Old WikiLeaks Shows U.S. Wanted to Undermine Democratic Syria in Order to Weaken Iran, Didn't Care About Civilians

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An old WikiLeaks document, buried in a previous release, has recently been uncovered by journalist Dr. Nafeez Ahmed that shows how the U.S. military intelligence knew the Syrian opposition movement was of little "threat against the regime" in Syria that they sought to take down. The document shows how the U.S. desired to use the Syrian "revolution" to undermine democratic elements in Syria in order to ensure the emergence of dominant authoritarian sectarian Sunni groups.

A U.S.-backed anti-government fighter mans a heavy machine gun next to a US soldier in al Tanf, a border crossing between Syria and Iraq. Source: Hammurabi’s Justice News | AP

The WikiLeaks document "USMC Paper - Regional Summary and Related Docs" was published in 2013, written by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Intelligence Department, and details the knowledge the U.S. intelligentsia had in 2011 about the state of Syria's opposition. They wanted to empower Sunni radical groups in order to overthrow the democratic and secular leadership. This change was ideal for the U.S. and it's regional partners. The decline of secular Syria had the goal of harming Iran's regional influence and power as part of the MIddle East's "resistance axis", further promoting U.S. and allied imperialists interests.

The USMC Intelligence Department noted how the reports against the Syrian government were overblown, but that it was a useful narrative to promote to the major media agencies. Governments like the U.S., U.K. an dFrance wanted that narrative to be embedded in the minds of the public to create the image of peaceful protesters "rising up" against an "evil" Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad. But there never was a "peaceful uprising" that sought to create a more secular and democratic Syria than was Assad had done. It was all a lie, a lie the U.S. helped to create.

The 2011 document from the USMC also noted how the Syrian "resistance" was an ineffective force to create the change they desired region destabilization and change. The U.S. wanted Turkey to get involved to destabilize the Assad government, stating Turkey "is the country with the most leverage over Syria in the long term, and has an interest in seeing this territory return to Sunni rule."

Turkey would help build up "Islamist remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood in trying to fashion a viable Islamist political force in Syria that would operate under Ankara’s umbrella. And that's what happened with the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army that was the main force of the so-called "democratic" opposition to Assad's Syrian government.

The USMC intelligence wanted (and got) Turkey to mold the fragmented Islamist elements in Syria as a puppet force to weaken the Assad-based hold on power:

"Turkey, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others have a common interest in trying to severely under Iran’s foothold in the Levant and dial back Hezbollah’s political and military influence in Lebanon."

Claims about helping the Syrian civilians since the beginning is shown to be a bald-faced lie in this document. They knew at the time that these efforts to overthrow the Syrian government would be disastrous on the country is the civilian population. In two instances this was mentioned:

In the long term, however, Syria's geopolitical trajectory is pointing toward a weakening of Alawite power and the reemergence of Sunni power in the state with the backing of major regional Sunni powers - most notably Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. There are a number of factors that indicate any political transition in Syria away from the al Assad clan will likely entail a violent, protracted civil conflict, one that will enflame sectarian unrest in Lebanon, where civil war is a defining characteristic of the state.

They knew there would be "bloody" consequences in Syria, but they pursued their regime-change plan anyways. While claiming to care to want to help the civilians and in Syria in the media, the U.S. intelligentsia actually helped to create a situation that would harm them. The "Call for freedom" from Assad was just a clever narrative used to gain public support for their immoral practices. It was always about setting up a friendly authoritarian sectarian government in the place of the democratic one. They had no interest in the civilian population's welfare.

It's always been about reducing Iran's influence, not to help the civilians of Syria. The civilians in Syria are prop pieces in foreign policy aims of global strategic dominance for U.S. and allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia. The power bloc of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas in Palestine are the "resistance axis" that is a threat to the imperialist plans of the U.S. and allies. Iran is the leader in the group,and the U.S. needs them gone to get on with their own plans for the Middle East.

What plans? Well the economic potential of the oil fields that U.S. interests (like ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers) have sought control over. This much as been said by National Security Adviser John Bolton who called for the establishment of a Sunni-stan sectarian state in 2015. Bolton also claimed to want to replace radical Islamists, like ISIS/Daesh, with this plan, in a FOX interview:

I think our objective should be a new Sunni state out of the western part of Iraq, the eastern part of Syria, run by moderates or at least authoritarians who are not radical Islamists.”

But he failed to note that allies like Saudi Arabia which they support, are the main source of funding for Daesh and help to spread radical Wahhabi Islam throughout the Middle East.

The West is trying to make money from selling bombs and weapons to Saudi Arabia and promote the destabilized region they want to to control. They want to support regimes like Saudi Arabia who starts genocidal wars on it's neighbors to control their resource, because the U.S. wants control of resource sin the region. They all have the same plan and modus operandi. Civlian death don't matter, which is why they ignore them and keep on pushing along with their plans in Syria, Yemen or elsewhere in the future.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Does any serious person doubt that ISIS was Israel's proxy army? Obama funded ISIS in order to ethnically cleanse the middle east of Whites, and Christians. Now Israel is BTFO'd that they have been defeated, and will soon have to give up the Golan Heights. Israelis are all cowards and have no stomach for the same type of war they have wreaked upon their neighbors. Assad could roll over Israel in one fell swoop if America abandoned Isreal leaving them to their desered fate.


Not so easy, they got nukes and the Samson option of madness :/

I am not surprised at all. The guise of attacking to protect democracy has long been demonstrated to be false, and the ppl the get hurt the most are innocent Syrian civilians.


Yup, all a farce.

The Wikileaks evidence of the United States' plan to use extremists in Syria goes back to 2006


Damn, and yet the media keeps drumming the same narrative of BS, in denial of these plans long ago.

....It's always been about reducing Iran's influence, not to help the civilians of Syria.

I think it is more far reaching than that - it's about control of the whole central asian land mass, and Iran just happens to be the part of that..

(It's not my theory, it was one proposed early last century by the British establishment, for ultimate global domination...I can't remember the source off the top of my head.......)


Yes, that's why it's' about Iran, not the civilians, part of a larger agenda.

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Thanks yo ;)

Business as usual for the Freemason controlled US military/government. The 4th reich.


The big secret of the Freemasons' higher power: Satan