EOS Is Alive! Object Computing + STEEM?

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The EOS Mainnet launched on June 10th and just reached the required 15% staked voting for the genesis block producer to give over control to the top 21 block producers which, currently, includes our @eosdac team eosdacserver in position three! If you have EOS and haven't voted yet, please get the vote out! You can learn more about us at https://eosdac.io/

I'm so incredibly excited to have been a part of this process. You can see my somewhat random comments around minute 10, 24, and 44 in the video of the initial launch as it happened on June 10th:

I'm honored to be nominated and listed on the http://eosacknowledgments.io/ site for Community Evolution and Public Awareness-raising. This URL was included in a blockchain message as the chain first initialized.

It's hard to describe how amazing it feels to be a part of something like this and be told by the community you contributed something of value. I put together a quick little video that day on a train heading to hang out with @anyx which captured some of my thoughts (thanks for letting me crash on your couch, Scott!):

When EOS went fully live with the 15% required voting, I was on a call and right after that call I had another call with a representative of Object Computing which you can learn more about here: https://objectcomputing.com/

In case you think this post is all about EOS, let me give you just a teaser of what that call was about. While at TulipConf last week, I met @philmesnier who works with Object Computing and spent over a year helping build the core EOS software. He was at Steemfest2 and really knows his stuff.

I don't often do the "take a selfie with me" thing, but I did in this case.

Now that EOS is launched, they may be able to do something interesting for us.

Talking with Object Computing today, I got some ideas for how we, as a STEEM community, might move forward some long-awaited coding changes which Steemit, inc has not yet prioritized due to their focus on HF20, Appbase, Hivemind, and SMTs. If, as a community, we can reach consensus, we could potentially hire Object Computing to do some blockchain core development for us. I now have an idea how much that would cost and whether or not Witnesses could realistically come together to pay for it. In short, we can. Realistically, some real funds will be involved, but if we reach consensus and enough Witnesses and investors want to make changes, we can make it happen.

If we want to move things forward, we can potentially engage with Object Computing to do it with professional experts with direct graphene developement experience. I was told on the call they have around 160 engineers and are looking to hire many more. The average time with the company is 14 years (!!!). They aren't a blockchain company, but have been doing high level distributed computing work for a long time. They have four different engagement models, one of which might be perfect for us and relates to providing ad hoc support in 30 minute increments.

Not Just Complaints. Solutions.

This, to me, is really exciting in that if we as stake holders, Witnesses, and users want to move things forward, we now have a path we can take. If, for example, we create a foundation to manage the Github repo run by the top Witnesses, then we would be free to make our own changes as needed to improve the STEEM blockchain. Steemit.com changes would still be controlled by Steemit, inc but that too may be a model we can change in the future if its in the best interests of Steemit, the users, and stake holders. This is the blockchain of opportunity after all, right?

I really am excited about this possibility for moving forward STEEM development and how all these technologies can work together to improve the world. If you're a Witness, investor, user, or developer and this sounds interesting to you, let's keep the conversation going. If there are changes we can reach consensus on that should be made in the core STEEM blockchain code, why not get a formal proposal put together via @utopian-io and get a quote from Object Computing to get it done?

This is our chain.

We own it.

We are responsible for improving it.

What do you think?

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, programmer, STEEM witness, DAC launcher, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Learn about cryptocurrency at UnderstandingBlockchainFreedom.com

I'm a Witness! Please vote for @lukestokes.mhth


This is our community! It needs to be a battle cry!

I've been showing this post around myself...

2 things comes to mind:
a) mythical man months - Luke is right, the hardest thing is getting consensus on WHAT to build.
b) @ned has been pretty adamant steemit is the model client, and encourages other client development. Mostly because it's easier to manage that way. To the extent other new backend features really can be documented and modularized, he might just go for it.

Obviously SMTs have been the real focus, and no real plan in place for everything that got shoved down the stack of platform improvements. Seems like the right time to bring it up now, in anticipation of several impending hard forks...

Current organization is bottlenecking it's own success!
Keeping in mind Steemit Inc should really be a DAC, and it's not too late to change it.

I have to openly admit that the technical side of the Steem platform and how it interfaces with the corresponding blockchain is totally lost on me. What isn't lost on me, is your dedication to the greater development of Steem and its longterm success.

My only contribution thus far is a small library of content, and I do take that seriously—but its guys like you who are spending their time and money out in the field making sure that this platform develops and grows that are giving everyone here the opportunity to be an early part of what will hopefully grow into a large and long-standing intellectual community and economy.

So, for what its worth, thank you for getting after it!

Great work and all that effort you personally put into the process. In regards to your Steem solution. Where can I contribute on a weekly basis to this fund? It won't be much, but I value the proposal and wish to support it in any way I can.

Wow, that's quite generous of you. Just your acknowledgment that it would be useful is valuable enough. This is a very early exploration of what might be possible, so nothing happening at the moment, but I really appreciate your support and willingness to contribute.

Oh I think there are a lot of people on here who would support this with their SBD and Steem. Anyone who believes in this blockchain, would I am sure, support a collective movement such as you propose. A lot of users see the need for some changes and quite rightly so. This should be quite normal in this blockchain space where we a collective can have a meaningful impact. Just need a mobilizer....

If, or more like when you do, please don't hesitate to put out the word and I will be one of many to support you.

Thank you. :)

One of the challenging things is getting consensus on exactly what should change any why. As you come across those conversations, please send them my way. Some times there are many varying opinions about the right changes to make in a very complex economic system.

