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This will be my official witness announcement post. I have decided to put more of my time, energy, and money behind this truly amazing community by becoming a witness, if you'll have me. I would have done this much earlier but my time was taken up by an abundance of things and there just wasn't room for it. Now that I have dedicated more time to steemit and feel that I can give it the attention it deserves and requires, I figured it was a good time to start.

Hopefully most of you know me by now / have had the opportunity to meet at SteemFest. I have been an active user here for over a year (July being my anniversary!) and my hope is that I have made an impact on both you and the community. I know most witness applications have a list of influential Steemit projects and posts accompanying them, but since I recently created a anniversary post I'll share that here instead.

Recently I have started a new initiative to bring awareness and visibility to those deserving. Make sure to go and check it out The BlueOrgy UpVote Initiative.


2x (1x backup) Ubuntu 16.04.2 x64 on 160 GB SSD Disk - 4x Intel CPU - 8 GM RAM - 450 Mbit/s - NYC
Have monitoring on both and 99.999% Uptime with automatic backup. I can and will upgrade when needed depending on witness position.


I will be doing regular witness updates and will always be looking out for opportunities to make STEEM and Steemit bigger and better. I will do my best to make the correct decision when it comes to HARDFORKS and other decisions that would impact the community.

I hope that I may gain your trust and your witness approval.

How To Vote

  • Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Under If you would like to vote for a witness outside of the top 50, enter the account name below to cast a vote.
  • Enter my name blueorgy next to the @ symbol
  • Hit VOTE!


Feel free to reach out to me on steemit.chat anytime, if I don't answer right away don't get discouraged, I am just busy. I try to get to all incoming messages, unless you are just link spamming me.


Great post :D Nice that so many is making steemit strong.

You got my vote.

I defiantly not the only one, we do have a great community here.

I salute and amaze you. You have a good attitude to give the best to all. Thank you very much. I just got to know you through this post. I see from the post that you are a witness who cares about steemit and usernya. I will always support you. Thank you @blueorgy

Thanks for the support!!

Great info here. I'm new in the community...
Possibly I would be interested in becoming a witness as well, can you point me in the right direction?
I have some boxes that I can allocate to this awesome project and learn with it at the same time! :)

@blueorgy, Steemit needs more attention restructuring from Steemit Inc. Leaving much of the work of Steemit to volunteers might allow a new platform to kill Steemit > https://steemit.com/steemit/@blockrush/is-wildspark-the-steemit-killer-blockrush

go go go blueorgy... i m voting for u my friend !!!

Just voted for you! You are doing a great job!

the verdict (slash vote) is out :)

;) Haha. Thanks for you approval!

I like what you're doing @blueorgy and have just added you to my list of witnesses. I know it isn't much, but every little bit helps. Steem on!

Every little bit does help, almost got me into the top 100 , just a few more votes to go! Thanks!

I like you ongoing spirit! Hope you bring some good change in the steemit family and the community!

Thank You, I try!

Voted and good luck! Some of your posts were the very first I read on here and worth it.

Very cool to hear ;-) thanks!

I votes you a witness. Kinda not sure how it works but I bet you will do amazing at it lol followed resteemed and up vote. Thanks

Well thank you all the same!

I just voted. Please consider donationing some steem. I will follow you too. PFA


You are a great contributor to Steem now becoming a witnesses. Good to sea this efforts. The other day I stumbled on a tool you've created for Steem some time ago, Steem Cool. I really like this tool, since it shows the Reputation together with the Reputation Level and the formula used to calculate one from the other + it gives the amount of reputation required to get to the next level.

I've done a review on this tool to create awareness of this tool in the community (here) and I've included this tool in Steem Wiki @ Steem.Center (here).

Question to you: Do you have more information about how much reputation points are given for posts/comments/votes? I'm really interested in the formulas for those, but was not able to find them anywhere on Steemit.

First off thanks for the kind words and the great mentions in your recent post! For reputation points given per upvote from other uses which is the only way to increase rep is a bit tricky but mostly only upvotes from higher rep'd users effect your rank, I'll dig around for more information and pass it along.

That would be super. More users are asking for it! Thanks

Don't forget to vote for me in witnesses as well ;)

Ok, voted for you as a witnesses. Now I expect you to come up with the exact formulas of how reputation points are calculated :) Must be in the code somewhere. I know by now that a new account starts with 1B points. And apparently the points added depends on REP and SP of the voter. But nobody on Steemit seems to know the formulas, other than the formula to calculate the reputation score/level from the raw reputation value.

yes, its interesting. I shall investigate

Any update you have for me (and 'us' the community)?

Congrats on a year on this site. :) I've only been on a month but wish I had found it much earlier.

Thank you! I even wish I found it earlier!

I submitted your name to the witness program. I'm not sure what a witness is, but you seem to really want to be in the top 50 :)

Great program

Good luck dude! It's great to see you do this!

Thanks!! I see you have an extra witness vote over there, mind throwing it my way? ;)

You've got my vote. I've been a huge fan ever since steemimg!

Thank you!!

Voted for you a while ago dude! Good luck!

Great Thank you! Just wanted to officially announce now that I had everything lined up

Happy Anniversary and Good Luck on being a Witness.

Thanks for all the work you put into being a witness and making this community run smoothly. Also, thank for the booster ROI tool. Just found it today and plan on utilizing it. You have my witness vote.

You've got my vote ;-) good luck!

keepitup <3 u got my vote!!

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