Standing offer: if you are a newbie and you are getting "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" I will fix yousteemCreated with Sketch.

in #delegation6 years ago (edited)

Hello all,

EDIT: My offer is for those with less than 10 SP both their own and delegated. If you have more than that, there is little I can do directly, this is a systemwide problem, please stay tuned.

I would like to make this a semi-permanent standing offer:

If you are new and are getting this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded", then I will delegate a small portion of SP (free of charge) to you that will fix this situation and allow you to perform actions on the block chain.

Only contact me if you are actually getting this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"

You may contact me in Steemit chat or discord: neoxian in both.

If anyone knows a newbie having this trouble, send them my way.

Edit: It seems like many larger accounts are getting this too, so maybe it's a different problem. This post is aimed at those with less then 10 SP combined with delgation.


I am facing the same issue. Help me to resolve it..

i got the message earlier today, but now things is back to normal. i guess this is because somekind of glitch from the blockchain.
i guess my sp should be ok, eventhough it is still small. 😃

you are very generous 😃😃

So awesome of you to help newbs out :)

i am having this problem

that is very very nice of you! great to have another one helping the community!

I read an article saying that the bandwidth limits are set to hinder spammy type posting, etc. I post once, maybe twice a day and my posts usually only include one photo and not a lot of text. I am also not an excessive voter, maybe 10-12 per day. According to what I have read on all the comments here, my SP should be sufficient. I have been getting this message on and off since Saturday. It's a mystery.

Thank you for offering your help but in my limited understanding of how Steemit works, this seems like a problem larger than your generosity. I am encouraged by people like you willing to help. Keep up the good work.

I hava this message "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" from 5 days. I can't do anything i platform. Please help

I tease you a lot, because of some comments we've both forgotten by now where we didn't entirely agree, but this is pretty heroic man. /salute!

Just got this message myself for the first time - and I have about 370 SP. Curious why this is happening.

I love that you're willing to help out the newbies. Just shows how good of a heart you have, bro. Keep doing your thing - you've got my support.

@neoxian - It is heartening to see that Senior Steemians like you are always ready to support newcomers. I am not getting the message and am now 1 months old here but I am sure other newbies would get helped immensely. I hope to grow here and be able to help out just like you do. Thanks. Upvoted.

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