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RE: Tornadoes, Opinions & My Witness

I am so sorry to hear about your friends, and I am not surprised that you are one to offer your help cause that's Who you are ❤️ always being there for others.
I know your True ❤️ and that was what got me here in the first place and I seen you grow and lead us forward in ways I didn't think possible.
You know you always been my nr 1 and it breaks my ❤️ to hear you shutting down your Witness and I hope you get it back up... You have my vote for life.

Also my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 😍😘 be safe love and you know Im always here for you.
Love you!

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Love you too Huggaboo! Lot of things going on here I can't focus much on anything else. Got a break for a little while and will run around here for minute, but thank you. You are one of a kind! You see me. I love that.