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Sorry for the witness downtime. After my surgery I had not been checking the witness server or thinking about the growing block_log size.

I ended up running out of space and missed some more blocks... sorry.

Doubled the RAM and SSD space :)

Everything is back up now.

Take care. Peace.

Please consider supporting me as a Steem Witness by voting for me at the bottom of the Witness page; or just click on the upvote button if I am in the top 50

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Wish you were still posting regular krnel- you produce GREAT content- you're brilliant- bring it back brother.

thank you for the update

Did not knew u went into surgery! Hope everything is ok!

Hi @krnel, sorry to hear about the accident, hope you heal fast.

You know you're on a Great Platform when the servers are maintain by steemit witness even when they broke a bone!

Hey hope your surgery went well. Good to see you back running at full capacity.


Wishing you swift recovery, I've been thinking about you and now I know why.

@krnel I see your role in steemit is very interesting
I agree you as a witness, and I still choose you, as long as you do not do wrong.

I hope you are feeling a lot better now. I voted for you as a witness. Take care.

Get Well Soon!!! @krnel

Awesome post, Keep it up! plz follow me

hopefully you are healthy and quickly healed. .. I've chosen you to testify

How you feeling? Checked the SBD price lately? ;)

@krnel I am very grateful for your support of me as a witness and for your guides helping me become a witness! With my witness votes, I try to do the most good for the Steem community and help new witnesses especially get started. With your solid position around 50 even with having another job and not posting, would you mind if I voted for another witness now because the vote will mean a lot to them? It feels right to do and I trust that you would agree with me that it is okay to move my vote for now.

If you come back and are consistently active again on Steem, would you message me in my discord server at https://jerrybanfield.com/contact/ because then I will want to make a vote for you again?