Standing offer: if you are a newbie and you are getting "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" I will fix yousteemCreated with Sketch.

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Hello all,

EDIT: My offer is for those with less than 10 SP both their own and delegated. If you have more than that, there is little I can do directly, this is a systemwide problem, please stay tuned.

I would like to make this a semi-permanent standing offer:

If you are new and are getting this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded", then I will delegate a small portion of SP (free of charge) to you that will fix this situation and allow you to perform actions on the block chain.

Only contact me if you are actually getting this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"

You may contact me in Steemit chat or discord: neoxian in both.

If anyone knows a newbie having this trouble, send them my way.

Edit: It seems like many larger accounts are getting this too, so maybe it's a different problem. This post is aimed at those with less then 10 SP combined with delgation.


I am facing the same issue. Help me to resolve it..

i got the message earlier today, but now things is back to normal. i guess this is because somekind of glitch from the blockchain.
i guess my sp should be ok, eventhough it is still small. 😃

you are very generous 😃😃

So awesome of you to help newbs out :)

i am having this problem

that is very very nice of you! great to have another one helping the community!

I read an article saying that the bandwidth limits are set to hinder spammy type posting, etc. I post once, maybe twice a day and my posts usually only include one photo and not a lot of text. I am also not an excessive voter, maybe 10-12 per day. According to what I have read on all the comments here, my SP should be sufficient. I have been getting this message on and off since Saturday. It's a mystery.

Thank you for offering your help but in my limited understanding of how Steemit works, this seems like a problem larger than your generosity. I am encouraged by people like you willing to help. Keep up the good work.

I hava this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" from 5 days. I can't do anything i platform. Please help

I tease you a lot, because of some comments we've both forgotten by now where we didn't entirely agree, but this is pretty heroic man. /salute!

Just got this message myself for the first time - and I have about 370 SP. Curious why this is happening.

I love that you're willing to help out the newbies. Just shows how good of a heart you have, bro. Keep doing your thing - you've got my support.

@neoxian - It is heartening to see that Senior Steemians like you are always ready to support newcomers. I am not getting the message and am now 1 months old here but I am sure other newbies would get helped immensely. I hope to grow here and be able to help out just like you do. Thanks. Upvoted.

I continued my observations today of nuggets of wisdom from wildlife and wrote a blog 'Dueling Duo - How impalas manage conflict' with my wildlife photos and musings with a twist. I request you to take a look at it when you have time. Your comments, would be an encouragement and incentive for me to make better blogs. Thanks

I have experienced this 2 times yesterday! I you can lend me few that's great but I don't know how could I pay it back!
Anyway that's a great offer for newbies like us! Really appreciate your effort to build the steem community!


Very inspired! A true leader on this platform.. for those of you who have been helped by @neoxian and want to return the favor, you can vote for @neoxian as a Witness :)

Wasn't helped, but I will vote.

resteemed for my new project, you rock neoxian

I had this issue when I first started about 2 months ago and I didn't know what it was haha

Awesome to know that there are whales who are generously helping those who are new.

I dont know why is this happening,
Only when i try to comment in someone posts
But it fixes after hour

I already have the voting slider and still experiencing this.... above 300 sp plus some auto delegated when I signed up. I can comment sometimes Thanks for always coming to the rescue

I havent had that message but Wao. Thats an example of a good fellow steemian. Helping newbies, some of us future big players (hopefully me haha) is such a kind act. Thank you!

Good for you man helping out the minnows I am a minnow but I have 1,000 SP delegated to me. I resteemed and upvoted and followed for your kindness. Peace and love. ~AK

I had this happen to me once when the price of SBD dropped but after a bit more Steem Power it seems like it is fine for now.
At least it isn't happening anymore.
Thanks @neoxian for helping others who are encountering this problem.

Yesterday I've got that message two times.
"Your bandwidth limit exceeded, transact steem or power up"
But it disappeared after i sent some steem from bittrex.

