UPVU Proxy Governance Voting Update Announcement

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Thank you to everyone who has delegated SP to UPVU Proxy. It has now been two months since we announced our governance voting standards and started voting. Meanwhile, on the Witness Discord channel, there has been a lively discussion of Witness candidates. And we were able to get various feedbacks from the community. Thanks to the Witnesses and community members for their comments.

As we mentioned in last post, our team's goal is very simple. OUR GOAL is to make the Steem ecosystem healthier and the network stable. While we vote for governance on a quantitative basis, we always want to hear from the community.

A witness should not only contribute to the chain - but also has a good behavior e.g. set a good example/model to the community. - by @justyy

We agree with @future.witness and @justyy and withdraw voting for the currently controversial Witness(@steem-supporter) Candidate in accordance with Reputation Criteria of the Governance Voting.

You can see the Governance Voting Criteria in our previous post

Earning trust from community members is a very time consuming task, and Steem's Witness candidates should always strive for themselves to be good role models for the community. Reputation is one of the most important factors in the Steem blockchain and governance mechanism.

Additionally, if any of you would like technical assistance in setting up and running a Witness node, our team and all Witnesses @future.witness, @steemchiller, @justyy and more are ready at any time. If you would like to become a builder on Steem, please feel free to contact us.

We will continue to BUIDL Steem with all of you.



UPVU Proxy에 SP를 위임해준 모든 분들께 감사드립니다. 우리의 거버넌스 투표 기준을 발표하고 프록시 투표를 시작한지도 이제 2달이 지났습니다. 그동안 증인 디스코드 채널에서 증인 후보들에 대한 활발한 토론이 진행되었고 커뮤니티 멤버들로부터도 다양한 피드백을 받을 수 있었습니다. 많은 의견을 보내주신 증인들과 커뮤니티 멤버들에게 감사드립니다.

우리가 지난 포스트에서 언급한 것처럼 우리 팀의 목표는 매우 간단합니다. 우리의 목표는 Steem 생태계를 보다 건강하게 만들고 네트워크를 안정적으로 만드는 것입니다. 우리는 정량적인 기준에 따라 거버넌스 투표를 하는 동시에 커뮤니티의 의견에 항상 귀를 기울이고자 합니다.

A witness should not only contribute to the chain - but also has a good behavior e.g. set a good example/model to the community. - by @justyy

우리는 @future.witness@justyy의 의견에 동의하며, 거버넌스 투표의 4번 기준(Reputation Criteria)에 따라 현재 논란이 되고 있는 증인 후보(@steem-supporter)에 대한 투표를 철회합니다.

우리의 이전 포스트에서 거버넌스 투표 기준을 확인하실 수 있습니다

커뮤니티 멤버들로부터 신뢰를 얻는 것은 매우 많은 노력과 시간을 필요로 하는 일이며, Steem의 증인 후보들은 커뮤니티에 좋은 롤 모델이 될 수 있도록 항상 스스로 노력해야 합니다. 평판은 Steem 블록체인과 거버넌스 메커니즘에서 가장 중요한 요소 중 하나입니다.

더불어, 만약 여러분 중 증인 노드 설정 및 실행에 있어 기술적 도움을 받고자 하는 경우 언제든지 우리 팀을 비롯하여 @future.witness, @steemchiller, @justyy 등 모든 증인들은 준비가 되어 있습니다. Steem에서 빌더가 되고 싶으신 분들은 언제든지 연락주시기 바랍니다.

우리는 여러분들 모두와 함께 계속해서 Steem을 만들어나갈 것입니다.



@UPVU the Symbionts Team has been downvoting users that do not vote for them as witness or vote for others they do not like. They have been downvoting myself and others for days now for this reason using the @ecosynthesizer account, which has basically resulted in them bullying steemit users based on who they vote for as witnesses... This is not the type of behavior that Steemit Witnesses should be engaged in and should not be supported or tolerated in any way shape or form. If you guys are not going to support steem-supporter, you should also remove support for the Symbionts Witness due to their bad behavior.

It's one thing for sides to disagree on who should be voted in witness, but it's a completely different story when it comes to downvoting users posts, to me this crosses the line when you start directly hurting individuals simply because you don't see things the same. We shouldn't tolerate any of that here on Steemit, these guys should be removed in my opinion.

Yep, I agree. Downvoting by the @symbionts team crossed the line and is unacceptable behavior by a Witness and should not be tolerated.

Hi, thank you for your support!

  • First, please refrain from putting Symbionts in the same brackets as a well-known serial scammer.

  • Second, we usually vote for witnesses for their merit, and we categorically refuse to sell our votes or serve them for any kind of profit other than merit.

  • Third, we are obliged as per our role to 1- Secure Steem, 2- Defend Steem, and 3- Thrive Steem.

  • Fourth, extrusion is a known behavior for the proxy you are supporting. Forcing witnesses to vote for X users or the witness votes would be withdrawn is a simple example of this behavior and you are part of this scheme.

If, by your definition of what is right, you believe that we are going to just stand aside and watch while cracks keep forming on the chain, you are mistaken. We will use the ways that the chain provides to either regulate the reward distribution to authors and witnesses or deal with actors that consider the consensus a joke or a ping pong game.

