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Hello Steemians. Happy new year to all of you. Great to have you visit my blog again. And as you all aware, for the past four days I haven't updated this blog. This is partly due to my enormous task of carrying my brainchild, @Euronation along and ensuring that it achieves its weekly objectives, among which is holding at least one webinar session every week. The webinar had been held yesterday which had seen more than 30 people get registered instantly. Being a Steemivangelist, this is part of my selfless service to the community in order to bringing relevance to steem blockchain.

Having said that, the focus of today's article will be on the imperative of voting for steem witnesses. Voting for witnesses is a fundamental right of each and every Steemian who truly love this life saving scheme. Reading through some articles authored by @jerrybanfield, @lukestokes and @netuoso, I was shaking to my root by the enormous pivotal roles witnesses play for the sustenance of steem ecosystem.

And being one of the leaders of the subcommunity @euronation, I have to write this article to encourage participation in witness voting; having increased the number of witnesses I currently vote for from abysmal 2 witnesses to 26 witnesses. And still being on the look out for worthy witnesses according to my judgment to fill in the remaining 4 slots to complete the number to maximum of 30 allowable witness votes per account.

Understanding the responsibilities of witnesses and why we must vote for them

In his article titled steemit is free, but witnesses determine its future, @lukestokes said and I quote...

When you convert SBD to STEEM or you get a payout in SBD value, the price feed maintained by the witnesses directly impact how those processes work as well as the overall economic system. If the blockchain stops functioning efficiently, it'll be because witnesses are missing the blocks they are supposed to validate or they haven't updated their nodes properly. Your vote ensures only witnesses who have the best interests of the Steemit community in mind and who regularly demonstrate their intentions via their attitude and actions get to be in this important role.

With the recent significant appreciation in the price of both steem and SBD, the craze to acquire as much of these assets as possible has equally become unprecedented with lots of dead accounts getting resuscitated back to life.

While you chase around these assets, have you ever wondered how you are able to transfer either steem or SBD to your bittrex account without hitches? What if after carrying out the transfer of either SBD or steem, you found out that the asset has been lost to thin air? How will you feel?

You have account balance of some $80,000 in your wallet and wake up in the morning to see that the whole platform is no wanna upvote an article but the upvote button loads suddenly found out you can neither make a post nor make a comment. Under all these scenarios (God forbid), what will you do? How will you feel?

You earn hundreds of dollars per post but with blockchain not working, you earn zero because you cannot make a post! How then can you help to make seamless the workings of steem blockchain? Vote for witnesses, not just one or two but the 30 allowable witnesses per account!

In order to never to witness these scenarios is why you must select a number of witness and vote for them. Witnesses are like life and blood of steem blockchain. Without them, no transaction can ever be processed; everything freezes!

Not voting for witnesses is harmful to steem blockchain

As it is pivotal to create awareness around steem ecosystem to domesticize it globally, it is equally destructive by the same proportion to the platform if those being recruited are not being encouraged to vote for witnesses.

It is unfortunate that most of the steem/it campaigners who profess enormous love for this scheme, hardly have witnesses they are voting for, let alone encouraging their recruits to vote. ***Personally, I used to be guilty of this until I came across a post by one of the most respected Steemian, @lukestokes in which he made some staggering statistical revelations that turned me around to really understand why we must vote for witnesses.

According to him, 'we have only 7.5% witness voting engagement' based on his released data of July 31st, 2017...

Inactive Accounts: 178,339

Active Accounts with a Voting Proxy: 652

Active Accounts with at Least One Witness Vote: 7,233

Active Accounts with No Witness Votes: 105,076

Your vote counts; you have a role to play — play it!

The above stats are unspeakably uncool and very toxic to the platform that has proven to be the beacon of hope of the hopeless and citadel of continuous education. This is certainly not acceptable by any standard!

In his post titled top 100 witnesses by number of votes, @jerrybanfield said...

...witnesses are ranked by the votes based on how much Steem Power every voter has. This means a witness vote from an account with 1,000 Steem Power is worth 1,000 votes from accounts with 1 Steem Power! That said, every single vote is VERY IMPORTANT because those with more Steem Power are influenced by votes from those with less!