Definitely some larger account getting this too. I only have about 100SP but got this today on the first post I tried to reply to...
Working now though 😁

I posted a bandwith calculator to check bandwith account balance
Feel free to try and give feedback (beta version)

Thank you for the kind offer. I could certainly make good use of it. Yesterday I could not participate in Steemit for about 5 hours, I think. I got the bandwith limit error message.

But I have 118 SP, plus 27 delegation. I believe the blocking is because I voted too much, since my voting power was something like 73%. But maybe this is not the cause.

Perhaps you can give me advice on how to avoid this.

Try to be more efficient. Are you casting 100 %1 votes? Do 10 10% votes instead. Make one really smart comment instead of 10 "nice post" style comments, things like that.

Thank you. I cannot regulate the % of voting power. I think that is only possible when you have more than 500 SP. If there is a way to regulate voting power with less than 500 SP, it would be great if you told me how.

@neoxian I keep getting the issue now.
I've been trying to post but it doesn't let me as I've been getting the "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" problem.

Wow @neoxian, that's super nice! I'm having this issue and no idea what's going on.

@neoxian I have received your charitable and active from a friend. Witness vote

You're the man! No one cares for newbies like #MinnowSupport <3 Bless you.

That's nice from you. I have a friend who had this problem but he has 200SP, I don't know if he figured that out already. :)

I got the same message few times. But after few minutes it was fixed.

Experienced this a lot of times today, and I'm on about 750+ SP - not at all sure why it's happening.

Awesome that you're offering what you're offering to the minnows. Great to see this kind of thing.

i got this message yesterday twice one in morning and later in evening dont know whats the problem so i had to buy some steem there after it worked and again got error is this problem will remain forever ??

Hi @neoxian i am not that technical with stuff like these but it again happened with me half an hour ago this time i waited now it working why happening again and again. :(

I also had this message but one hour later it was ok.

I've been compiling links on the subject for people trying to fix or understand the problem. I'll add a link to this post. Even at 30 sp it's happening to me. Makes me scared to vote.

Nice of you that you are helping the newbies. :)
I experience this bandwidth limit problem yesterday and today. I waited for about an hour more or less and it was okay again. :)

This is very kind and generous of you. Good on you! If I hear this from the newbies, will surely send them your way.

I got it same problem here can you help me ,,it looks like this @youngjerv bandwidth limit exeeded. Please wait to transact or power up STEEM.

Thank you for the generous offer to help the network. I had the problem an hour or so ago, but have been able to post again just now (guess this will be another test?) I have like 8 steem dollars at moment. Could this be happening because the price of steem just dropped under a dollar??

My friend @coquiunlimited facing this issue.

This is generous! I had this happen earlier today, I am able to post again, but couldn't for a while. Will let u know if anything happens again, thanks!

There may be a glitch somewhere. I got that message tonight when I was trying to post a comment, and I heard another 3-4 people say the same thing. All of us were trying to post a comment, and it happened roughly around the same time.

Good stuff @neoxian! Strange that I've also been getting that message intermittently with over 200 SP.

Yea it seems like even larger accounts are having problems too.

Just got a case with over 500 steem power , same problem . Is there any info about the correct numbers and what triger this thing ? Is not the voting power because last person i talk with have over 98%

Hi,I think bandwith is related to the amount of info you post
You can calculate your current bandwith balance with a simple calculator :

Hmm thank you a lot will chek :)

It is very nice you are helping new members. Thanks.

I got that msg 2 or 3 times when i go for commenting and posting, but eventually it was fixed. So i pass my chance to someone who is facing this trouble again and again. thanks @neoxian

Had this Problem at this Night too, but in the Morning was everything ok. I hope it will not happen again.

Resteemed. Maybe it will be useful for someone of my readers.

yes, my account with about 800 sp also has this problem just now, though it is gone very quickly... would like to know what's the reason behind though :) thanks for your help

I do appreciate the offer u give @neoxian
Offering time and help is really nice of u !
I believe u have got many msgs today and I was one of them..

Thank you !
Ur effort is appreciated

I'm curious about this system message, because I should be completely fine if it's based of amount of SP (2k SP+2k delegated=4k total SP) yet I got this message earlier.

