Corruption in French and German Arms Deals Exposed by New WikiLeaks Release

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WikiLeaks has released a new secret document from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Court of Arbitration that shines a light on the lucrative arms deals with the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The French and Germans were (and still are) selling weapons against their own laws, paying for corrupt actions, that are now being used to engage in a genocidal war against Yemen.

The U.S. has also recently been exposed by the WSJ for sanctioning the Saudi coalition forces while ignoring the civilians deaths in Yemen in order to keep selling bombs for billions of dollars.

Source: wikileaks

The court case is about a dispute over a commission payment made to an Emirati businessman named Abbas Ibrahim Yousef Al-Yousef over a $3.6 billion dollar deal. A sate-owned company in France called GIAT Industries SA (now Nexter Systems) made a weapons deal with the UAE for 388 Leclerc combat tanks, 46 armored vehicles, 2 training tanks, spare parts and ammunition. This was an old deal dating back to 1993, and was supposed to be completed in 2008.

The war on Yemen that began in 2015 by the Saudi coalition relied on this important deal for dish out death. With at least 10,000 civilians killed in "Targeted" bombing on Yemeni infrastructure, tragedies have included school children in a bus. The largely Western-funded war machine has led to 17 million starving people, 5.2 million of them children. Tens of thousands have lost their lives from preventable diseases as a result of this genocide in yemen.

Al-Yousef was supposed to be paid a 6.5% commission on the $3.6 billion dollar deal, totaling almost $235 million. Payments were made from GIAT to Al-Yousef's company Kenoza Consulting & Management Inc. But the payments stopped at around $195 million, with $40 million remaining to be paid. This is what the lawsuit is about, Al-Yousef is trying to get his $40 million that was promised.

GIAT, now Nexter Systems, has lawyers arguing that the payments stopped due to anti-corruption laws enacted in 2000, claiming that Al-Yousef's business, Kenoza, "intended to commit and indeed committed corruption acts." No evidence was produced to back up this claim, however. As such, the ICC Tribunal logically concluded that the huge commission fee the French had originally agreed to pay Al-Yousef was for the use of bribing UAE government officials and other countries that GIAT/Nexter Systems required to secure it's $3.6 billion weapons contract.

"... if the excessive nature of the compensation for the Claimants service must be taken as evidence of a corrupt purpose of the Agency Agreement, this purpose must have been known and intended by both Parties to the agreement"

The ICC Tribunal found no evidence that Al-Yousef was so important to merit such commission fees, and had played no role in the development of the French-German Leclerc tank technology. The Tribunal did find out that Al-Yousef had bribed German officials to waive their law "forbidding German arms sales to the Middle East". The Leclerc tanks were fitted with German engines, and couldn't be legally sold to the UAE as a result of the ban which the corrupt officials circumvented.

Al-Yousef's testimony claimed he lobbied German and French authorities in "a process which involved decision makers at the highest levels, both in France and Germany", but denied remembering their names or meeting them in person. Al-Youssef admitted that had he been on a retainer as a consultant the fee would have been $51-60 million for a month. The ICC Tribunal concluded:

"The remuneration is excessive by the standard which Mr Al Yousef himself set and by any standard which was raised in the arbitration."

This suggests that the French-state owned GIAT knew they were paying him such an exorbitant amount of money in order for him to bribe officials through "corruption acts" and get the deal to go through. The case was dismissed, and Al-YOussef ordered to pay the $550,000 tribunal costs and legal fees of 115,000 Euro for the defendants GIAT/Nexter Systems.

That was years ago, but the same can be ongoing in the big business of arms trades between states. France hasn't stopped supplying the UAE and Saudi coalition with weapons, despite it violating it's own laws, like the International Arms Trade Treaty, ratified in 2014. France's defense is that these weapons are used for "defensive purposes". But that's a sick joke when the evidence shows how the Saudi coalition is using them in an all out war and assault on Yemen, not for defense.

Meanwhile, France, like the U.S., is turning a blind eye and ignoring the death-dealing atrocities carried out against the Yemeni people. The weapons and cash need to keep flowing for these corrupt states to benefit and get what they want. The deaths of thousands don't seem to matter at all.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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it's crazy to me how this documents can be largely disregarded by most of the world, this stuff really pisses me off. how can it be basically ignored and the bs to continue? I don't understand anything anymore.


Yup, arms deals are good, and exposing things that jeopardize foreign policy efforts and the status quo is not often talked about. But sometimes the mainstream does do it. And sometimes if they do, it's only briefly... :/


I wish they would focus on all these problem constantly so people start taking it seriously, they seem to mention it than move on like it's nothing. drives me crazy.

The arms trade is a shady business. It's all about greed, power and payoffs. I must admit, I like it when they turn on one another and we get a glimpse into how things actually run.

I was hoping for more than the single doc myself. Can't wait for a new substantial leak that we can do a deep dive on ;)


I am waiting too, its crazy the information we have these days that gets disregarded as fake news,,,,it's criminal and i am waiting for something substantial too.


The information war is intense to be sure, that's why obtaining raw documents from Wikileaks is so essential at this time. However, as we all know there are thousands of previously leaked source documents released by WL that still never see the light of day in the msm. They are masterful at controlling 'what' people (the masses) think about and focus on day-to-day.


the previously leaked documents really gave me some hope at the time and really upset me when they found a way to make nobody do anything about it, it's really upsetting. They are truly masterful and people tend to believe anything they are told, I drives me crazy. Maybe during the next election it will start very early on and we can have another try and hearing the truth.


Yeah, it's very crooked. The top arms dealer in the world in the US... lol. Money is what it's about, either in selling weapons or in providing weapons for their allies to win and favor their foreign policy and businesses like oil kingpins.

Arms are most important tools for securing National Borders. Unfortunately, curruption in arms deals is rampant across the world. Thanks to Wikileaks for exposing the Scam.

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Weapons are useful, but big dealings for profits are a recipe for corruption...

Good info! These deals go on all the time and it’s interesting when things go wrong and the parties turn on each other to then speak publicly about it. We get a small glimpse into the psychopathic nature of these individuals. Selling massive amounts of war material for defensive purposes? I don’t think that’s the case bud! Often the best defense is a strong offense so they are certainly obfuscating words; we are using this defensively by using these materials for our offense actions.


Yeah, it's good to see the greed work against them and expose their corrupt activities! lol

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Thanks for highlighten this ugly political behavior. It only shows how important wikileaks is.