Understanding the STEEM blockchain. Helping to run a legitimate witness. @intelliwitness

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If you know @intelliguy ... I dig deep into things. I'm serious about what we're all dealing with..


Let's do this introduction @intelliguy style... which means, I ask the questions on your mind, and also answer them.

Q: What is intelliwitness ?

A: It is a steem witness that has @intelliguy involvement and is a project I approve of...

Q: Why?

A: @intelliguy believes in steem.. He believes in every day functionality of what the steem blockchain is suppose to do, and will do.... He believes in the long term goal of why this platform is already successful.

What is it you are asking us to do?

A: It is easily actually. Every single steem user has 30 votes "for witnesses" of the blockchain. I have 30 witness votes and so do you... If you haven't voted for witnesses of this blockchain yet (or if you have), I'm asking you to use one of your 30 votes to upvote intelliwitness as a valid witness

I never voted up a witness before. Is it hard?

A: No, but it is important.

If you are logged into your steemit account, with your posting key, do this:

  • (1) Go this website url: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

  • (2) You will see a simplistic screen which is titled "Witness Voting"

  • (3) Where you see this:


You manually have to type in "intelliwitness" and push the VOTE button

(Because we are not in the top 50. Actually writing this, we're #186 at the moment... which is far off...)

If you are successful, a pop up window will open, saying you have to login with your ACTIVE key (a different private key than your posting key, to approve the change)

..If you do that, the intelliwitness will receive your vote.

I only expect 1% of the people reading this post to be able to complete this complex and complicated procedure.

You will know if you did it right, by seeing this:


...and after that, we have to wait about 10 blocks for it to be locked into the blockchain.

You can check if you were successful, by looking at the intelliwitness page a few minutes later on this website:

It will show this:


Q: Why would I do this? Why would I spend the time and my vote for it?

A: Because if you hold wealth in the steem blockchain, you want witness nodes you can trust

...this witness node, you can trust because I am involved in it, and all you have to do is scroll through my blog history to see if I am reputable.

So more new questions:

  • Ok @intelliguy I voted @intelliwitness as a witness ... how does that help me?

  • It will help you 3 ways:

  • (1.) I am watching who upvotes that witness

  • (2.) You are bringing even more legitimacy to the blockchain you are currently invested in..

  • (3.) I will see, and remember those who upvoted that witness early on and find a way to reward them

...so based on those 3 things.. each steem user gets 30 votes for witnesses. I encourage you to use 1/30 votes on this witness @intelliwitness to do that...

I have proof what the earnings from @intelliwitness will be shared by the community in many ways... and in coming posts you will see why...

So if you are one of the few what have read this post, and upvoted @intelliwitness early... you'll be seeing a benefit coming your way.

...and I really mean this... not just "because" you upvoted the witness. If you are a non-spammer, real individual that makes good blogs and comments... I'll be paying it forward and bringing it back to you.

Vote for intelliwitness (non top 50) today. Early birds who do it get the greatest benefit.

...and those whales and dolphins out there that have watched what @intelliguy posts, and talks about. You will already know, I wouldn't encourage a new witness node named @intelliwitness unless it was a real deal.

For those key people, who read this post to the end... congrats, and even better.. if you completed to the vote-for-witness procedure successfully... awesome job.... and thank you.




Thanks. It means a lot, especially from someone like yourself.

This is my incredible moment.. where I'm watching who votes this up. Who gives the intelliwitness votes... and where my true friends lie. Already I'm impressed. There are really good people out there... that I'm seeing, that I need to reward for believing in me.

Do you have two witnesses, "intelliguy" and "intelliwitness"?


No, intelliguy is my main blogging user. intelliwitness is the new steem account with witness status.

intelliwitness is the correct steem account to upvote for witness :)

Glad to hear it! I hope you climb quickly!

I remember the old-days with you, and the days today with you. You are quite the standup individual... and I'm very happy to know you. Thanks for being there during this special moment. I won't forget it.

Boom. You got it. Needed to mess with my witness votes anyways :D


I saw your vote. My hats off to you... thank you very much.

A 100% vote on this post and on your witness status

I like your true intentions without bullshit. Even if it means offending here and there, you have you steem hart on the right spot..and that is what this community needs.

i hope you rise faster than the speed of light dude

A Name You Can Trust! Vote Today!
Offer good for Steemit users only. Not available in stores.

I'll do you one better and vote you as proxy.

Very nice. I will treat that responsiblity with care.

Awesome! You got my vote!


Thanks for the support @muh643, intelliguy is the best

You absolutely have my vote. <3 id give you 20 if I could, gotta save some for themarkymark

Thx @krazykrista you are just awsome

Good luck with this. I think the witnesses are under-appreciated, so I value anyone who does it.

You're a good man sir. Thank you very much.

Pls dbl chk, but I believe I successfully voted for you. The interface seems a bit flaky. I sign in, then vote but it kicks me right back to the login page when I click on the vote button. Prbly has to do with using posting key as default, although I was logging in with active key to vote.

The interface is flaky. You did it right the first time, then unvoted it.

Always wait 10 blocks to go through (30 seconds) before checking what happened here:


It shows you voted for it, then unvoted for it a minute later.

I had to adjust my witness voting anyway. Done!

voting also for proxy intelliguy ?

Well I loved tge Q/A session of yours

wow nice your photograpy Thanks for share


Very useful post

hello intelliguy...i voted for you yesterday maybe you noticed...i had a problem when i tried to post a reply the system was giving me an error...anyway....i was asking you to explain me what is exactly the power that this witness thing is giving you...where do you use this power??..and i was also asking you what difference does it make if you are in the 150th position or in the 10th position...
i am going to resteem this post so my followers can see it and maybe you can get another vote who knows!!!
...rest assured that i am going to get my wife to vote for you so you get 2 votes from us 100%...
...keep well!!!

  1. Where do you use this power?? It means my servers help run the steem blockchain among others too

  2. It makes a big difference. The top 20 witnesses get most of the block rewards, meanwhile 150th position gives you 0.97 SP every 1-2 days. (You can make more posting than you can being a witness until you reach a very high position)

The reason why witnesses are important is that they are in charge of running the lastest software, putting the proper market price feeds. They also get more steem power over time to upvote and curate posts too.

So having trusted people witnessing is vitally important for the health of the blockchain.

welcome... i always try to visited your post..

I nominated you as my witness .

i think you are climb recently..its impressed me.i also think every pepole are good here.

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