They speak of a fork that will remove ze coins from Steemit Inc because of insta-mining?

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In other words - The Shuffle of SteemPower was done by cheating? - That is the accusation from Top 20 Witness!

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A Steem with or without Steemit Inc. is up for debate and the argument for removing their influence is because of something Steemit Inc. @Ned and @Dan did which is called insta-mining/ninja-mining which by knowing the exact second mining can start + buying up all rentable equipment in advance to monopolize on POW mining from the start which Steemit Inc. Most likely had 100% knowledge about, and must have done in order to "secure" the majority stake it did secure.

I picked this up in a debate between @smooth and @whatsup over at the @steemitblog comment section on their last post. Was wondering what @timcliff, @gtg, @sircork and the rest of you think about this?

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@Fyrst-Witness represent the Investors who have bought their stake in STEEM. @fyrst-witness has not been a part of steem during the first half year of its existense and is not guilty of insta-mining/ninja-mining. FYI!

So what Split-Fork will it be?

Steem & SteemClassic?


To be clear, I wasn't debating what happened, I was just discussing what we should do going forward.

I don't have an opinion yet on a fork, I haven't seen a real proposal or the idea sketched out yet.

Things to consider Exchanges, MarketCap, Branding Efforts, Community Splits.

Won't someone consider the Children? lol...

think of ze children!!

I think it is interesting to hear this buzz.

I could also ask if the witnesses are decision makers or just fillibusters.

Always wondering about this subject and to get it clearer I have to go and research it and I found this article on steem.

Sounds like steemit is done and selling out. That is my take from Sircork's statements. I hope whoever the new buyer is, does well :)

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From what I recall in the early months, mining was monopolized by 1 or 2 miners for a most of time until it was phased out entirely.

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I don't have an opinion yet about a possible fork but the fact of the matter is people cheated in the beginning and I feel like it now marginalizes peoples investments. I wish Ned would just sell his entire stake in an OTC market somehow to a real developer with vision. Ned could care less about Steemit, he is working on a completely different project I think. I bet he's even selling steem to fund it. He has accomplished very little here. I did not invest in Steemit, I like you invested in Steem (saw you video) and it's one of the best block-chains out there. It works flawless and its very easy to use.

Just keeps getting worse as time goes along. Steemit = facebook v2. They censor users without any record or even telling people they do so.

24 days later :)

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