Tornadoes, Opinions & My Witness

Tornado Alley

I live in a part of the country which is referred to as 'Tornado Alley' because of the frequent common tornadoes that rip through here. The funny thing is, it's not supposed to be that time yet. For those that don't know, one went tearing through here last night. 20 are confirmed dead in my city (I knew 2 of them) and pushing into a thousand without homes and power still across the state. I will be taking a leave of absence from Steem as they have asked for volunteers to help with what they can. I have a truck and a chainsaw that is going to prove useful.

Notice The Outfit

People will be people, with emotions and flaws. I'm no saint or angel, let that be known. That being said, I have seen how people really are, what they really care about and emotions (in my opinion) get really out of hand. You want to know who and why? Come talk to me. Not like I would have ever been accepted by that ring up there anyway. I'm not kissing any fucking asses and I'm not selling out.
Go vote for those top 20's. They have been doing such a good job taking care of things around here. I'll even make it easy on you since you want things to keep going the way they were before. Until further notice, I am shutting down my witness. You want to know why? Come talk to me. Some people will never see what I was doing, their self-interest blinds them to the truth.

  • Witty, out.

I am so sorry to hear about your friends, and I am not surprised that you are one to offer your help cause that's Who you are ❤️ always being there for others.
I know your True ❤️ and that was what got me here in the first place and I seen you grow and lead us forward in ways I didn't think possible.
You know you always been my nr 1 and it breaks my ❤️ to hear you shutting down your Witness and I hope you get it back up... You have my vote for life.

Also my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 😍😘 be safe love and you know Im always here for you.
Love you!

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Love you too Huggaboo! Lot of things going on here I can't focus much on anything else. Got a break for a little while and will run around here for minute, but thank you. You are one of a kind! You see me. I love that.

I'm glad you're safe, and I agree, there are more important things right now than running a witness. Helping out in your community is a worthy endeavor. As for the witness, if you decide to run it again, you'll have my vote back. Stay real. I know you will.

I promise to be the best me I can be! And yes, you are right, much more important things. Much love Princess.

So sorry to hear of your two friends and the tornado
Stay safe as you go out there to help

I am not entirely sure what's going on and why you are stepping away from "Witness"...
But I want you to know that lately, you have been one of my checkpoints to hang on ....

Hugs Witty

Thanks hun, I'm not going anywhere, just putting things on pause until they work all their differences out and we see which way things are heading. Much love hun.

Just seeing this now...I'm so sorry for the multiple tragedies happening.

My brain is breaking with so much of it so i can only imagine where you're at.

Can't blame you, but I hope things calm down soon.
Sending love ♥️

Oh...I hit reply to sheela's comment instead.. lol

But this was to you @enginewitty

But I loved reading it nevertheless
Your drop ins always make me smile <33

Thank you sweets, lot of community support has shown their faces, so we'll come through ok.🤗

Sorry both for the loss of your two friends in the horrific tornado in East Nashville, TN overnight (last count I heard on the national news was 22 lives lost) and to hear you're stepping down as witness, though I understand your reasons @enginewitty

Much love mama. Not sure there will be a blockchain as we know it anymore so don't really see the point. Plus, after 2+ years being a witness, all that I have helped do, and then being treated how I was? I'm not very happy right now.

Hope you manage to get things back t9 normal there on the ground man! Sorry to hear about your lost friends and other community members.

Steem will still be here in some shape or form if and whem you get back. No doubt there will be a cost with what has been going on, but hopefully some benefit will come of it too.

Only time can answer that. Appreciate ya stopping in and checking on me man. Won't be forgotten.

I heard about it, they said 22 confirmed deaths on my news. Sorry to hear the losses. Im sure you will be a big help.
Shutting down your witness.....😢

Yes up to 22 and counting. They're half way through the wreckage and there's a couple hundred people unaccounted for. We have a church here where they brought a few unidentified bodies. Not a good day.

Sorry brother.

Humans = Emotions and I am sure you are filled with a lot of that right now. Take care of real life, that is far more important than this. Sorry for your losses and sorry to see you go.

"As you can see this saloon has been shot up and is no longer serving top shelf liquor, all we have is some shitty shine, if that's good with you..." 🙄

Love the quote and thank you for the sentiment. Once the proverbial dust settles, I'll see about where I can fit in from a witness standpoint, if at all. Lots of emotions.

Am sorry to hear all this @enginewitty, I hope things get sorted out over there. Take care and be safe...You still got my vote though..🤗

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Thanks love, most appreciated and omg, there was 15,000 people showed up to help!

I'm so sorry to hear about the tornado, the damage and lives it took.

I took back most of my votes and gave them to the top witnesses for now, the only two people I left my votes for are you and @c0ff33a - I'll always support you guys!

Take care and take time for what matters to you the most at the moment.

Most appreciated my dear, I'll be back eventually and thank you for the concern. Been quite the challenging time over here for the entire community. Much love!

May the memories of times together bring some comfort to you and your friends' families, Witty.

You take care of anything you need to and never forget that your extended fam is here for you to lean on (even if you're not in the mood to). That's the thing with people who love you, we can be such pains in the ass. ;^)

And you are loved too! Will do what I can to keep things together over here hun, thank you for always being so supportive!

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