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RE: Tornadoes, Opinions & My Witness

So sorry to hear of your two friends and the tornado
Stay safe as you go out there to help

I am not entirely sure what's going on and why you are stepping away from "Witness"...
But I want you to know that lately, you have been one of my checkpoints to hang on ....

Hugs Witty


Thanks hun, I'm not going anywhere, just putting things on pause until they work all their differences out and we see which way things are heading. Much love hun.

Just seeing this now...I'm so sorry for the multiple tragedies happening.

My brain is breaking with so much of it so i can only imagine where you're at.

Can't blame you, but I hope things calm down soon.
Sending love ♥️

Oh...I hit reply to sheela's comment instead.. lol

But this was to you @enginewitty

But I loved reading it nevertheless
Your drop ins always make me smile <33

Thank you sweets, lot of community support has shown their faces, so we'll come through ok.🤗

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