New WikiLeaks Release: Pope's Orders

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A fresh new WikiLeaks release has come out today titled Pope's Orders, with subheading Pope’s Private Letter Reveals Early Involvement in Power Struggle.


The release comprises of 7 confidential documents from Pope Francis and the Vatican. They show the power struggle against the Knights of Malta on the topic of contraception. This includes conflicts over distributing of contraceptives from the Order of Malta aid agency in programs aimed at HI/AIDS and reproductive health.

A WikiLeaks tweet posted a snippet of one document titled Attachment_1:

Furthermore, the Order must ensure that the methods and means it uses in its initiatives and healthcare works are not contrary to moral law. If in the past there has been a problem of this nature, I hope that it can be completely resolved. I would be very disappointed if- as you told me- some of the high Officers were aware of practices such as the distribution of any type of contraceptives and have not yet intervened to end such things. I have no doubts that by following the principle of Paul and "speaking the truth in love" (Ephesians 4, 15), the matter can be discussed with these Offices and the necessary rectification obtained.


The rift between the "Sovereign Military Order of Malta, also known as the Order of Malta or the Knights of Malta", resulted in the forced abdication of Matthew Festing as Prince and Grand Master of the Order by Pope Francis in January 2017.

“In particular, members of the Order must avoid secular and frivoulous (sic) behaviour, such as membership to associations, movements and organisations which are contrary to the Catholic faith and/or of a relativist nature.”

Pope Francis wanted members of the Order needed to be removed. Festing had previously dismissed Order’s Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager a month earlier. Boeselager was also health miniser for the Order, having "approved funds for an aid mission in Africa that distributed condoms." Boeselager regained his former position as Festing went out.

It's also rumored that high-ranking members "attended Masonic lodges or other organisations deemed suspect by the Church".

Maybe there is some good stuff being exposed in here, I don't know. It does show how the Pope undermined the independence and sovereignty the Order of Malta was supposed to have.

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Thanks @krnel!! I've been thinking it's time to step up the #deepdives promo. Cheers, thanks for the shout out ;)

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You're welcome :)

Mandela was a Knight of Malta and Bono still is. We are led to believe they are/were peace activists but the Knights of Malta are warmongers and many people have died at their hands.
The world would be a better place without secret societies like these pulling the strings.


Indeed, old secret societies still hold much influence in the modern world.

I can't believe they'd rather risk people dying of aids than let somebody hand out condoms. Well, I can believe it. It's just some supervillain shit.


Yeah, it's messed up :/

Highly rEsteemed!

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Thanks for the support ;)

All religions are chain letters, the most successful ones of which have effective mechanisms in place to keep themselves going. A religion can 1) promote a high birthrate among its subscribers, 2) snatch followers from other chain letters or 3) make followers out of people who subscribe to no chain letters at all. #1 is the most effective one because the best time for indoctrination is early childhood.


Yup, get em young and get em for life :/

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