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Are we real? Are we all fake?

Well... I will prove my realness just now on the tip of 2018, and grant all the people who write in the comments a wish. You can ask me to draw anything you like and I will do it and post it in a post in 2019.

This drawing was originally made for @ocrdu in a comment. Back then it wasn't censored; the nipples were visible. But this time they are not visible. sad.

In general only one wish per person (or is it profile), but... hey, if you come up with more than one then write it down. I won't ask that you reshare this post, but do it anyway so more people can make a wish.

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My wish is for you to draw the portrait of Jesus Christ @katharsisdrill

That was a good one... and a hard one. One of the greatest mysteries: both man and God, and both thing at the same time.

Haha, that will be fun!

Good idea :D

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Hah, what an absolutely awesome idea!

I wish... I wish for a spooky, haunted house :)

And resteemed to see more wishes coming! Have a blast in 2019, @katharsisdrill!

Cool! I almost see the house:) Let's blast 2019 to smithereens!

I want to have a drawing of Phill with an apron, barbecuing. Possibly with other characters around him.

It will be done! Happy new year, Vincent; to you and our big family!

Dear Santa, my wish for 2019 is to finally see one drawing containing the following: a pissed-off Cthulhu, a turtle, a rainbow, a giant gift-box and the number 23. Godspeed, hope you do it before the world ends.

I will squeeze it in before the ancient ones jump out of Donald Trump's head and take over the world somewhere in August... I also have to make the frozen Yog-Sothoth logo. I haven't forgotten.

I think it might be too late for Donald's skull... anyway, nothing a good bowl of fro-yo can't heal, especially if it's been enhanced by the Old One's taint. Thank you Santa-Drill!


I wish.. A Remake of my current profile picture.
Im very interested what it is going to look like! (:

Greets and wish you an amazing 2019!
Also resteemed :) Hopefully you wont have too much to do :p

I will make your wish come true. Happy New Year!

Awesome! :D
Cant wait for the result :)

Happy new year!

Awesome offer! My wish would be a drawing of the two of us meeting, having a drink, listening to some strange music and making some art together ;-)

It will be done:)

I can't decide. I wish ... either a cockroach in knight's armour or a female yoga teacher with a beautiful big ass. :x

I may now want to see a knight in yoga pants and a cockroach with a beautiful big ass.

LOL ! xD

I should be able to squeeze both into the same frame.

That would be great! :D

Can you draw a mouse with a guitar?

It is late, but as it is you I will: do the mouse.

I wish to see your style on the Root Beer Tapper guy in his bar with Ralph in the pic too maybe.

Always the connaisseur. I will fit in Rolf at the bar. This film has been a favourite of my daughters so I have seen it many times.

Happy New Year, Cryplectibles. Let's hope we can make this little comic community of ours grow and prosper in 2019.

Happy New Years to you and your family! Can't wait to see the picture, and yes, 2019 will continue to see #comics grow! Whether the superhero books, the indie books, the webcomics, the kids comics, the one panels, the trades, creators, fans, people coming back to comics and people new to them, 2019 will hopefully be way bigger than the crazy crypto ride that was 2018.

I do have a request, but it would be NSFW and possibly illegal. Consider this I must.

Uggh! I hope we are talking copyright infringement here! Else I will have to make an offer on @olde-steemshop to draw illegal unika/one of a kind drawings.

Not illegal in a morally offensive way, of course, but also not something I would want you to publish to a wider audience.

Well, my imagination rushed forward and came to a sudden halt. Neither the Netherlands or Denmark would have many legal limitations on drawings. Sweden, Australia and Saudi Arabia maybe, but not us.

I will probably make a kind of offer on Ye Olde Steemshop for commissions, and then you just write me on e-mail and we can reach some kind of agreement.

"Neither the Netherlands or Denmark would have many legal limitations on drawings."

It depends on the likeness, and the way a recognisable person is represented. There's a drawing I would like to have, based on a set of photos I have, you see. Long story.

Write me here and we'll discuss it!


I wrote you there, even though I'm not exactly sure anymore what I want you to do with it. It was cathartic, that should please you. No drill was involved, though.

Bien, I will read.

Wow, this is an interesting can of worms you've opened up...I'll have a think on it.

You already did!

Oh heavens, this year has already started with me forgetting what I am about. Oh well, whichever or either that seems a good wish, draw away!

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Can I still make a wish? I would like a Lion fighting with a bear.

Well, the offer is over I should think, but I hate to say no, so OK I'll do it.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for being real!

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