📢 Contest Announcement : #week:08 // STEEM POWER UP CONTEST || Participate & Win Steem Prize || Beautiful World || Prize: 10 Steem

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Hello there STEEMIANS,

Here I come with another #PromoSteem steem contest. It is high time to powerup your "STEEM TO STEEM POWER" with the steemit community. You can participate this contest and win rewards. Hopefully, You are all attending this amazing contest of Beautiful World Community.


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Contest Requirement:-

You need to powerup your steem to steem power. If you have SBD then you need to convert it to steem then powerup. It is so easy to powerup. So, don't get lazy.
  • PowerUp more steem, It is high chance to get first place of this contest. Though user 1 powerup 15 steem and user 2 powerup 20 steem. It is very chance to win User 2. So, try to powerup more steem if you want.
  • You can post in any language.
  • Your Entry Must Be Original.
  • You can upload more pictures.
  • Plagiarism Not Allow On This Contest.
  • You can share this post twitter and other any social media.
  • SUBSCRIBE and Make sure to put your entry in Beautiful World community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post or else your entry won't be count.
  • You have to added your post link in comment AND Resteem this contest. [ Otherwise you will be disqualified. ]
  • Only one entry per person.

sagor bordar.png


Trying to markdown and eye catching the post is high chances to win the contest.

sagor bordar.png


This contest run next 7 day's (11.59 PM on 09 June, 2021 ) and result announced after payout this post.

sagor bordar.png


First Winner4 steem
Second Winner3 steem
Third Winner2 steem
Fourth Winner1 steem

sagor bordar.png

*gif credit goes to @stephenkendal sir.


Best Regards:-


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Can I Participate?

of course.

this contest open for all steemians.

Should we make a post

Yes, dear you can make a post.

Hello, very interesting. I am getting to know this community, I will be glad to participate.

thank you for your compliment.

Saludos amigo @sagor1233, acá presento mi Participación para el concurso! Gracias

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