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Everything was going great. A girlfriend, and then got a new job within 2 weeks of job searching to start on Monday. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was on my way to a restaurant on my bicycle, all was good. But I messed up by trying to fiddle with the inside of my backpack while moving on a bike... BIG mistake!


I let go of the left handlebar, maybe to try to grab the bag, the wheel turn into the sidewalk and I flew into the sidewalk with the full impact on my left shoulder.

I knew something was wrong, felt my left shoulder, and the bone was sticking up.

After spending a long time at the hospital, thinking it was just a dislocated shoulder, it turned out to be a fractured clavicle...


And the kicker? I might need surgery to repair it because it was at the end near the shoulder, a problematic area. They set me up with an appointment with a bone specialist for today (Wednesday) morning.

I was prescribed Naproxen (anti-inflammatory) and Dilaudid (hydromorphine), which I declined to get both of.

Indeed, I was told I needed surgery to make sure it heals properly for this specific type of injury. That is scheduled for Friday 7:00am. I was told not to take any more ibuprofen, or any other anti-inflammatory, since it will thin the blood and that's not good for upcoming surgery.

Lesson learned. Don't be foolish on a bike, trying to fiddle with things in a backpack. Stop the bike first. Keep your hands focused on the handle bars for control. One single simple little fuck up and your whole life can get messed up... I have never broken anything, or had any surgery before... This sucks!

I will still be going to the new job on Monday, as it has 3 weeks of training which I should be able to do. Maybe I'll see if I can get 1 week off before starting...

Take care everyone, and be careful on a bicycle :) Learn from my lesson hehe.


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Lol thats awesome and tragic lol get healed soon mate, i enjoyed reading


Thanks :)

Wow get well soon , physically and emotionally.

What horrible luck.

I broke my clavicle three times before. The first time playing football when I was a kid and the other two fighting when I was in high school. It's not the worst bone to break but it sure makes doing everyday tasks nearly impossible unless you get creative.

Good luck with the surgery. I was lucky enough to avoid that as mine broke more in the middle all three times.


Yes, the middle area doesn't often require surgery, a much better location if could choose hehe. Thanks, surgery went ok, just healing and on morphine for now... :/

Congratulation for the new job and get well soon.


Thanks, job will have to wait ;)


Yeah right. Let them wait :)

Hope you still have your job:-)


Maybe in their next round of hires when I'm able to :/

Ride safe in future. All the best for your new job. Perhaps, the training time is a go reason for you to take it easy for a away.


Maybe hehe, thanks ;)


you're welcome

They better keep that job for you!! Get well soon. That girlfriend should help with the healing process 😉


Indeed :) Very grateful for all the help.

Be better soon, maybe install those


HAahaa :)


Nice lol

I just had a bike accident too!


That blows!

Hectic brother I hope you are ok that looked very sore. Who took that top pic? Great timing. We import electric mobility products into South Africa and have two products that can make any bicycle electric/hybrid. Tech really is changing things, which wont help your current situation. Get well fast. Cheer$:)



I like the exercise ;) Thanks though :) Peace.

wow congrats on the job. I guess you have a story to tell when you start lol get better

When everything is fitting right in life, an accident happens. Improvements and that your job is waiting for you! Good luck @krnel.


LOL, yup, at anytime. I was my own enemy in this case hehe. Thanks!

I'm so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen really easily and out of almost nothing, so it always makes sense to be extra careful.

Hopefully your surgery has gone fine already and you are getting ready to bounce back.

I've actually seen and been in more than my fair share of biking accidents and it seems that they tend to happen before important events. One of my best friends (a drummer) had the exact same injury right in front of me due to tiredness. We had to cancel a music tour as he was our drummer.

I've also severely sprained my wrist the day before a really important gig stupidly trying a new jump (and I basically never do jumps).

If I'm allowed to look for self-serving silver linings, maybe we'll see more of you around here while you are recovering?


Dang, yeah, it can happen anytime because we are often not careful :/ I use one hand with typing, and some days have slept lots with the morphine :/


I'm sorry to hear that recovery is that hard then. I wish you fast and full recovery and hopefully you'll be back to yourself soon enough.

Get well my friend.
Keep us updated if you still can write.


Thanks :) I write with one hand for now hehe ;)

Eeeeek.... I snapped my finger falling off my bike, and thought that was bad enough. Shit Happens. Enjoy the process of healing and "slowing dowwwwwn".... is my advice, it's possible to use injury to your advantage :) BLessssingz


Thanks :) Well no advantage yet, just cumbersome and painful lol. Thinking about safety would have been prudent, stop and fix things rather than try to do too many things at once in an unsafe stupid way hehe.


When I explained 'what happened', the nurse in A&E in her broken English/Spainish said to me; "you should be more careful!!" ....that has been ringing in my ears ever since. Lucky for me (and you;), I filmed & edited my experience......


P.S. - if it wasn't for the full face helmet, I wouldn't still have a face.

Get better soon, and good luck in the new job. I only ride my stationary bike ;)


LOL, thats a safe way to go about it indeed :)


Oooh my goodness, I have no clue how I missed this post in my feed! So sorry about your accident and that you had to get surgery that is terrible :'( I wish you swift healing, and I know you are being taken care of wonderfully by your gf <3 <3 <3 <3

How is the clavicle two months post break-up?

Hopefully not soon recovered and quickly improved. hopefully be able to return and be active.