Funkyedits Silk Peonies – Whiteiswhite Monday

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Today's theme for the daily whiteiswhite challenge is White Photographed Against White.

I photographed this image using the second lens (the 56mm-equivalent lens which Apple calls its "telephoto" lens ) on the iPhone 8 Plus. I love that particular function on the 8 Plus, because it allows for 2X optical zoom!

white peonies.jpg
Image ©Diane Macdonald. All Rights Reserved. Camera: iPhone 8 Plus | Editing apps: Camera+, Enlight and Afterlight 2

Here are the daily themes for the whiteiswhite challenge:

  • Monday: White Photographed Against White
  • Tuesday: Animals
  • Wednesday: Flowers
  • Thursday: Food And Drink
  • Friday: Architecture
  • Saturday: Water In Nature
  • Sunday: Anything Goes

The rules are very simple. You have only 4 things to remember!

  • Your own original photography only!
  • The whole image needs to be mostly white for the Monday challenge. For the other days, the SUBJECT MATTER needs to be mostly white!
  • A link to this page so others can read the rules
  • #whiteiswhite tag

Don't forget about the #wiwcontest – It's not the same as the daily challenge!

Read about this week's theme and the special rulesfor this week here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I truly appreciate it. Read some of my past photography tips and tutorials at photography-101.

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Love the shot and edit, amazing to think this is from a phone technology has changed so much over our life times


Yes, the files are larger than files from some of my older DSLRs!


@dmcamera Ohh yeah times sure have changed ;)

Those are beautiful!


Thanks! Glad you like them!

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I love these - a soft water color edit. Very nice Diane :)


Thanks! I love playing around with the phone apps!


It's difficult for me to see on my phone....I don't use it at all for much to be honest. It's mostly a small computer for keeping track of appointments and the odd phone call. I probably don't need it. I never use it for photos because I find it hard to see the screen before I shoot.

You do a great job with your phone.


Haha! My iPhone 8 Plus is a camera first - phone and everything else next!! I download everything to my computer and check things at 100% in Photoshop before uploading to Steemit. I also add my copyright to the image and also enter it into the metadata. I do use my phone for direct Uploads of certain types of imagery to my stock agencies, though! They add the copyright information.


I have been wondering about using a watermark lately. Maybe I ought to. I've had some on Steemit use my photos for a story without even asking. Some have asked but .... I don't mind but I do at the same time. Conflicted.

Photography is a lot of work when you are serious about it. There are so many steps to produce a photo. Your comment shows that.


Watermarks can easily be removed, but they make a statement up front and that's why I use them. Taking a photo without permission is copyright infringement. Even with the watermark, I've had mine used without permission, but it makes it easier to go back and point out to the infringer that the image is copyright. I always use "All Rights Reserved" too, although the term itself has no legal significance. It just lets others know that only I have ALL RIGHTS, which means they can't copy it without permission or remuneration!


Yes very true. Thanks Diane. :)

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Ooohhhh, these are gorgeous, Diane... Love this! Simple but exudes luxury...


Thanks for the very kind words!

Hello @dmcamera!

I am monitoring your Steemit activity for a while now and I believe you become part of our community!*

Please join us on discord: to find out if you are interested.

I also like your contest and would love to support it.

@photofriend is a community of photographers supporting original photography on Steeemit and fight against plagiarism. To improve the overall Steemit experience and help fellow photographers is our shared mission.


Thanks! I will check it out, but i think I'm on too many Discord groups already. I can't keep up! LOL!

So interesting and very beautiful shot . Thanks for sharing @dmcamera


Thanks! :-)