Sharing UPVU Proxy Witness Vote Results(Updated. 2022/10/24)

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Thank you to everyone who uses UPVU.

Many witnesses than we expected shared information through Steem Witnesses Activity History Survey. Thank you to all the Witnesses who participated. If you have not yet checked the Google Form, please feel free to send us your info, and we will try to add the content ASAP.

Voting Basic Conditions

We want to start with the most basic steps. The most basic role of blockchain nodes (witnesses) is the stable maintenance of the network.

1. Who filled out and submitted the Google Form
2. Witnesses currently running the Seed Node

Initial voting was completed for witnesses who met the above 2 basic conditions.

(Important note) Main Witnesses are required to operate full nodes as well as seed nodes. Please be sure to set up to full node. We are well aware that it takes about a week to set up a full node, so we will inform you in advance, and a full node will be added as a basic condition for voting in the future.

Voting status with @upvu.proxy for top 20 + Google Form submission accounts

  • Voted 30
accountgoogle formfull nodeseed nodeservicevoted
Reason of canceled voting

@steemnodes account was created only 4 days ago, and it doesn't meet the criteria due to its low reputation.

@steem-supporter Inconsistent with reputation criteria

Witness activity sharing community has been created

  • Community link:
  • The purpose of this community is to share information such as various Steem-based tools, services, and node operation status.
  • If the Witnesses themselves write monthly updates, it will be very helpful for community members
  • We will continue to focus on BUIDL! We plan to appoint members who are interested in governance or communication as moderators and provide incentives.
  • We hope that it will also be used as a promotional space for new projects or services currently in operation.

Seed Node, Full Node, Services of Tools, Node Status & Links will be organized and added to the UPVU 2.0 website.

thank you.


[-]future.witness (49) 14 hours ago
Nothing wrong we are against scammers, thieves and racists.

Any evidence to back up those claims @future.witness?

Not based on accusations, but any real facts. Anyone ever reported steem-support to police station? Was he on trail? Was he sentenced to commit any crime?

Or you're simply assuming that Steem-supporter is GUILTY of scamming, being a thief and a racist?

Those are HEAVY ACCUSATIONS. Most likely you could do a prison time if anyone would sue you within your own country.

Hopefully you are aware of it. And I'm saying that, not to make you feel scared. But to show how DAMAGING your words are and what weight do they carry.

Hopefully this clearly personal conflict can be resolved in mature way, without all those uncalled for accusations.

Hello UPVU, I suspect that potentially several of the Top 20 witnesses may be being run by the same person... which I think is a detriment to the health and the distribution of the STEEM network. Perhaps you can also add some form of verification process in order to receive the UPVU witness votes? If people want to run more than one witness, that is perfectly fine, but we need the Top 20 to be 20 unique witnesses in order to best maintain the integrity and distribution of the STEEM blockchain... thoughts on this?

Thanks for the good comments.

Obviously, if it is proven that the same person is running it, and there is no good reason, I don't think it's right.
Of course, this is an area that requires additional meetings internally within our team.
Note please.

On a completely unrelated note...

The Debt Ratio of SBDs to STEEM has now gone over 10%, which means no more SBDs are being printed. The only way this changes is if the price of STEEM rises or if the number of SBDs decreases. Which means... this is probably as good of a time as any to start using the DAOs SBDs to buy and burn STEEM, which would either raise the price of STEEM and/or lower the price of SBDs under a dollar to where we can use the conversion feature to convert the SBDs to STEEM thus decreasing the total supply of SBDs and getting the debt ratio back under 10% again...


You have any discord channel?

Hi @mituu,

We do not operate a Discord.
Please leave comment here.

It is possible I just went to deligate 1k steem and 7k blurt

We couldn't find your delegation history.
Please check again.

I can't able delegation, how to delegate? Can you please help me to do it. So that i can delegate you my sp

Hi @mituu! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @happyberrysboy
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Thank you I just reply

Hey! I have delegated you some sp from @mituu, can you please check it out. And since I delegated my sp today, when will I receive vote on my posts? @upvu @happyberrysboy

Hi @mituu,

We confirmed you.
You receive upvoting once a day(0~23:55) based in Korean Time(UTC +9).


As you can see on some witnesses that you are voting for have been reported by tons of people for suspicious activities as scammers. Is this a criteria to receive a vote or simply a mistake?
You should consider checking witnesses history before voting for them.

Hi @future.witness,

I fully understand your feelings.
We have already received several reports.

And I spoke to a suspected scammer.
He replied that it was because he had been hacked.
And he said that there are still forces that support him.

Of course, I don't believe everything he says.

But we try to remain as neutral as possible.

Going forward, @upvu.proxy will create a new metric to vote for.
It is scheduled to open on the upvu2.0 website.

If they have a problem, I think they will be eliminated from there.

If there is any reason why you think they are really scammers, please let us know.

And I sincerely hope that the future team will continue to work on Steem.


Dear @upvu

In another topic I replied to @future.witness, which seem to be quite persistant with targetting @steem-supporter. Which does look to me more like a private issue. More than anything else.

Consider checking it out:

I'm myself not taking any sides yet and I'm also trying to be neutral as possible. But quite aggressive tone of words coming from @future.witness doesn't help here.

