we must stop his reign of terror

I was able to get out of it by using @andr1an0 ´s advise to use and to post on it. And it worked! is just steemit but more user friendly. I wasnt able to transfer more steempower to my account from my steemdollar etc. so this was a great way to be able to comment and post and like again :D
keep up the good work! I enjoy steemit more and more every day!
Try when you get this error message again. It helped me a lot!

For those seeing this me and a few others have been able to make it go away by either logging out and then close the browser and restarting it and logging back in. ( a few people I know did it that way) When it did it to me, I had some updates to do on my computer anyways, so I just rebooted my computer, when it fired back up a few minutes later I was able to post again with no issues, and haven't seen it pop up again. Hope this comment can helps a user getting that message.

Did the same with the log out, restart browser. I thought it was my connection so I also reset my modem. It worked so I didn't think much of it until I saw this post.

Not a whole lot I can do about this as a minnow...but I'm not panicking over it.
I do hope the issue is resolved PDQ though.
Thanks for doing your part @someguy123

Very informative post! I got the same message and whilst I'm typing this, I'm not sure it will send when I hit the POST button. But I have a lot of confidence that this will all be resolved soon.

Keep up the good work and keep steeming!

I hope this will fix the problem!
Thanks for your hard work, i had some malfunctions last few days too!

Thanks for sharing this.. I hope they increase their block size!

Gonna vote for you sir!

Right now!

Ty for helping Steemit community!




Thanks, shared ;-)

Thank you for helping us out i had this problem Thrice now hope it gets solved.

I've been getting the bandwith issue as well, even though I have a bit more than 10SP (well, only 20, but it's ok).
but usually when refreshing or waiting a bit it goes ok...

Just voted for you as witness. Keep up the good work @someguy123.👌

Excellent suggestion. Lets make it work together.

A very good post very good achievement greetings from me @abupasi.alachy

thx for sharing =)

Indeed the platform does seem laggy

It is frustating for me actually. I got like 9SP and i cant even replies to comments on my post. I knew the wrong is not at my end. However i really hope everything to clear out soon!

BIAS means??

Well said and thanks for keeping us all updated with the recurring problems some people are experiencing. I personally don't own that much steem,but i intend to carry as normal and continue to purchase steem whenever i can afford it. Anyone who truly believes in it should stay involved,i'm sure these problems will be rectified as quick as possible.

Thank you very much @someguy123 ~ good looking out for the community :)

Much Love & Bright Blessings!

been having bandwith problems for 2 days now cant express my creativity :'(

Great update, thanks for working to resolve these bandwidth issues. It's important that minnows have a seat at the table, posting can't be restricted to only the power users...

Just added you as one of my witness votes, cheers.

Thank you @someguy123 to bring this topic yesterday i get into it for the first time as a minnow and really i get pissed off i really try everything even a comment will not work not even buy some SBD. After turning around for two hours and searching the web for information I really don't know what can i do. Than I've been once more to my wallet to try to buy some SBD but same shit happen. I've just notice that i have about 1. 059 SBD and 0.900 some SP to redeem i press the redeem button and everything works again. But really it was so discouraging to try everything and don't even really understand the reason. On the net many were saying you get no more power or you piss off a whale. It was a really bad experience as a minnow i was thinking i don't do any bad so if i piss off someone it is a bad system mafia like. I hope to never encounter this problem again. Love and Happiness. Following you now and resteem this valuable info. Thanks

Super infuriating to pretty much feel banned for the few minutes that this happened to me

This is a big problem for minnows. I have twice had an inscription about impossibility to leave a comment or publish a post :(

Interesting, as a new Steemian I love seeing this information and learning more about the dynamics of what keeps the Steem engine churning. I appreciate all the work witnesses do.

Thanks for addressing the bandwidth issue as I've been getting that message quite a bit today.

that helped me to understand the problem, thanks

I am suffering with this bandwidth problem. I am sure it gets resolved soon enough. I am voting for you 100%. Steemit needs more people like you . A big thumbs up for your work @someguy123

reading -> understanding -> following -> voting

Something strange happens to this bandwidth. Yesterday I tried to write a post, the second for the day, and immediately the inscription came out:

dlina-v-metrah bandwidth limit exeeded. Please wait to transact or power up STEEM.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and helping to resolve it, you are the best! Before coming to this conclusion you even offered to send me some and I really appreciate you being so selfless.

I have been wondering what the bandwidth issue was since i am a noob only 2 and half weeks old. I didn't understand what that was with us also having 100% voting power when new as well so i thought i had hit voting limits for a fresh person.
I even had gone to poloniex and traded for some steem a week ago to maybe help and then it turns out it's just whales being greedy and taking all the money. Is this platform going to survive like that or will another one that is more fair replace steemit?

What has changed that we are running out of bandwidth? Has usage picked up substantially or are minnows now starting out with lower SP?

So is the price of steem actually the reason we are having bandwidth problems?

Wow sir i appreciate your efforts keep it up your good work.

consensus reached @ "maximum_block_size" : 98304

thx. i have been voting for you for a while!

this is great. i agree. thanks @someguy123 for sharing

I have also been having the same issue. Try to post,resteem and get the "not enough bandwidth" message. Got it again a few minutes ago. Haven't been able to upvote or resteem a post about a little girl who won't eat because her father died! I haven't even used all my voting power. Flustered, it started yesterday. Thanks for bringing this issue to light for all of us minnows who really love steemit.🐓🐓

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what was going on with all of these little red "scary" notes.

I upped mine yesterday to 52, yet I have still been getting blocked off and on today! how much do we need to stop the bandwidth message?

Thank you @someguy123. I happened to have an extra 34 Steem so I moved it into Steem Power, so I was able to post a few minutes ago. I love and believe in this platform but my imagination began to worry about what this could mean. Please continue to keep us posted.

Great post!!
I'm voting for you (and will try to remember to keep doing so!) :)

I thought I'm the only one experiencing it, thanks for clarifying. I was a bit worried for a while that I have to power up just so I can post LOL

resteemed. I've had it there for a while. Steemit's nice that we can fix the size issues without an apeshit crazy hardfork like some other crypto's are going through...

Still having the issue. About 20min ago and earlier today. Both times I had to add 1 steem to my SP. Something seems fishy and I know you are on our side so I'm commenting back to you. Are minnows being forced to up the pool??

You can wait it out too. Hopefully block size increases and maybe other fixes too.

thank u, i am enlightened.

up vote for you power up!

I increased the blocksize, makes totally sense!

this article has been referenced in: down the rabit hole -
the case of the bandwidth bug

Thanks for writing!

I finally have enough bandwidth to thank you for this very helpful post.
@someguy123 thank you for the answers you provided here, also for giving good direction to the witnesses on how to improve steemit for all of us.
Thanks to this post I still own a the hardware to use steemit.
Bandwidth is a real challenge, not certain how to overcome it besides waiting.

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