You should be thankful that people care enough to actually do something about it when an issue exists. Unfortunately, it appears that you are more on the profiteering side of the spectrum, which would definitely change our views. If you ever receive negative votes from us again, consider them as under "Disagreement on Rewards". But still, we reserve the right to do it when we deem it necessary for other reasons under chain law.

To conclude. Believing that our convictions and principles would be bent by a change of vote from Upvu is short-sighted. Not everyone can be bought, just as not everyone is willing to use their assets to help other people. To top it off, we would gladly take a hit if it meant scammers like Steem Supporter would never get support again.

Thank you,

Hello! Funny, been trying to reach you for days to no avail and yet you show up immediately when what you are doing is shown to those supporting you... funny how that works. :)

First, please refrain from putting Symbionts in the same bracket as a well-known serial scammer.

No one put anyone in a "bracket"... But bullying users isn't right, not matter the justification.

Third, we are obliged as per our role to 1- Secure Steem, 2- Defend Steem, and 3- Thrive Steem.

Downvoting users posts who support witnesses other than yourself isn't protecting STEEM in any way shape or form. It's bullying, plain and simple and there is no place for that on STEEM. And it's certainly not "thriving STEEM". Investors sell their steem when they are downvoted like what you have been doing. You are literally doing the opposite of "thriving steem".

You can try to twist this however you want, but the facts remain. I supported my friend Xpilar and so have several others and you are systematically going around downvoting them because they are not voting for the witnesses you want them to vote for.

That being said, I am all for protecting the chain and helping STEEM thrive which is exactly why I want 20 Top Witnesses in there who don't all agree with each other! If you really want to protect STEEM you should want the same thing. The more diversity amongst the Top 20 the better. Having sock puppet witnesses within the Top 20 is not better than having people you disagree with... and that is the whole point of all of this.

we would gladly take a hit if it meant scammers like Steem Supporter would never get support again.

Well there we have it @upvu, they are perfectly ok with being removed as a top witness if steemsupporter is, sounds like we should honor their request.


다시 확인해 보니 버그가 있어서 보팅이 중단되었었습니다.
해당 버그 수정하였고 보팅은 곧 처리될 예정입니다.
기다려 주셔서 감사합니다.

어제 보상분배가 이루어 지지 않은 것 같아요~


아 어제 누락분은 내일 오전에 내일 것과 같이 전송될 예정입니다.!!
최근 api 문제로 조금 문제가 있었네요. ㅠㅠ

번거롭게 해드려서 죄송합니다.!!

아니예요~ 항상 감사드리고 있습니다.^^

The symbionts team continues to downvote users based on how they use their witness votes in an attempt to bully and intimidate. You guys @upvu need to not support them unless they stop this behavior...

@upvu, the symbionts team continues to downvote users based on who they vote for as witness, this is not behavior that you should be supporting and certainly falls under the "bad behavior" guideline you mention above. I and several others in the community request that you no longer support such behavior with your witness support for the symbionts team.

Very good

@upvu I delegated 5k steem 6 days ago. I am receiving daily upvote but i am not receiving daily rewards. and Is there any discord server for questions like this. Thanks

Hi @guineapig,

Steem rewards starts after 7 days from delegation SP.
And we don't operate any chatroom because of resource.
Please understand about that.


Thanks @happyberrysboy for the information. I was just wondering is there any group cat or discord like stuff related to upvu. Because I see many other peoples are also confused how upvu works

@happyberrysboy recently I delegated some SP to @upvu. I want to know is it confirmed or not. https://upvu.org/myPage not showing any confirmation. Can I know system of upvoting weight regarding delegation SP. Thank you

다시 확인해 보니 버그가 있어서 보팅이 중단되었었습니다.
해당 버그 수정하였고 보팅은 곧 처리될 예정입니다.
기다려 주셔서 감사합니다.

Sir how can i eligible to get Upvote from you

Hi @cryptobitcoins,

Sorry for so late answer.
You delegate to @upvu some SteemPower(minimum 150SP), and you can get our upvoting service every day.


제가 2022. 6. 20. 오전 11:22:24에 4.294 UPVU를 전송했는데 아직 처리가 되지 않은 듯 합니다.
확인 부탁 드립니다.

안녕하세요 @yhoh님,

답변이 늦어 죄송합니다. ㅠㅠ
UPVU 토큰은 매주 일요일 자정(월요일 00시) 까지 UPVU 전송된 것을 수집하고, 해당 수량만큼 파워다운 후 그 다음주 월요일에 분배되도록 되어 있습니다.

그래서 가능한한 일요일에 UPVU 토큰을 전송해주시는 것이 가장 빨리(그 다음주 월요일 새벽) 받을 수 있는 방법이구요. 그 전에 보내 주시는 것도 결국 일요일에 조치가 되도록 되어 있습니다.

(지금은 전송 다 되었습니다.)

Changed to my proxy vote to @upvu.proxy.

Hi @lichtblick,

Yes, we checked your proxy vote.
Thanks for proxy.

your post is welcoming , but please note apart from few witnesses those are trying to create a scene against me the community is with me . Majority of investors in steem trust me . Those people like justyy and future witness are just doing propoganda because they feel insecured .,

it does not suit justyy to talk about good behaviour , he DM many people to remove my vote or proxy to funds2021 , is it a good behaviour ? I hope you re consider this action ,

There is soon gonna be a debate weather few peoples accusing someone is right or the community is

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