The emphasis in this quote is ...every single vote is very important!. Hence, voting for witnesses is not determined by your position in the community — so just vote.


I believe we cannot appreciate why we must vote for witnesses today. Our obligations to steem blockchain should not just be about preaching the Steemit gospel and scrambling to grab our own share from the reward pool, we must endeavor to vote for witnesses by ourselves and also encourage witness voting in subcommunities we have influence in.

To that extent, and as the founder of one of the most organized subcommunities here known as @euronation, I will be discussing with @euronation leadership on why we must include witness voting as part of the conditions that must be fulfilled by those wanting to be part of @euronation community. And I hope you do same.

The below screenshot is the list of the witnesses I am currently supporting, according to . And in the subsequent articles of this series, I shall give specific reasons why I voted them.

My top 10 witnesses

@blocktrades, @steemgigs, @utopian-io, @ausbitbank, @curie, @pharesim, @kushed, @lukestokes.mhth, @jerrybanfield, and @neoxian

Please include them in your list of witnesses because their performances here are simply amazing

I want us to make witness voting part of our primary assignment here. You can do it right away or allow me to do it for you. Either choices are welcomed; please let's do this. It doesn't take time...

Click here to vote for witnesses: as in the below image:

Thank you very much.

Follow @eurogee, the Steemivangelist and the founder of @euronation Newbie's Support Team; follow @euronation


Thanks @eurogee, this kind of campaign is key so users understand the importance of supporting our efforts.

I see many known names and i am sad you have not considered our witness intent.

Recently @moisesmcardona and myself decided to merge our witness efforts into a new account and we are gathering support from communities.

Some if not most of the witness yo vote for, know about us if you want to check. (I'm not implying they love us or endorse us but i am sure some do)

If you want to know more about what we did as 2 witness and how are we going to do it as a single one please take a look at @castellano profile...

It is our new witness and in its blog you will find our intent.

If i can resume it: Communities + User Adoption + retention are our priorities.

But by all means please give it a read and let us know if we are doing something right :)

Hello @nnarvaez

Just seeing this message now. Thanks for your opinion on witness issue. I an individual and couldn't have known everyone here or promote every witness here.

I will read the link you dropped.

Thanks and doing good for steem blockchain.

Upv by by the latest fellow at @sndbox,
@eurogee, the Steemivangelist and the founder of @euronation Newbie's Support Team

We are glad to have your witness vote and lots of thanks for this post! This is very valuable information every STEEM user should manage to know.

Hello @dropahead,

Thanks for taking your time to be on this blog page. I so much appreciate.

Sure, my investigations reveal that witnesses are life and blood that runs through steem blockchain and I am so much in love with this platform. This explains why I have been a staunch promoter of steem ecosystem. Now that I have found out the significance positions witnesses hold here, I will equally give my all in promoting my preferred witnesses.

Comment Upv by
@eurogee, the Steemivangelist and the founder of @euronation Newbie's Support Team

Thank you for the support and it's very true that witnesses are indispensable for Steem to exist.

Glad to see you on my blog. This is most appreciated.

True, witnesses helps in the strengthing of Steem Platform.

Please let's join hands together and achieve this.

I am glad you have taken the decision to be part of this.

@eurogee, the Steemivangelist

Thanks @eurogee, for this valuable information, you are true leader. Most of especially newbies don't know all this information, as we just after the reward pool undermining the life and blood that power the steem blockchain. Definitely i going to do that asap.
Once again thank you for keep us members of @euronation abreasted.

Great boss and good information passed out here @eurogee but my question is this, how often can one vote for a witness?

I will appreciate if i a get responds to this effect.
Thank you sir.

Hello @diamondrich.

Thanks for the question. This topic will make up to a 3 part series. I advice you follow it so as to get your question answered.

For the time being, one account is allowed to vote upto 30 witnesses. In other parts of this series, I will reveal the tools you can use to carry out a periodic update of your witness list to be able to remove those that have become inactive and replace them with active ones.