Cool that you get mentioned and that the EOS launch has taken place...

And in my opinion this is indeed one of the "duties" of the top witnesess. not only maintaining the blockchain but also getting together and trying to improve it. I might not be able to donate liquid steem but would be willing to put a parmanent vote or even small delegation for something like this...

As part of the @swisswitness team we are aware that it is part of our duty to improve the steem blockchain or in the end the whole ecosystem will be left behind.

keep up the good work and you defo have my support in this venture

I'm really glad to hear you're in support of something like this. Thank you! I'll keep you in mind as this discussion moves forward.

cool, thanks, anything we can do to help

we are certainly open to take an active part in this discussion

Congrats! The launch of EOS means so much more than a potential moonshot. It demonstrates the strength of decentralized approaches to administrating, developing and governing key technological projects that can transform many industries. It also shows how communities can come together in unity for consensus on doing the general good. I expect many other communities to do the same like STEEM and the ecosystem they have created.

Decentralize all the things! 👍👍 I do agree, that is the future.

It was a bit of order out of crazy chaos, but it was also quite amazing to be a part of.

It was so awesome to meet and learn from @philmesnier. He's a legend!

It was great to meet you as well, Max! I really enjoyed hearing your stories from the early days and how you built your business giving away fonts. :)

Hey Max! Thanks for the kind words. It was great meeting you too!

First off, a hearty congratulation with your position with the EOS Team, @lukestokes!

Your thoughts of moving development away from STINC's sole control sounds like a good thing to me.

Assuming trust in the sacred 20 is another matter. My continued support of you as a steem witness will hopefully make clear the following post is not aimed at you, yet it does suggest the number one mod needed to make steem investor friendly.

My hope is that you would consider and support a software scheme whereby Proof of Brain can be proven.

For your reading pleasure...


So are we able to send our EOS to an official wallet now? Or do they still have to stay in an ETH wallet or on an exchange?

The ERC20 tokens will never move again. They are frozen forever. If you registered your tokens, you should already have an EOS private key which you can use here: https://github.com/greymass/eos-voter That was built by our very own @jesta.

Mine are on an exchange, Kraken, who registered since I’m in the USA and didn’t know how to register (: There will eventually be a non-erc20 Wallet I can withdraw to in the future right?

But we don’t have the private key for the exchange wallet.

You'll have to create a new wallet address so you can withdraw to it, just like any other cryptocurrency.

Yeah that’s what I’m wondering, when/where I will be able to create a private wallet so I can have the private keys... I hear they want to do a HW wallet

You got my witness vote, again! Let's do STEEM GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!

After few months of holding EOS from January, I sold it early when it was 0.0009in April and now it's value double :(
Regret about this very perspective coin!

These are the stories that help us grow some character. Reminds me of this post.

Good job @lukestokes and congratulations a third place is amazing.
You have my vote.

Thank you for your vote!

I totally agree that we should move forward with STEEM development and combine technology if possible. That idea sounds great and I believe that will be no problem to have consensus.

The main idea is learning from other projects in the space and engaging with experts who can make it happen.

Finally! This is awesome! Thank you for your hard work and congrats in getting the top three spot!

I agree that there is toouch complain and no solutions lately. May be you can use your influence to attract more talent from outside and find a way to make STEEM great again!

I think every project can help make every other project better. This is open source, and that's how we do things.

Agreed, that's the beauty of open source

Hi @lukestokes ! What you just wrote and the phone conversation you had with this people sounds amazing. I believe that what you mention can be approved by consensus just as DACs work. Is there currently a mechanism on the Steem Blockchain to vote for this type of things?

On the other hand I agree with you that a proposal can be created and submitted via @utopian-io, so we can get a quote from this company to create the needed changes to make the Steem Blockchain the community is looking for.

Congratulations for your acknowledgement on EOS!

Regards, @gold84

Thank you. :)

Hi there,
I bought some EOS tokens and registered/linked the ETH address to the EOS address back in April.
Is it ok now to buy some new tokens eg. on Kraken and move them to my existing EOS address? (so that I can partecipate to airdrops that require more than 25 (or even 100) EOS?

This is great Thankyou for sharring and have a Awesome day

impressive track record you got promoting the ECO and steemit blockchain @lukestokes , i just followed you on your twitter handle with @vjwale, and i will really love you to mentor me about blockchain. I await your reply soon

Great article. EOS is indeed extremely exciting. There is so many projects waiting to go live, as all the new tools and Dapps start to come online its going to be amazing.
Hopefully the DAC will remain central to EOS and the BP's in general.

First of all congrats on the EOS launch. That is no small feat and is a really inspiring moment for the blockchain space.

If, for example, we create a foundation to manage the Github repo run by the top Witnesses, then we would be free to make our own changes as needed to improve the STEEM blockchain.

I definitely love that idea.

No question

Best wishes for your exciting work for EOS and support of Steem !

Thank you! I'm quite excited to be involved in so many amazing projects.

There's a lot to be excited about in this post! Congrats on the EOS launch and the possibilities that are opening up from that. I appreciate what you're doing to improve Steem and hope to see solutions being put into place. :)

I was so happy, but bummed about this at the same time. I was on my way camping when the 15% was reached. I knew I was going to an area where cell service would be limited, so while I wanted to just unplug and relax all weekend, I also wanted to follow the news and see what was happening with EOS. Service ended up being about zero where we setup and I had to wait until we got home on Sunday to get all caught up!