intelliwitness UPDATE - May 19, 2018 - I am losing $150 USD a month to bring a reliable witness node

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Please vote for @intelliwitness as a steem blockchain witness.....



  • It is true, each and every month I am a witness node for steem, it costs me an extra $150 USD a month to do so until I am in the top 50 witness position

Why are you doing that?

  • ..because I believe in STEEM, I believe in what I can offer in the reliability of the chain as a witness node.

Any decent witness node should be prepared to lose money, or make money depending on market price.

I am here for the long haul.

So if it costs me $150 USD... a month in loss.. to support the blockchain I support, it is well worth it.

If you haven't voted before, you have 30 votes for witnesses, which are free to use..

Read this post to find out how to do it:

Now some sincere Q&A:

Q: How is intelliwitness different than any other witness ?
A: I've been running at a $150 USD loss each and every month, knowing this is my long term goal

Q: What kind of projects and development are you in?
A: I am building a multiuser web game that uses the STEEM blockchain like a point and click adventure that you will enjoy.

Q: Voting for you as witness, how does that help me?
A: I am keeping record of who votes me early, and when, so I can give special rewards later.

P.S. To those of you who might say a witness node only costs $80 or $100/month... that's not true. That does not include the monitoring node and the backup node, so double or triple that. :)


6.4 MVest vote done!

Thank you very, very, much skytrex

To be honest, I think both your linked witness thread and this post/QA are rather weak and IMHO the cost of a solid node, and its failsafe setup, shouldn’t be used as a call to gain votes but I’ve read you for several months now and I think we need more and more diverse witnesses and as such I will gladly give you my vote.

Please reconsider tho whether the cost is something which should be used as a CTA (Call to Action) because becoming a witness is entirely by choice and nothing the community has forced upon one. Additionally, compared to most Steemians, your posts also benefit acceptable support - more than most’s average and you occasionally even bump that up with some (higher) bidbot boosts.

While I don’t have many vests, I’ve enjoyed your content and am willing to take a punt here.

I read what you wrote 3 times... digested it all. You have a good point, and the fact you read me for months and are giving me a punt, I appreciate it.

Fortunately I've been very active behind the scenes, in private messages, with other major witness nodes... I can't disclose what is on the horizon, but something is brewing about what direction things may take.... Keep on reading.. one day I'll make an announce post that may clarify things. :)

PS: may I suggest you add a SteemConnect witness vote link to the bottom of this post.

People tend to like experiences as seamless as possible. :)

Thanks for the vote. While you said this:

To be honest, I think both your linked witness thread and this post/QA are rather weak and IMHO the cost of a solid node, and its failsafe setup, shouldn’t be used as a call to gain votes

It is far from weak. Losing more than $100 a month, for multiple months is not weak. It shows a dedication to the task and your long term goals. It should be seen as a sign of long term strength to continue to persevere into what you believe in...

If I do end up into a profitable position, I have no problem paying some of that forward in the way of promotion, contests, and giveways, much like I've done before. :)

I just voted for you.

It didn't work I don't think, look here:

Yeah I don't know how to check for sure. I think I did it right.

This post started with:

Please vote for @intelliwitness as a steem blockchain witness.....

meaning, vote for @intelliwitness not @intelliguy

20180519_171644 (1).jpg

Gracias por todo... I voted for your witness

ok, i voted you ... should you really give special rewards to people that vote you? well... i guess that's probably nothing new around here

lol, what's so sad?

upvote and resteem done :)

You've got my vote!

I would like to know how you are spending so much per month.

Is it your electricity costs?

Is it because you are renting out nodes.

Personally, I think it is cheating to rent out a node. I prefer to create my own servers in my house and take care of them myself.

How is it good for the block chain if everybody is renting nodes. Let alone if everybody rents from the same business and the business goes down, destroying the availability of the block chain.

It appears to me that if you did an initial investment, and bought internet that was reliable, you would spend less money than $150 a month.

Personally, I don't think this call to action should matter. This is an issue EVERY witness has and doesn't put you above any other witness at all.

Every other witness is putting in time and money. What sets you apart?

Knowledge, projects, PR ability, coding skill?

I follow you, but I am not sold.

Taking care of servers in your house makes you prone to network issues if your main upstream connection goes down.

A datacenter can use BGP routing with multiple providers to re-route traffic when there is an issue within 15 minutes.

As far as proving my experience, I can only do that with time. Showing amount of missed blocks over time... What kinds of apps and projects I support, etc.

Anyone could claim to have 20 years of system administration experience... but there would be no way to validate it. So he proof is watching and observing.

¡Vote and follow already! Not because you believe in Steemit, projects or applications, its because you believe in this community and how you can make it better.

Keep that in mind and set your own road...

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