I hope this helps.

@eurogee, the Steemivangelist

Good Day Sir @eurogee
I'm just new here. I would like to ask how to do this voting for witnesses. I just couldn't figure it out how to. I hope that this would be notice by you Sir.
Thank you 😊

I believe you didn't read the article through thoroughly. I do hope this will help :

Click here to vote for witnesses:

When you get to the page, consult this blog page, especially photo near to thr he foot base of this article.



hello @eurogee
Good info uv got dere boss, but Am not really clear on the vote for witness boss,all the same thanks for sharing..upvoted and resteemed
@vickyrich a true @euronation member

Please for this guide, at the tail end of it, you will see how you can be part of this. Vote for witnesses bro or if you don't have time, allow me to do the job.

@eurogee, the Steemivangelist

Thanks you for reminding me bro.

You are highly welcome

You are really a steemievangelist.I for my part shall do the needful.Thank you for alerting us.

Thanks dear. Glad you have decided to join the bandwagon. Thanks once again


Our comfort in Steemit is the total discomfort of the active witnesses.

I once read a post of @surpassinggogle (@steemgigs) where in distress he explained the daily routine of what the witness go through.

They really deserve better. And thanks @eurogee for spreading the awareness of voting witness.

Good to see you are in good shape.

Thank you my friend and please join hands. Let's do this.


Though I have voted for some steem witnesses but I never had a clear understanding about what they're up to until this post. Thanks for enlightening me.

Thanks for your support to them.

This post is an eye opener.
Though i've been hearing of witness but i never knew how to go about it or the importance of it. But now i need to get down to work.

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for decision to get down to work. You are strengthening the platform by doing that. Thanks

@eurogee, the Steemivangelist

So educative...thanks for the enlightenment sir

Welcome and please do the necessary

Hello @eurogee. I'm a newbie and I'm really not clear about this article on voting witness. I'm on genesisproject whatsapp group and I'll appreciate some enlightenment. My username is @smile-for-tee. Thank you

This post covered the larger part. You can visit the various links attached here to read up. You can get started now or vote me as your proxy to help do the necessary. Thanks

I never really thought about witness voting as being this important. Nice one sir @eurogee. You always deliver the best.

Thanks my friend

The importance of witness in the Steemit ecosystem can not be overemphasized. Thank you for sharing.

You re most welcome.

Nice One sir! You just explained it like a Mum would to a toddler. Thank you for these expositions, there's nothing more true and worthy to Upvote Witnesses to keep the ecosystem alive

Hahahahahsh. Thanks

Thanks Eurogee for opening my eyes to this . Never known the importance of voting for witnesses

Thanks for this information but what are the modalities of voting

The modalities is just to follow the steps here and vote sir. Lols

I never gave voting witness a thought
Now i know the importance i will surely look out for witnesses to vote

Thanks to @eurogee for giving me the priviledge of being part of this great platform
I remain loyal to @euronation

You are most welcome. Remain committed here. You will smile at last

Your efforts for the community are commendable. I hope more new members can realize/know the importance of witnesses are. I haven't been into your webinars. I hope I can attend next time. #justfollowed

My friend, thank you very much

@eurogee I often vote witnesses but i dont know do I have to vote them everyday?

No. But you have to check periodically that the witness you had voted is still active. Because if a witness misses block validation severally, he/she will be deactivated by the system. This is more reason why we must make sure that those we vote for as witnesses are capable of living up to expectations.

You can check if your witnesses are still active by visiting

I want to first thank you for considering to write about this very "confusing" subject, i think i got a bit of light from it...

Witnesses are like life and blood of steem blockchain. Without them, no transaction can ever be processed; everything freezes!

This one 👆 shocked me and i hope the preceding analogy never happens (Amen).

Even though I'd require a bit more light about how steemians become witnesses and what to look out for before voting for any witness, I'd consider voting for them.


Wow, I have been on this platform for two months now and this is the first time I'm reading about this. Thank you for the information

You are very welcome

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