WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next 3 days @ 9 June 2021 - $350 to be won

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The numbers are growing nicely again.

Now up to 39 contests for these three days.

They have a total of 720 STEEM in prizes, so well worth having a go.

And Featured Contests are being introduced...


Would anyone be interested in having their contest featured in this slot here in advance of it reaching its final three days?

To be featured here a post beneficiary would be required to the @adollaraday charity account - 10% for 1 day, 20% for 2 days etc. Alternatively if the contest post has already been made then a flat fee of 2 STEEM per day would be accepted.

Contact on Discord for more details - Pennsif#9921.




There are plenty of great contests with plenty of great prizes.

So get entering now and #winwithsteem !

If you are running a contest that you would like to be included in these daily posts, add the link and details in a comment below. Make sure you clearly state the closing date.

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


Nice work! You just got yourself a $3.29 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Hi Pennsif,
We had an event, the Power Up contest.

End Date: 10.06.2021, that is, it will end tomorrow.

Can you add it when it's convenient?

Hello, how are you? I follow you. And I would like you to announce the competitions in the steemwomen club community and the ONE CHILDREN'S THOUSAND HAPPINESS project that we started yesterday. Maybe thanks to you we will see a curator and help many children. We will show the good around the world. Please also consider the event for babies with sma in the Steemit turkiye community If you want to know the details, I can tell you on the discord channel. :)

Best regards @pennsif

Hi @pennsif sir!
We had an event, the cooking contest.
End Date: 26.06.2021.

Can you add it when it's convenient?

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