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The Witness World is hotting up.

Movements in and out of the Top 20, and interesting new witnesses appearing every week.

This all makes compiling Witness Weekly ever more fascinating.

The Current Top 20 Witnesses

There have been significant movements in the Top 20 in the past week.

Two new witnesses, @roadofrich (#12, South Korea) and @cotina (#20, Latin America), have moved into the Top 20, and two have dropped out - @successgr.with and @alexmove.witness.

The other big change has been @justyy swapping with @steemchiller to claim the top spot.

While the mega votes of @dev365 and @upvu.proxy still very much control who reaches the top witness rankings, the growing vote of @rme is beginning to play an ever more important role in determining who sits where at the Top 20 table.

Looking at @steem.history's daily Rich List @rme appears to be the richest active individual Steemian coming in at #9 on the list with well over 9 million Steem Power.

Having just dropped out of the Top 20 @alexmove.witness is this week's backstop at #21.

The current top 20 witnesses for the Steem Blockchain on 17 September 2022 are :


There are a further 30 or so active backup witnesses mainly in the #21 - #50+ slots.

All top 50+ witnesses are running the current 0.23.1 version.

Most of the witnesses from #55 and below are 'former' witnesses that are running old witness versions (0.23.0 or 0.22.1) and have now moved to another blockchain.

Details of all the witnesses can be found in @steemchiller's Steemworld.org, on @justyy's steemyy.com or on @symbionts's ecosynthesizer.com...

The listing in the Steemworld.org has the added feature of showing who is voting for each witness (click on the little piechart icon).

@steem.history and @future.witness both publish daily witness listings...

New Witnesses

As predicted last week @rexthetech, along with @freelance.monkey, have now launched the SteemWOW! witness...

Their Witness Campaign Post says they have plans for new projects on Steem, and also to provide 'robust API node services'...

@rexthetech has hit the ground running as he has already identified an issue with the Price Feed and had a Pull Request taken on board by @justyy to fix it...

@steemwow has also published the full list of @rexthetech's comprehensive 11 part guide on how to set up a witness...

@steemwow is currently at #103.

Another new witness this week is @bangla.witness. They have just in the last few hours posted their witness announcement...

The witness has come out of the Bengali language based Amar Bangla Blog Community, and has the backing of @rme.

As well as @rme as Chief Supporter and Adviser, the @bangla.witness team includes @blacks, @moh.arif, @dr-frankenstein (from Symbionts), @hafizullah, @winklesc, @shuvo35 and former Bangladesh Country Rep @rex-sumon.

@bangla.witness has some interesting plans and projects including ABB School and ABB Charity. They are also setting up their own blogging platform at www.steemit.blog.

@bangla.witness is currently at #50.

The other new witness spotted this week is @jrcornel.wit.

The witness has not published any Witness post but presumably this is the witness of long time Steemian @jrcornel.

@jrcornel.wit is currently at #64.

Witnesses News & Updates

New top witness @justyy (#1) continues to make regular posts on various technical topics, for example...

@steemchiller (#2) continues to maintain the top app on the blockchain in the form of Steemworld.org.

@steem.history (#4) puts out a number of very useful daily posts covering witness listings, Steem Power rankings and the STEEM system config.

@steem.history has also published details of his policy for how he uses his Steem Power...

@upvu.witness (#11) publishes a daily list of which witnesses it is supporting with the massive @upvu.proxy vote (29M SP)...

@upvu has made a number of posts giving more information about how it selects the witnesses it supports...

@etainclub (#13) continues to work on the development of his AVLE app which is now in public beta...

@italygame (#15) puts out regular weekly updates about their various activities, including maintaining the Steem Fanbase auto-voting service...

@alexmove.witness (#21) continues to make daily posts for his Users Activity Rank Club...

@alexmove is also looking for people to join a development team to work on a WordGame Telegram bot project...

@steemit.kor (#45) posts daily updates of their recommended posts of the day, and a summary of their witness activities...

@ayogom (#51) has been investigating Steemit-Enhancer, an old Steemit-Korea tool...

With movements in the Top 20, and new witnesses appearing regularly, the world of witnesses on Steem is definitely getting more interesting.

It is good to read of the new plans of the new witnesses especially. I will be following these closely.

All this new activity, and new prospects for the future, is making me think it is time for me to revisit my own witness voting. Currently I am only using four of my 30 witness votes.

Time to do some more voting...

Pennsif [ Discord Pennsif#9921 ]

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


Hola amigo, interesante actualización, me alegra ver como cotina representate latinoamericano se encuentra como testigo #20. Esto es un pequeño logro para nosotros

Saludos, sigue trabajando bien

¡Cotina está progresando rapidamente!

Thank you very much for including the news of Bangla.Witness. We are really glad that Amar Bangla Blog is able to contribute to the entire Steemit ecosystem, hope to contribute more in the future. But one thing should be change that Bangla.Witness is not about Bangladesh but it is based on Bengali language. Thanks.

Thanks for the correction about your community - now edited on the post.

Thanks and enjoy the support.

Thank you !

Very important post for us.

Greetings @pennsif

Great post really impressive making us know the top 20’s
Please I want to grow my Steem Power just like yours please can you guide me through it?

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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Useful information, thank you.
I also thought about my list of voting for witnesses :)

This is a very helpful information to me because via this information I have known not just the top20 witnesses but the role they are playing.

Very good

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