@exnihilo.witness - Witness Report - 2018/06/24

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Welcome back to @exnihilo.witness’s witness report

For those who don’t know why @siavach and @elmetro are witness, it is highly recommended to read our Witness Proposal

Witness follow up

Active witness rank136
Votes85 MV

Since last time we have lost 11 places but the more important is that we have more voters. All the @steemalsace and @fundition teams had voted for us and supports us.
Regardless of the ranking, our main objectives are to help, to met and to grow the Community. We are happy and proud to welcome our new supporters, thank you to believing in us in our quest.

Server statistics



Gif serveur
The server is as usual very healthy. The 64GB of RAM are ready to produce more blocks. No network issues and no interruptions.
@privex teams are very reactive when we have questions.
The security of the server is done and finished, we give a challenge to all hackers to introduce in our server…


Produced blocks5
Missed blocks1
Last block produced23269431
Duration since last produced block285 hours

We have missed 1 block, the reason is that the witness account was not active anymore because of an unknown internal bug. We are doing a daily check of the witness node logs and all the logs were always normal. Now we know that we must also check the witness account status. It was a newbie mistake, but we are learning and it should not happen again.
The steem schedule algorithm gives us a block to produce about every 2/3 weeks.


Witness node versionv0.19.3
Registration fees0.1 steem
Maximum block size65536 bytes
Last published price feed$1.186
Price feed publication frequency6 hours

  • At the beginning, we published the price feed every hours but in the witness chat the others witness told us that is was to much and useless. So now, we are updating it every 6 hours and we are ready to shorten de delay if necessary.
  • As the v0.19.3 fixed a security issue, we were one of the first witness to upgrade to v0.19.3. However it is just after the upgrade that we missed our first block. Maybe there is a link between the upgrade and the missed block, that is why we will wait few weeks before upgrade to v0.19.4 as there is no security subject with this ultimate version.

Steem activities

exnihilo marvel.png

The Community

Since last time we have attende the first steem meet up in Luxembourg 🇱🇺. It was the occasion to see that we are not alone here. The Luxembourg Community is quiet active, we are at least two witness @lux-witness and @exnihilo.witness. Find here the resume from the event organisator @sorin.cristescu and the @elmetro’s one here.
The @steemalsace team were also present and wrote an excellent post in French. And last but least it was the first contact with the @fundition team who presented us the Fundition decentralized crowdfunding project. Find here the excellent interview of @hightouch made by @siavach.


For us, the power of the steem blockchain is his Community. There are lot of blockchain, even more social network, but no-one has the same Community than us. This is the reason of our purpose, we are working to help and grow the Community. This is also why most of @siavach and @elmetro VEST are delegated to our @steamalsace team or to help newbie Steemians.

@siavach and @elmetro49%

VEST delegation from @siavach and @elmetro in pourcentage

Future plans

Our witness objectif is to be ranked in the top 50 witness.
Be in the top 50 is important to be financially self-sufficient to pay the server cost. It will also give us the opportunity to set up a seed node server and a backup witness node server.
We intend to continuing promoting and helping French steem Community with the @steemalsace team by organizing a meet up in Strasbourg.


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I believe that You will succeed!

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