It seemed like a glitch because afterwards I could still do actions just the same as before. Any thoughts on this @neoxian? Note: I've been experimenting with lots of 1% votes, so that could be related.

Hmm yea, you have plenty of steem power, so you should be totally fine. I don't know what's up with that. Yes perhaps if you are casting hundreds of 1% votes maybe that's it?

Maybe 500 throughout the course of a day, yeah. It's only happened once.

Ok, new development, this morning it is now happening continually any time I try to vote:

Dude, way to help out. I remember @luvbnamome wasn't able to vote because her value had dropped below her initial account value. Gotta be frustrating to not be able to participate in voting. Awesome stuff my friend.

I noticed lots of people were getting this. Very generous of you to offer this.

I had this message earlier today and now I am ok. I really have no idea what this even means, but someone told me to lighten up on my photo uploads. So I will only use a jpeg for the first photo and pngs for the rest.

I was also told only to empty (?) the wallet once per day instead of any random time you see it has money.

Today I have this in my Steem power:
18.477 STEEM
(+27.575 STEEM)
I have no idea what that means either. Can you provide any help or explanation? I'm pretty sure I had 25 steem in parentheses when I started, but my 3+ weeks here are mostly a blur now.

I really appreciate your offer to help, but I am not in any chats and don't understand the concept at all. I am not good in real time.

I only got on fb to push my message, and then Twitter and Pinterest and on and on. Now I'm trying steemit due to the amazing Alexa ranking.

Old lady alert! Just trying to push my health and weight loss message and so confused! Still swimming though :)

You have about 18 steem power and someone is lending you 27 sp. In theory you should be fine now, but we'll see.

Also, the photos don't matter at all since they are not stored in the blockchain.

Hello. Welcome to Steemit.

The best bit of advice I can give you for now is don't even think or worry about STEEM, Steem Power or $SBD fo rthe 1st few month. Just keep writing and posting. It is a long and slow process with many stages to understand and reap the reward from Steemit. I didn't even look at my wallet for the first 3.5 months.

Hope this helps.


I am trying to ignore it, but I'm getting the bandwidth exceeded error, so I think I at least need to understand enough of this to avoid getting locked out on and off. I can't post or do anything else when I am locked out and I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Someone told me not to empty the wallet unless there is SP in it so that you get more power. I have no idea if this is correct. Someone else said on one of these threads that he had 200+ SP and it still happened to him, so I have no idea if .001 SP would even be a help to me if I get it.

I was getting it off an on all afternoon today. I sent you a message on chat! Thanks for your help!

I've been here a while but I hadn't heard of this problem. If I see any newbies with it I'll let them know about you.

I am new for sure. I can use any help there is. Posting here requires faith and as a minow things can get discouraging. I appreciate all of the help I can get.

Are you getting that message?

great info for all newbie like my self , i haven't really experience this problem but i well resteem this should in case any of my followers are having this problem , thanks again i upvoted

This just kept hitting me earlier and I had just bought steem. It wouldn't let me power it up to steem power either. Same error over and over. Then my internet crashed any way. When I came back it was still giving me the error. I googled it and never could figure it out really. Then I switched to Firefox and it worked.

Thanks to your comment when I saw it earlier today - I opened up clunky old Firefox when I got the boot again. No help at all lol. I do not even understand the difference between steem and steem power and which one I am supposed to keep high if either. So really, I am swimming where I do not belong :(

Thank you for the info. You are the man.

Very cool. I haven't had any issues, but I have heard a lot folks that have. They really need to fix this stuff. Thanks for trying to be part of the solution. I don't resteem often, but I am resteeming this!

I had these issue, and keep up prompting on my page,when ever I want to make comments and upvote, please what can I do to rectify it.

This is weird. It's the first time I'm getting this message although my SP should be sufficient.

Going on two days.

That is pretty generous of you to do so. Seems like ur getting more people not understanding what (and why) ur doing it though, and asking for SP lol xD

I got that message earlier when I tried to comment something....
but now things is back to normal.