Regards, Piotr

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

there are few people who don't like me and hence all this organized propaganda is being used to influence people .. And those people who don't listen to them , they start telling them scammers as well . BEWARE !!! But the community will judge this overtime .. 6-7 Peoples against me trying to influence thousands will not work out like this . I will fight for my right which i should have done way before

I will fight for my right which i should have done way before

hi @steem-supporter

I would suggest to avoid fighting for your rights. Otherwise you will only pour more oil into the fire. and it will make things worse.

Perhaps it's best to continue working on your project and patiently wait to see how this thing will resolve itself. And influence people in more discret way. Without arguing on Steemit.

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

Thanks for your reply.

Nobody has been hacked, there are lot of proofs showing that those scams did not happen by mistake. More than this, you are voting for racists who are insulting europeans and asians publicly.
And all the proofs have already been posted in the official witness channel on discord. I'm sure you can ask to any top witnesses and they will show you the proofs.

I understand your will to stay neutral, but do it so and stay neutral, don't vote for scammers/racists until you are sure they are not.

We are happy to learn that new metrics will be added but even like this I'm afraid that our core values and principles are not the same.

Unfortunately we have to leave, we are not willing to show our names beside scammers and racists. If we do so it would mean that we agree, and we clearly not.

Good luck for the future.

you are voting for racists who are insulting europeans and asians publicly.

What is wrong with you @future.witness

Hi @xpilar

As I wrote in other comment - this looks like some private issue between those 2 users.

Sudden level of hostility coming from @future.witness is only making it harder to stay neutral and it does look like he is using his established position to target someone he personaly dislike.

That's my impression so far.

Nothing wrong we are against scammers, thieves and racists.

Hi, @future.witness!

Please support our team (@alexmove.witness and @steemit-market). We ask you to vote for us as witnesses. We are developing automatic checks for the uniqueness of posts, user ratings and other scripts and activities. We are also preparing a big project - the online shop (sale for STEEM/SBD).

Every day we send double cashback to those who voted for us. Your vote is very important to us!

Good luck!
Best regards, @steemit-market.

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

I know what's wrong , Your hate towards me started the day your delegation request from the INC was unheard while i got a 500K SP delegated account . you accused me of using that account to vote my wife's post - Of course i will vote my wife . I was even ranked above you on the witness list which might have triggered your ego more . You and the gang started baseless accusations against me that turned me into an angry tiger which led me using some words i should not have . Now since the neutral and Diversified policy of @upvu had brought me back to the active witness position . you are doing everything it takes to prove that i should no be here . You even at one point told steem users that @upvu was a scammer along with me and @xpilar



This was few days back in the steem block explorer you maintain .

@xpilar currently has 97,298.276 Million vests as for his witness approval out of which 45,959 Million vests is not upvu and this roughly 25,139,573 Vested steem . so according to you apparently all people who are voting for me and xpilar are scammers . After i loose the STEEMIT vote as a witness that was followed by you and other count-full peoples i never ranked below the 40th position that proves that there is no reports against me in your steemscan apart from you putting a scammer tag to xpilar me and upvu . I also heard that you people banned xpilar from the witness server to influence other people against us . I so hope and request @upvu to maintain the promised neutrality and don't be a part of this baseless war that is raging against @xpilar and me


Yes, what is happening now is completely wrong
I shared a post from you [steem supporter] on the witness channel and was banned. I have fought for steemit / steem for a long time and against many Hive witnesses for steem to survive. Now my own are going against me because we have a collaboration to develop things together.

Most people at steemit know what I stand for and most people know the Worldofxpilar community and all the talented employees in the WOX community.

@futureshock wrote in his post

But we will open source all the progress already made so anyone who wants to continue will be free to do it.
In accordance with our notice period, all FutureShock services on Steem are going to be interrupted after the 31 May 2022.

So that you did "Witness Activity and SteemLogin Fork" was because they said "who wants to continue will be free to do it". and we wanted it in place before 31 May 2022

This tells me when they exclude me from the witness channel without any form get notice is that someone is influencing this decision

And this wrote @hightouch and makes everyone believe it about me on the witness channel

@hightouch - 04/06/2022
I always suspected xpilar to be a fake account / scammer community. And this prove me that I was right.


This tells me when they exclude me from the witness channel without any form get notice is that someone is influencing this decision

Whoever blocked you needs to have a long, hard look at themselves. As users, we expect our witnesses to have constructive debates for the betterment of the Steem blockchain - for any well respected witness to be eliminated from these discussions without giving a decent reason why is simply wrong.

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

What do I have to do to get more up votes?

Hello! Please check the @steemit-market questionnaire. Thank you!

I checked about that and voted.

@upvu, Thanks for your information. I would like to understand what O and Х mean? X - node not installed?

X means Inappropriate standard.



Please how can i delegates to upvu new account...sir my post upvote please sir..and send steam so please sir my post upovte

I want to delegate 1400 sp to @upvu

Hi @mituu! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 1400.0 SP delegation to @upvu.

Hey! I have delegated you some sp from @mituu, can you please check it out. And since I delegated my sp today, when will I receive vote on my posts? @upvu

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