Awesome. We're getting a lot of reports of this in PALnet. I'll send them your way if I see it reported again. -Shane

I got that message earlier when I tried to upvote something, I had a little more than 200 SP at the time too. Any ideas what might be up with that?

I'm not sure. With your 200 SP you should be fine normally, it could be that the blockchain is getting more spam than usual. It's unclear.

Judging from some of the other replies here it seems that I'm not the only one it's happened to. Whatever it is is very interesting, hopefully it's not going to be much of a problem in the future.

It seems there might be a few little gremlins playing around with the inner workings of steemit right now, I remember seeing last week someone post about a resteem that disappeared.

This is so nice from you :)

I recieved the message too.

Really, I want this offer and I will contact you when i would free. Please wait for me.

Are you getting that message? You have 27 steem delegated to you, so you should be fine.

doesn't every new user get 27.5 SP delegated to them by default?

Apparently some don't. I have seen some that have very little SP (normal and delegated).

Good :) follow me back @zuric

hi, just a friendly reminder this strategy is not gonna work. 😃😃 asking to follow back is not good, better make a good engagment.
just a friendly reminder from me. 😃

can confirm, strategy doesn't work

I keep getting this every couple hours. I had to wait all night to post this comment. It sucks. I have even slowed way down on my posts and comments but still can barely post or update my blogs. Sad times.

Resteemed, to let more people know.

@neoxian been getting the message though now everything seems to be ok , would like to keep SP while the issue goes away , to keeo contributing

I have seen this issue on and off for a few days. I have less than 1 SP but 27 SP delegated. It appears to happen in high load periods and hence the higher power users get into the block first, the minnows get biffed out.

Normally if I wait a few mins I can get into a block.

Really annoying though

@neoxian there are two ways to fix this. the first is log out of your account and reboot your browser. If that fails then just reboot your computer. I have had the error once yesterday and once today and I have tested both methods and they both worked.

His name is neoxian not neoian, lol.
anyway, I don't think those solutions actually work.. just passing some time will have the same effect on this as restarting your computer.

hey mine says that sometimes what does it mean ,plz check out and upvote my post please @neoxian

@neoxian A very good initiative. Keep supporting us.

What does this message mean?

great initiative

I believe it was a glitch or a bug.

That's a generous offer! I don't need it, but upvoted just for the gesture.

I also received this message but after a while it is accommodated the same way if you can help me I would be very grateful

Tambien recibi ese menjase pero al rato se acomoda de igual forma si me pueden ayudar estaria muy agradecido

I got this and wondered what was going on, i am new but will work hard to learn this new platform, thank you for any help

I just played in steemit and I'm newbie
I would like to learn about steemit more deeply for those of you who better understand the problem of steemit
Give your support?

Hi , I signed up for Steemit about 2-3 weeks ago . I finally completed my first article after long hours of formatting on Steemit. When I hit the "post" button, I am getting this error message: c::raw::pack_size(trx) <= (get_dynamic_global_properties().maximum_block_size - 256): I've never posted anything here before, I've only commented 3 times and upvoted 3 times (if I remember correctly) in the past few weeks. All I have done has been formatting / editing my article a few hours per day the past week or two. Does anyone know when I will be able to post my first article or why this is happening? This is extremely discouraging because since it is in Steemit format (Markdown) I can't just post it at my blog right away because I will have to spend hours reformatting it, re-uploading pictures, etc. And I can't earn cryptocurrency on my blog. The article is controversial. Am I being censored? It also has a lot of photos, is the size too large? I have already tried posting on 2 different computers today and get the same message.

It sounds like it's just a bug.

O.K., thank you.

neoxian, if your offer still stands, please fix my friend Dave's account @beer47. he ran into this issue and has no bandwidth left to even post here. thanks

Real struggle with bandwidth.. My impatiently and my will to post don't make the situation any better haha.. :p So please heeeelp

Power up your steem.

That will help you, power up any steem you can. If you can reply to me, then you should be able to do it.

@neoxian .I am facing the same problem.Is there please an issue to help me to resolve it?

I have a friend who has trouble with this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.. please [email protected]

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